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Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Call of the Crane" 1 213

David has been sent away to an academy for the gifted, and Hester is busier than ever with school. Renovations are being finalised at the practice, forcing Niles and the psychiatrists to yell at their patients over the noise. Niles gets into trouble after inadvertently shouting a shameful secret just after the drilling sounds stop. Daphne is feeling depressed now that she is less involved with her kids’ lives. Meanwhile, Sebastian is using the practice as an escape from his chaotic new home life; revealing the construction noise is preferable to that of his baby daughter Sammi, and stressed-out new mother Laura. Also, Edith gets stuck in a closet when she tries to hide from a builder she used to date, and Ron must come to her rescue. Ron is on a quest to prove that his son Justin is just as intelligent as David after a heated argument with Niles.

"No Good Meads Go Unpunished" 2 214

Laura is excited for a visit from Dr. Chase Starling, an old friend of the family and the man who inspired her to become a psychiatrist. Chase helped her when she was going through rough times with her parents, gave her tips on her first ever date, and even helped her get over a marriage that lasted one week in high-school. Now it seems Chase has an exciting new job opportunity for Laura... he wants her to come work for him at his modern practice in San Francisco. Utilising the latest methods and bold new research, Chase sees it as the ultimate practice. Laura is quick to accept until she realises Sebastian won’t be getting the same offer because he does not have enough experience. Laura has until midnight to make her final decision, and the truth comes out in front of everybody at a retirement party for the CEO. Daphne and Ron are amused by all the exciting drama; as Sebastian and Laura’s relationship comes to a head. The two of them agree that they cannot spend their lives waiting to fall in love with each other and they work out a schedule for Sammi. Shortly after Laura leaves, Sebastian can’t sleep at night, and he realises there could’ve been something between them. Meanwhile, Niles has trouble mustering up a few words to say in honour of the retiring CEO.

  • Dr. Laura Mead's last appearance as a main character.
"Sebastian Moves On" 3 215

With Laura in San Francisco, Ron is eager to get Sebastian back on the dating scene. Sebastian feels uncomfortable meeting lots of women now that he has a daughter until he meets Judith, a bouncy, perky woman who adores kids but has an annoying personality. Ron, who immediately hates Judith, can’t help but feel that Sebastian is only dating her because Sammi might need a mother figure. At the same time, Ron is peeved that Sebastian wasn’t a successful enough wingman on their night out. Niles tries to give his friends sound advice without coming off as an intrusive busybody. Meanwhile, Daphne starts spending time in the new nursery; running afoul of Edith, whose requests are being indefinitely delayed as a result.

"Last Straw in Paris" 4 216

Niles and Daphne meet Roz and Bulldog in Paris; however, the romantic trip they had in mind soon becomes quite the opposite when Roz acts irritable after a chaotic flight. Niles and Daphne argue when Niles seems more interested in visiting French practices than making the most of their weekend. On top of things, Niles has gotten himself involved in a family feud between Roz and her daughter Alice when Alice forgets about her mother’s visit. Everything comes together beneath the Eiffel Tower; shortly after Roz and Daphne climb to the top to get some peace from their nightmarish families. However, Bulldog mistakenly thinks they plan on jumping together, and Niles has no choice but to prevent a mass media frenzy. Back in Chicago, Sebastian discovers that Sammi makes a good babe magnet.

"Wes Returns" 5 217

Wes Ford, the young psychiatrist who studied at Mead for a brief time, returns to the practice. He is peeved that his final choice of practice was the one he received, but is determined to make the most of it. However, on his first day, he learns the age-old tradition of pinning all the “toughies” on the new guy. Wes finds himself involved in confusing love triangles, disturbing family feuds and seemingly impossible cases throughout the day, which makes him question his choice of the profession. After talking a suicidal patient off the roof, Wes’s faith in psychiatry is re-affirmed, but that may change again when Ron, oblivious to the real hero, steps in and takes all the credit. Wes is determined to get the recognition he deserves; befriending Daphne, who feels her secretarial skills are not appreciated. The two develop an intimidating business partnership which scares everyone, and it’s not long before they realise this isn’t what they wanted. Meanwhile, Niles takes the opportunity to renew his rocky relationship with Wes.

  • Dr. Wes Ford becomes a main character.
"Halloween" 6 218

The psychiatrists prepare for a Halloween party at the practice. Niles and another psychiatrist, a cranky old coot whom everyone has crossed at one point or another, fight over a Carl Jung costume. Daphne wants to dress up as a ghost, but Edith forbids her for uncertain reasons. Ron tries to stop alcohol being served at the party because he doesn’t want to make a bad impression on Justin and runs afoul of a wacky psychiatrist who has purchased a specially-made beer costume. Sebastian gets a flat tire on his way to the babysitter, forcing him to walk the rest of the way. Unfortunately, his choice of costume has the police confusing him for a local kidnapper. Wes is still getting used to the chaos of the practice and is annoyed when nobody understands his costume. Everything is tied together by a game of Halloween-themed spin the bottle.

"Sins of the Fathers" 7 219

Niles and Daphne are called to David’s boarding school when he damages the plumbing system. Niles is annoyed that David is throwing away his future but realises that he has never been able to punish his son and feels that maybe the problem stems from that. Niles decides to ask Ron for some assistance and is pleased when David is given a second chance at the school after being persuaded to apologise. Daphne isn’t overly fond of the parenting techniques Niles has picked up from Ron, however. At the practice, Wes and Sebastian must find Justin after he escapes the building’s day-care centre, and track him to Edith’s office. As Sebastian makes a diversion, Wes manages to get Justin out. Unfortunately, Sebastian’s desperate ploy has Edith thinking he is in love with her, and he is forced to come up with a plausible excuse without letting slip the real reason of why he was in her office. Eventually, Ron sees that Justin needs to straighten up and gets him a place in the boarding school, to Niles’ chagrin.

