First appearance Vintage Roz: "A Roz of Her Own" (4.01)

The Deep End: "Fish Out of Water" (1.01)

Last appearance Vintage Roz: "Soul Food" (5.22)

The Deep End: "Golden Opportunity" (14.20)

Guest appearances Vintage Roz: 7.15

Chloe Nolan is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-offs Vintage Roz and The Deep End.

Vintage Roz

Chloe arrives in Bloomer at the beginning of Season 4. Her boyfriend, WKZT manager Damien Black, gives her a job as his secretary. Chloe is initially depicted as dense and spoilt, but eventually matures during her time in Bloomer. When Damien departs Bloomer at the end of Season 4, their relationship comes to an end and Chloe is forced to deal with being independent for the first time. At the end of Season 5, Chloe fills in for Bebe Glazer while she is away, and discovers a knack for people skills. As a result, she is inspired to join Bebe in New York where she becomes a talent scout.

The Deep End

After moving to New York City, Chloe initially feels like a fish out of water in the cutthroat world of talent representation, but gradually develops into a confident agent. Chloe quits Whirlpool at the end of Season 1 after growing disillusioned with the company, and attempts to launch her own agency with the help of Miranda Grace in Season 2. When this doesn't pan out, she returns to Whirlpool after negotiating new conditions. Chloe remains in this capacity until Season 5, in which a two-year time skip occurs, revealing that she has successfully opened her own talent agency with Floyd Christian. Named Kinsella Talent in honour of her late friend Amber, the agency is a moderate success until Season 7, when financial woes force its closure. This development, combined with the sudden death of Bebe, prompts Chloe to make a fresh start in Poughkeepsie, where she reconnects with her mother Adelaide and younger brother Silas. She establishes herself as an independent agent, running Nolan Talent out of a small office on a business park. Season 9 sees Chloe coming to terms with the unexpected death of her mother, but she manages to achieve a modicum of peace when the business park is renamed Adelaide Park in her memory. In Season 11, Chloe considers combining her agency with Gwen Holloway, but is prompted to quit the talent game for good before it can truly get off the ground. In Season 12, she pursues a long-forgotten dream of opening her own café, achieving it midway through the season with the opening of the Top Banana, a café devoted to the performing arts operating on the Poughkeepsie waterfront. The Top Banana turns a healthy profit over the next couple of years, but Chloe finds herself ousted from its ownership by her sister Pam in Season 14. After spending some time feuding with Pam, Chloe accepts an executive position at Starbucks and moves to Seattle.

Chloe discovers she is pregnant in Season 3 after a whirlwind summer fling with fitness instructor Floyd Christian. She decides to keep the baby, and spends the months leading up to its birth conflicted over whether she and Floyd have a future as a couple. The decision is taken out of her hands in Season 4 when she discovers that he has begun a relationship with Kathy Singer, moments before she gives birth to their son, Evan. By Season 5, Chloe has married Floyd and opened up her own talent agency with him, but the first year of their marriage proves trying. After spending some time in marriage counselling in Season 6, Chloe reaches the conclusion that their differences are irreconcilable and separates from Floyd in the season finale. However, this monumental decision turns out to have been made at an inopportune time when in Season 7, Chloe discovers she is again pregnant with Floyd's child. She gives birth to a daughter and makes custody arrangements with Floyd before moving to Poughkeepsie. In Season 8, Chloe intends to make a fresh start both professionally and romantically, and hits it off with Owen Reed, the manager of the business park that houses her office. The two move in together in Season 10 for a short period, before Owen calls it quits in the season finale. As a result, a crestfallen Chloe indulges in her baser desires and has a torrid fling with the much younger Michael Howard, which comes to a mutual end in Season 11 when Michael becomes jealous over Chloe's burgeoning friendship with Denny Reynolds. In Season 12, Chloe embarks on a relationship with immature magician Felix Delgado, only for things to come to an abrupt end when he swindles a large amount of money from her father Harry. She winds up growing close to Denny after enlisting his help to track Felix down in California, but any chances of a romance blossoming are definitively quashed when Chloe discovers she is pregnant with Felix's baby in the Season 12 finale. After giving birth, Chloe trials living with Felix in Season 14, but has trouble accepting his immaturity. In the series finale, she gets over her neuroses regarding their relationship and professes her love for Felix, moving to Seattle with him.

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