First appearance "Maid in Seattle" (21.04)
Last appearance "The M Factor" (25.22)
Guest appearances 20.16

Annie Fox is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


Annie initially appears under the alias of Lori, as a prima donna actress who comes to Bear Creek to research a film role. She returns seeking actual employment in Season 21, revealing her true name to the employees. Now a single mother, Annie has been fired from her soap opera job after falling pregnant in the midst of a major storyline. She becomes Bear Creek's newest maid, and has trouble adjusting to her new status in life. After quitting her job in the Season 22 finale, Season 23 sees Annie make a concerted effort to relaunch her acting career, landing a role in a miniseries based on the life of Maris Crane. Outside of a small but dedicated cult fan-base, the miniseries fails to take off and her acting career remains stagnant, leading to Annie resuming her work for Maris when she moves into a new mansion in Toronto, Canada. In Season 24, Annie is reunited with her nefarious former agent Luke Jones, who stole a large portion of her earnings early in her career. The two make amends when Luke casts Annie in an off-Broadway adaptation of the Maris miniseries, but Luke shows his true colours when he once again does a disappearing act shortly after the play opens. Annie finally departs the series after Season 25, presumably to pursue new acting opportunities.

Annie has an unsuccessful marriage with the self-centred Nate, who interferes in everyone's business throughout Season 21 and 22. After a brief attempt to reconcile their differences, Annie calls time on their relationship for good in Season 22, only to receive an unpleasant surprise when Nate gets involved with Maris during her retirement travels. Afterwards, Annie's close friendship with Charlie Kingsley almost takes a turn for the romantic, but developments in her acting career stall any potential progress. As a result, Charlie gets involved with Annie's agent, Zoe Palmer, for the majority of Season 24. Towards the end of that season, Charlie breaks up with Zoe to pursue his feelings for Annie, and they finally get together. However, the relationship ends for good after Season 25, when Annie quits her job with Maris in order to pursue new opportunities elsewhere.

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