First appearance "Are You Being Observed?" (19.01)
Guest appearances 18.22

Charlie Kingsley is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


Charlie is the secret lovechild of Maris's second husband Alexander Kingsley and her former best friend Margaret Putter, and the half-brother of Leo Kingsley and Kelly Crane. Growing up in a variety of orphanages, combined with years of being excluded from the Kingsley family, have left Charlie somewhat unhinged. His connection to the family is discovered by Leo at the end of Season 18, leading to Charlie's arrival at Bear Creek at the start of Season 19. Kelly helps Charlie acclimatise and hopes to stabilise her newly discovered half-brother by getting him a job as the club's new janitor. Charlie eventually settles down, makes several acquaintances, and becomes Maris' de facto right-hand man in Season 21 following Kelly's abrupt departure. At the same time, he unexpectedly gains a substantial amount of money from Alexander's will. However, concerns that the money will corrupt him leads to Charlie giving away nearly his entire fortune to various charities at the end of the year. Afterwards, he returns to his janitorial work, a position he maintains when Maris moves into a new mansion in Toronto, Canada in Season 23.

Charlie develops an attraction to the actress Annie Fox when she arrives in Season 21, but a series of events seemingly conspire to keep them apart. In Season 23, he moves onto Zoe Palmer, though this relationship takes time to get off the ground due to the fact that Zoe is representing Annie as her agent. The relationship lasts for the majority of Season 24, ending once Charlie realises his feelings for Annie remain strong. Later, he finds himself single once again when Annie quits her job at the mansion and leaves after Season 25.

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