First appearance "The Trouble with Team Building" (3.01)
Last appearance "The Fall of Maris Crane" (4.07)
Guest appearances 2.22, 4.20

Christina Williams is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off MCTV.


When MCTV merges with rival network SBN at the end of Season 2, ditzy Christina becomes the newest addition to Sisterly Gabbing, much to the dismay of its long-time hosts Missy Darling and Vivian St. James. However, her addition provides a boost to the ratings and they ultimately come to respect her input. When Vivian resigns at the end of Season 3, Christina excitedly prepares for a larger role in the show, but her dreams are halted when Vivian returns a few months later. This, combined with feelings of distance from her co-workers, contributes to Christina's decision to resign from the station early into Season 4. She makes one further appearance later in the season, having found success as the solo host of a rival talk show.

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