First appearance Roz: "Pilot" (1.01)

Vintage Roz: "Time of the Season" (1.01)

Last appearance Roz: "Same Time Next Year" (30.24)

Vintage Roz: "Total B.S." (7.22)

Guest appearances Vintage Roz: 15.22

Crane Life: 7.14, 8.06, 8.09, 9.16, 10.04, 10.11, 10.20
Maris: 4.20, 5.12, 6.06, 7.06, 8.17, 26.11

Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-offs Roz and Vintage Roz.


Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe hosts the Gonzo Sports Show on KACL. He is a boorish, intensely macho sports fan. An intense womaniser, he has casual affairs with many women (whom he usually dumps just as casually), but has something of a crush on Roz Doyle. After a short affair with her, Bulldog revealed his feelings towards Roz to be genuine, but they proved to be unrequited. His show was canceled and he was fired by the station, and shortly thereafter returned to work in an off-air capacity.


Bulldog is considered the catalyst of the various problems at KACL. He is often concocting schemes which inevitably go awry, and usually has an unwitting wingman.

Bulldog's career is unstable for the majority of the series. At the start of Season 1, the Gonzo Sports Show is reinstated and he is delighted to be a radio star again. In Season 4 is unexpectedly made manager of KACL, much to the dismay of his colleagues. Surprisingly, he turns out to be a competent manager but ultimately returns to his on-air personality when he realises he wants Roz back at the station. Bulldog remains on the air until the end of Season 9, when KACL is almost shut down down to make way for a multi-story parking lot. Despite an attempt to settle down, Bulldog quickly realises that he is bored without work and attempts to finagle his way back into work when Roz claims ownership of KACL in Season 10. Due to unavoidable cutbacks, Roz is forced to fire Bulldog as his show is once again the lowest rated. This drives a wedge between them and after a brief office job selling romantic gifts over the phone in Season 11, Bulldog returns to KACL to work as Gil's producer. This partnership lasts until Season 20, when an argument leads to them going their separate ways. After a failed effort to re-launch his own radio career, Bulldog finds himself bouncing from one temporary job to another at the station for the remainder of the series.

Bulldog embarks on a relationship with Roz at the end of Season 1. Despite his womanising past, Bulldog's attitude towards women begins to mature, and he maintains a more level head than Roz under many circumstances. Bulldog chooses to end his relationship with Roz at the end of Season 3 after reaching the conclusion that they don't have a future together. Nevertheless, Bulldog briefly rekindles his flame with Roz sometime between Season 5 and Season 6, leading to the birth of their son, Stuart Doyle-Briscoe. Mid-way through Season 7, Bulldog chooses to get back together with Roz on a permanent basis for the purpose of their family, and they quickly fall in love again. In Season 9, they marry. Bulldog is deeply hurt when Roz engages in a one-time tryst with romantic rival Jake Hoskins at the end of Season 10, but is able to accept some of the blame and they resolve their differences, remaining together for the rest of the series. At the show's end, Bulldog settles down for a quiet life with Roz in Bloomer, her hometown.

Vintage Roz

After he and Roz purchase WKZT, a radio station, Bulldog continues to work in a multitude of roles. Bulldog's relationship with Roz remains stable for the most part in the first three seasons. In Season 2, Bulldog discovers he has Otosclerosis, and may go deaf at any time. Season 3 sees Bulldog considering extensive surgery to repair the problem. However, a series of events makes Bulldog reconsider his priorities in life, and he departs Bloomer at the end of the season to travel the world. Bulldog returns midway through Season 4 after running out of money, and insists that Roz is all he needs. Relations between them are frosty for the majority of the season, but they ultimately re-unite in the finale. Bulldog supports Roz through her cancer in Season 7. His life is tragically cut short when he is hit by a car in the Season 7 finale. In the Season 8 premiere it is revealed Roz spread his ashes over various football fields across America, in honour of his love for sports.

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