First appearance Vintage Roz: "The Curse of Bloomer" (2.01)

Widowers: "Welcome to Shady Glades" (1.01)

Last appearance Vintage Roz: "Bon Voyage" (15.22)
Guest appearances Vintage Roz: 1.05, 1.17, 1.19, 1.21

The Deep End: 1.10, 5.14, 5.19

Angus Kane is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-offs Vintage Roz and Widowers.

Vintage Roz

Angus was born in Ireland, and grew up working at his family inn. He is the proprietor of Kane Groceries, Bloomer's only supermarket, as well as the town selectman. Over the course of the series he builds up a significant business empire, much to the frustration of the town's residents. He has a son; Giles Kane, and a chain of ex-wives. Angus first appears in Season 1, clashing with Gil Chesterton, and is a main character beginning with Season 2. As town selectman, Angus' decisions and policies are often ridiculed, but he proves essential for keeping things running smoothly in Bloomer.

Early in Season 2, Angus' delinquent son Giles arrives in Bloomer and the two initially have an awkward relationship. When it is revealed in Season 6 that Giles isn't his son, Angus suffers an emotional breakdown and departs Bloomer, leaving newcomer Lucas Drake to take his place as town selectman. Angus returns several months later, experiencing an apparent midlife crisis, and introduces his new wife, Hilda Bridge, whom he met in Vegas. When Giles leaves to spend time with his newly discovered father, Angus reacts by adopting a 15-year old Chinese boy; Seth Yang, and the two form a close bond. At the end of the season, Angus resumes his position as town selectman when Drake resigns. Unfortunately, Angus' belief that he played a part in Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe's death causes his marriage to break down sometime between Season 7 and 8. When Roz Doyle returns to Bloomer and forgives Angus, he feels able to move on and enters into a relationship with his grocery supplier; Jennifer Conrad, whom he marries in the Season 8 finale. This marriage proves equally problematic three years later, when Jennifer, driven to despair by Angus' power trips, has a one-night stand with Mark Flint's son, Kyle. Heartbroken, Angus resigns his office in a dramatic act that lands him a brief stint in an insane asylum. Angus and Jennifer are ultimately brought back together by the tragic events of the Season 11 finale, which inspires him to resume his mantle as town selectman once more.


Sometime after the conclusion of Vintage Roz, Angus separates from Jennifer and retires from his much-coveted position of town selectman. In Season 1, Angus schemes for a place in the Shady Glades retirement community alongside Noel Shempsky and Kenny Daly, which is eventually awarded to him. Season 2 sees Angus coming to terms with the news that he is in the very early stages of Alzheimer's.

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