First appearance Roz: "The Replacement" (14.02)

Vintage Roz: "A Roz of Her Own" (4.01)
The Deep End: "Fish Out of Water" (1.01)

Last appearance Roz: "Bye-Bye Bebe" (16.04)
Vintage Roz: "Soul Food" (5.22)

The Deep End: "Outbound" (4.19)

Guest appearances Roz: 1.03, 2.15, 3.06, 4.02, 5.14, 6.18, 7.13, 8.12, 9.04, 9.16, 10.12, 11.18, 11.20, 12.13, 13.13, 29.11, 29.12, 30.03, 30.08, 30.15, 30.17, 30.20

Vintage Roz: 1.20, 2.10, 2.11, 3.15, 7.15
The Deep End: 5.14, 5.23, 6.04, 6.05, 6.09, 6.14, 6.21, 7.18, 7.19, 7.20, 7.21
Crane Life: 10.11, 11.20
Maris: 26.08

Bebe Glazer is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-offs Roz, Vintage Roz and The Deep End.


Bebe Glazer is an intensely manipulative and seductive agent, with no apparent morals whatsoever. She is often compared to the Prince of Darkness by most of the characters. She harbors a deep desire to be in the limelight herself, a dream briefly realised when she and Frasier co-hosted a morning television show for a week.


Bebe's lack of morals and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done continue in Roz. She appears on a recurring basis in the first thirteen seasons, mostly in episodes centred around the SeaBea Awards, and often butts heads with the characters.

Following her guest appearances, Bebe becomes a main character in Season 14 when she is hired as the new gossip column at KACL. Bebe's fine-tuned skills as an agent prove to be highly useful in her task to gain all the latest gossip on local celebrities in Seattle, and her colleagues are admittedly impressed. In Season 15 Bebe's less confident sister Didi Glazer is introduced, and they briefly run a talent agency in Hollywood together. When Didi sells the business to pursue a relationship with an older man, Bebe reluctantly returns to her job in Seattle. Early in Season 16, Bebe develops kidney problems and undergoes an emergency transplant. After making a recovery, Bebe stages her own death to alleviate herself of her familial obligations and her numerous terrible clients, but fails to keep it a secret from the KACL gang. Bebe stays off the grid until Season 29, when Roz Doyle is summoned to a monastery in Spokane, where Bebe has become a nun. With her lies exposed, Bebe has no choice but to quit and eventually resurfaces in Season 30 after finding a passion for crime scene investigation. Bebe is last seen towards the end of the season, once again trying to get back into show business.

Bebe's love life remains mostly anonymous, although it is known she had a relationship with a 23-year old client, Kurt. Together, they have a child called Nathan but motherhood is unable to soften Bebe.

Vintage Roz

Bebe's status as a recurring character remains for the first three seasons of Vintage Roz, before she is made a main character in Season 4. Towards the end of Season 5, Bebe is offered a high-paying job at a talent agency in New York. She accepts and departs Bloomer, but briefly returns to attend the funeral of Gil Chesterton a few weeks later.

The Deep End

After moving to New York, Bebe is soon joined by Chloe Nolan, and also gains a second roommate in Susan Harper. Bebe's personal life and relationships are also explored more in-depth in this series. Mid-way through Season 1 Bebe's absentee son Nathan Glazer arrives, and stays with her for a brief period. In Season 2, the rest of Bebe's family are introduced, whose career as professional wrestlers leaves her deeply embarrassed. Nathan later leaves town to join their wrestling troupe, to Bebe's disappointment. In Season 3, Bebe re-unites with her family at a corporate retreat, and Nathan travels back to New York with her. When he decides to re-join the Glazers, he and Bebe part on happier terms. In Season 4, Bebe begins to feel increasingly detached from the world of talent, and ultimately makes the decision to leave New York to spend time with her family in Mexico. Bebe makes a series of guest appearances in Season 5 and 6, and has a short story arc in Season 7. By this time, years of smoking have caught up with Bebe and as a result, she has developed inoperable lung cancer. In typical Bebe fashion, she passes away during the wedding of Patrick Godfrey and Greg Barnes, just to spite Chloe. In the Season 7 finale, Chloe names her newborn daughter Bebe in honor of her oldest friend.

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