First appearance "How I Met Your Marriage Counsellor" (11.01)
Last appearance "You Are Cordially Indicted..." (13.22)
Guest appearances Roz: 14.01, 14.17, 14.19, 14.21, 16.15, 18.07, 18.18, 19.04, 19.21, 20.09, 29.08, 29.23, 30.15, 30.16, 30.22

Crane Life: 8.21
Vintage Roz: 1.11, 5.10, 14.22, 15.01, 15.03

Bonnie Weems is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Roz.


Bonnie Weems appeared briefly in a first season Frasier episode.


Bonnie returns to KACL in the Season 11 premiere and resumes work on her vehicle-based talk show. Early on her troublesome marriage is revealed, and her divorce is finalised towards the end of the season. In Season 12, Bonnie is devastated to learn her father has died and she heads to her home town of Nevada, with Noel Shempsky tagging along in support. The experience brings them closer together, but Noel returns to Seattle without her while she deals with her father's last affairs. Bonnie returns to the station full time in Season 13 and eventually starts a relationship with Noel. At the end of the season, she is indicted for a crime she did not commit; an event that triggers her desire to make more of her life. In the Season 14 premiere she departs KACL to broaden her horizons, leaving her friends and Noel behind. Bonnie later re-unites with Noel mid-way through Season 16, marries him in Season 18 and has a baby with him in Season 19. In Season 29 it is revealed she and Noel are suffering marital difficulty due to their differing interests, culminating in divorce. However, they manage to reconcile their differences towards the end of Season 30.

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