First appearance "The Trouble with Team Building" (3.01)

Clark Lieberman is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off MCTV.


Clark is an actor who joins the MCTV show Stick Figures at the start of Season 3, following the network's merger with SBN. Clark is initially shy but develops a friendship with Isaac Bradley, who acts as a mentor of sorts by giving him tips on how to improve his performances. Early in the season, Clark reveals to his closest friends that he is gay after Isaac mistakenly believes he has a romantic interest in Diana Vixen. Isaac chooses to remain private about his love life when it comes to his career. In the season's finale, Isaac inadvertently blabs Clark's secret while he is interviewing with Soap Opera Digest. Clark is initially annoyed, but is able to forgive Isaac when he realises it is better to be true to himself. In Season 4, Clark's acting career remains stable, much to his surprise. However, when Stick Figures is cancelled in result of Maris' political wrongdoings, Clark finds himself unemployed for close to a year. At the start of Season 5, Clark finds work on another soap opera, Love Medicine, based around hospital workers. The series isn't overly successful and is ultimately cancelled when MCTV is sold to an overseas company. Along with his co-workers, Clark departs the station but joins back up again in Season 6 when MCTV is relaunched as a web TV service. Having grown disillusioned with acting, Clark pursues a new career as the network's head writer.

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