First appearance "Pilot" (1.01)
Last appearance "Love in the Time of Wax Sculptures" (10.01)
Guest appearances MCTV: 1.15, 3.20

Ben Cook is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


Ben was born in London, England to a wealthy family. By eighteen years old he had achieved his ambition of becoming a chef, and spent the next three years touring the globe and cooking at various restaurants. At twenty-one years old, Ben grows weary of the rat race and decides to settle down in Seattle, America. He gets a job working for Maris Crane, whose bizarre requirements provide culinary challenges he's never faced before.


Ben is introduced in the pilot episode as the newest employee of Maris' mansion. He spends much of his time feeling like a fish out of water, but ultimately develops several long-lasting friendships and memories. Throughout the first nine seasons of the show, Ben works as a chef for Maris. Maris seemingly enjoys his cooking, much to the surprise of the other servants. Ben is the only one who seems to genuinely like Maris, often jumping to her defense when others don't. In Season 10, Ben resigns the mansion to work for his family's company back in London.

For the first five seasons of the show, Ben's romantic arc centres around Kitty Barker, whom he meets on his first day. Ben is immediately smitten with Kitty, but is upset to find that she is engaged to be married. Not long after Kitty marries, she and Ben share their first kiss, which prompts Kitty to annul her marriage prior to the start of Season 2. Ben and Kitty share a fling which starts out as a secret but is ultimately exposed to the rest of the mansion. In the season finale, Kitty discovers she is pregnant. Early in Season 3, Ben's relationship with Kitty is strained following her announcement, but an experience on the UK television show Celebrity Big Brother makes him re-think his future, and they get engaged. Later in the season they get married, and Kitty gives birth to their son, Philip Cook. Ben and Kitty appear to be a well functioning family unit until early in Season 5, when an argument about parenting results in their separation. Ben arranges shared custody with Kitty and manages to maintain a work-based friendship with her. In the season finale, Ben reluctantly bids farewell to his son when Kitty reveals she is leaving for a fashion designer job in Milan, Italy.

Season 6 sees Ben attempting to move on and maintain a relationship with his son overseas. He hits it off with Sara Fielding, and is able to see life with someone other than Kitty. However, he is also torn by his feelings for Eve Summers after they share an alcohol-induced tryst. Eventually, Ben chooses Sara but is able to remain friends with Eve. Unfortunately, Sara isn't so willing to jump into a relationship, and Ben is upset when she elects to get together with Tommy Butler instead. Although Tommy and Sara's relationship later comes to an end, Ben realises his true feelings belong to Eve. Just as he is about to act on them, he learns she has left for Mexico with her former boyfriend Leo Kingsley. At the end of Season 9, Ben finally overcomes his setbacks and kisses Eve during a trip to London. Unfortunately, their newfound romance doesn't last when an argument prompts Ben to remain in England in the Season 10 premiere. After officially resigning from the mansion, Eve receives a "Dear John" letter indicating that Ben has met someone else in England, and he doesn't appear again in the series.

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