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Season 1 of Crane Life contains 16 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Pilot" 1 1

Niles and Daphne have moved to Chicago with their son David, where Niles has a promising new job at a renowned psychiatry practice. On his third day, Niles is informed that he must train a group of wannabe psychiatrists; among them being Jon Lloyd and Sally Keenan, an eager couple who happen to live in the house next door. Niles soon finds his obligations an annoying distraction from work and starts to reconsider his and Daphne’s glamorous new life. On top of things, Niles has been temporarily forced to share his office with an annoying psychiatrist, Will, who has a bizarre approach to therapy. Meanwhile, Daphne and Sally are already like old friends; Daphne works as a physical therapist for Sally’s incapacitated father Stan and is consequently developing a better social standing than Niles.

"Save Our Marriage" 2 2

Daphne is enlisted to help Niles’ students prepare for an important exam by posing as a patient with severe problems. Niles is angry at Daphne when she makes a subtle mockery of his profession, and they get into a big argument. Niles later worries that he has shaken his students’ confidence, and elects to make it up to them by using his argument with Daphne as something for them to repair. Daphne is less than pleased with this development. Meanwhile, Jon is startled to learn that the practice is primarily a Freudian business, and debates whether to change his views if he is to get into the prestigious program.

"The Psychiatry Dinner" 3 3

Niles is invited to a legendary psychiatrist’s retirement party and annoys Daphne with his over-analysing when all she wants to do is have fun. When the retiree has second thoughts about his future, Niles seeks the opportunity to council one of his heroes. Niles is heartbroken when he realises his idol is not the insightful genius he expected. Meanwhile, Sally starts a nightmarish trauma rotation at an emergency room and gets into trouble when she starts counselling those who don’t really need it. Jon’s knowledge is put to the test when he and Will get stuck in an elevator with a claustrophobic woman.

"Leave it to Daphne" 4 4

Daphne must deal with a large argument between Sally and her father, and struggles to complete her work over their shouting matches. Daphne decides to use some of the psychiatry skills she’s picked up from Niles over the years to resolve their differences but is soon realising why it is best left to the professionals. Meanwhile, a security malfunction results in Niles getting locked out of the building, forcing him to guide his students in calming down a manic depressive over the phone.

"Psychic Niles" 5 5

Niles councils a woman who refuses to take off her witch costume from the recent Macbeth production. The woman questions Niles’ belief in the supernatural when she claims to be a real witch, offering him extraordinary evidence to the contrary. Niles enjoys debating with the woman and consequently becomes a very different man at home. Daphne is pleased for Niles until he claims he has developed psychic abilities of his own. Daphne is stricken with a recurring nightmare in which her identity is stolen and asks Jon to interpret it. The solution becomes quite clear: Daphne must get the old Niles back. The plan will require a little role-playing on everyone’s part.

"For Whom the Belch Tolls" 6 6

Niles has been fretting over a speech he’s making at a big psychiatry conference, and the day has finally come. Alas, it seems fate is out to get him when Niles burps right at the end of a perfect speech, to a crowd of high-class snobs who have the power to eliminate his social standing in seconds. Niles strives to rectify the situation by hosting the unbearable psychiatry awards. Meanwhile, Daphne suffers the guilt after giving Niles a gassy English delicacy the night before.

"Crane Brained" 7 7

Daphne is called into David’s school when he is given detention for kicking a soccer ball at one of his classmates. Daphne tries to teach David some manors and respect and enlists Stan for some old-fashioned advice. Daphne is pleased with herself for resolving the situation until the change in David becomes all too familiar to the unforgiving Crane genes. Meanwhile, Jon and Sally get tattoos expressing their love for each other, but a mix-up leads to Jon getting the wrong name inked across his arm. Will tricks Niles into snooping around people’s offices on a dreary Friday evening shift.

"Walk a Thousand Niles" 8 8

Niles celebrates the curing of his one-thousandth patient by throwing a cocktail party. Niles begins to wonder if he is bored of psychiatry after it becomes apparent that everyone expects helpful advice from him in real life. Daphne tries to restore Niles’ faith in the profession by helping him to cure the unstable party planner. Meanwhile, Sally is annoyed with Jon for bringing psychiatry into everything that goes on with their lives, and they make a bet to see who can go the longest without discussing their career. Stan tries to brush up on his flirting skills.

"V for Vending Machine" 9 9

Niles must deal with a rebellion amongst his students when the vending machine snacks are replaced with healthier options. Niles isn’t bothered by the change until he realises the corporation plans to remove his beloved coffee machine. Niles winds up getting involved in the students’ protest and becomes the official spokesperson for their union. As the union’s protests become more radical and disruptive, Niles begins to wonder if he has made the right choice by joining, feeling he is disgracing the profession of psychiatry. Meanwhile, Daphne tends to Jon when he twists his ankle, and the special treatment has him and Stan fighting for her attention.

"David the Bully" 10 10

Niles and Daphne are shocked to learn that David may be bullying one of his classmates. Niles is unable to determine why, so he seeks help from a colleague at the practice; a child psychologist. Niles refuses to heed his advice, convinced that he is a quack. Daphne gets mad at Niles for never trusting other therapists, which brings the revelation that she once dated a psychiatrist in England whose advice she preferred. Meanwhile, Sally gets annoyed over Jon’s competitive nature.

"Niles Exposed" 11 11

Niles is flabbergasted when he is unable to get into the most exclusive restaurant in town. Determined to become known in the community, Niles hires a ruthless, cutthroat agent named Sebastian Belle. When Sebastian’s tactics pay off, Niles gives him a celebratory hug. The rumour mill goes wild, and the whole town is thinking Niles Crane is gay. Niles is horrified by this mix-up until the media exposure gets him into restaurants he didn’t know existed. Daphne is less than pleased with Niles for keeping up the charade and makes it her goal to set the media straight.

"The Middle Ages" 12 12

Jon and Sally are excited about counselling their first patient together, a woman who seems terrified of becoming middle-aged. Jon develops a fear of women beyond forty years old, while Sally questions her psychiatry skills when the patient doesn’t get any better. Niles is accused of being mistrustful of his students after Will catches him observing them through a two-way mirror. Meanwhile, Daphne unwittingly becomes a messenger in Stan’s hot new romance.

"Bad Hair Day" 13 13

Niles gets an inexperienced new barber which results in a laughable hairstyle. To add insult to injury, Niles must make a presentation to the company owners, along with his unprepared students. Niles worries his hairstyle will be viewed as unprofessional and that the students will consequently be failed. On top of things, the hairstyle is distracting his patients and preventing any chances of progress. Niles finally decides to confront his retired ex-barber, who makes a surprising request in return for fixing his hair. Meanwhile, Jon and Sally celebrate their acceptance into the elusive psychiatry program. Daphne poses as Stan’s new wife when a judgmental ex pays him a visit.

"Where There's Will..." 14 14

Will is roped into helping train Niles’ students when it is learnt that he has never done it before. Will is determined to prove that he can be a good teacher on top of a psychiatrist. Things heat up between them when it turns out Will has a different teaching style, and Niles is dismayed to find that the students actually prefer it. Meanwhile, Stan encourages Daphne to run for condo board president, and political corruption gets the best of them when they enlist Sally to dig up some dirt on their biggest rival.

"Saving Private Practice" 15 15

On the night he promised to take Daphne to an elegant restaurant for their anniversary, Niles gets stuck on the roof of his practice with a potential jumper. Niles must talk him down from the ledge; at the same time, he is forced to debunk rumours that he is a mentally unstable psychiatrist and plans on jumping with the patient. Jon and Sally are among the students observing Niles’ unconventional therapy from below. Sally is angry at Jon for taking bets on whether Niles will succeed in talking the jumper down but soon finds herself getting in on the money-making action. Daphne is left waiting at the restaurant for Niles, unknowing of the tense situation that is unfolding at the practice.

"Graduation Party" 16 16

Niles prepares to throw a graduation party for his students when they pass the program. Both Jon and Sally get in at the Chicago practice. Daphne is roped into making the party preparations when Niles gets side-tracked with a patient: a sexual compulsive. Niles’ career could be over when his patient accuses him of sexual harassment, and further delays are caused as he pleads his case to the business partners. Daphne must balance between helping Stan complete his exercises, getting the invitations out on time and sorting out each catastrophe that comes her way. As all this is going on, Sally makes a life-changing discovery in the bathroom: she is pregnant. Niles’ allegations are dropped when his patient is caught trying to bed the janitor. Niles rushes to the party, where Daphne’s brain has melted as a result of the pressure, and Sally is figuring out what to do with the baby. Niles must put his psychiatry skills to the ultimate test as he promises to help everyone with their problems and keep the party guests entertained at the same time. Meanwhile, Jon receives a very tempting offer from a prestigious practice in Nevada.

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