"Thanks for Nothing" 8 220

Edith announces an obligatory Thanksgiving dinner for the psychiatrists so they can meet the new CEO. Ron and Sebastian are amused by Edith’s behaviour, having never seen her so worried about something before. Daphne is roped into helping out in the kitchen with the other women in the office and persuades them to stage a revolt against sexism. Niles is counselling an older gentleman who is having trouble coming to terms with his career, and soon finds that he is the new CEO. Fearing reprimands from him, the company, and worst of all; Edith, Niles tries desperately not to say the wrong things. Despite his precautions, Niles accidentally causes offence, and by the time everyone’s sat down at the dinner table, he is not in the best mood to give thanks. Ron and Sebastian must make amends with Edith after she catches them snickering behind her back, and they crash Wes’s Thanksgiving dinner with his family in an effort to find a beautiful turkey. Wes is less than amused with this development, but is forced to play along in case Edith finds he was lying about his emergency dentist appointment.

"Penance for the Pen Bandit" 9 221

Edith contacts Niles to locate the infamous pen bandit, who has returned in a seemingly random streak of thievery. Niles is surprised because he thought he had caught the real perpetrator three years ago; a janitor named Frank. Faced with the possibility of an apprentice pen bandit, Niles puts together the perfect detective agency: there’s Daphne, the perky receptionist with the bonus of being eye-candy; Ron, Niles’ close friend and the one most suspicious of his frequent success; and finally Sebastian, a rival detective with a dangerous flair for one-upmanship. Niles quickly realises that the key to winning his latest investigation is collaborating with the enemy, which means going to Frank for assistance. However, personal feelings among Niles’ crew threatens to throw his investigation into chaos; when Daphne questions her use to the agency, Ron’s suspicion of Niles’ devotion to the case grows; and Sebastian sets in motion a sinister plan to put things in his favour. Finally, the identity of the real pen bandit is revealed, and it is someone nobody expected.

"Wings"  10 222

Niles is praised as a hero after talking down a despondent Santa from a department store roof a few weeks before Christmas. To Niles’ surprise, the people of Chicago start to see him as a saviour, and he finds himself being harassed by depressed folk begging to be fixed. Niles is determined to set everyone straight and feels guilty when he accidentally spoils a young boy’s love for Christmas. Hoping to make it up to him, Niles agrees to take a role in the boy’s school nativity; which happens to be an angel. Niles’ reputation takes a turn for the bizarre when a blind man miraculously gains his sight after he is touched by the psychiatrist. Meanwhile, Edith organises a secret Santa program at the practice, and Daphne must mediate an argument between Sebastian and Ron, who both want to give a beautiful woman their gift. To their surprise, the woman ends up being successfully courted by Wes, who turns out to be a surprising hit with the ladies.

"Watch Out for the Heavenly Woman" 11 223

Sebastian heads to the KACL radio station in Seattle after Roz Doyle asks him to fill in for the resident doctor. To Sebastian’s surprise, the position he is expected to take is that of a love doctor, in which he will dispense advice to people struggling with romance. Sebastian is initially peeved, but soon enjoys helping people with their love lives and the minor celebrity status that comes with it. That is until his former rival, June Archer, who now works in the station's new chapel, threatens to put a stop to his fifteen minutes of fame. Roz, who desperately needs an excuse to get June out of KACL without sounding anti-religion, teams up with Sebastian to destroy the woman who is driving them both crazy. On Sebastian’s last day at the station, Bulldog, Gil and Bebe Glazer are among the employees attending his farewell party, where Roz and Sebastian’s beef with June comes to an exciting and unexpected conclusion. Back in Chicago, Niles becomes determined to be a part of Ron and Wes’s annual poker game.

"Our Children, Ourselves" 12 224

Justin is kicked out of boarding school, and Ron is not pleased. Niles, Sebastian and Ron decide to organise a system in which one of them takes care of the other two’s kids so they can have some relaxation time. However, the concept of punishment threatens to divide their friendships when Sebastian gently slaps Justin for misbehaviour, a method which Ron doesn’t believe in. Daphne is forced to mediate in the argument and argues with Niles when they learnt they have been punishing their kids differently for years. Meanwhile, the chaotic goings-on has Wes convinced that he never wants kids; an unpleasant truth for his grandchildren-craving parents, who are visiting the practice.

"True Liz" 13 225

Edith forces the psychiatrists to attend a get-together at a local bistro to celebrate the practice’s latest anniversary. The night turns out to be less celebratory than Edith had in mind when the staff from a rival practice in Phoenix is seated in the next room on a company vacation. Among the employees is Dr. Liz Winters, who joined the business after her dismissal from Mead four years earlier. Sebastian’s crush on Liz is renewed, but he winds up fighting Ron over who gets to date her. Distracted by their bickering and attempts to outwit each other, neither of them manages to notice that Liz is obviously dating her boss, Steve Brock. Niles intervenes in the argument and accidentally gets Liz fired when Brock thinks she is having an affair. Ron and Sebastian both offer her a place to stay, but Liz settles with the guest room in Niles’ house – to which he reluctantly agrees due to his ever-present ethics. Daphne is not pleased with this development as it comes attached with Ron and Sebastian, who make more appearances than ever in their romantic chase for Liz. Meanwhile, a sly young med student studying at the practice encourages Wes to break out of his mild-mannered shell.

"No Strings Attached" 14 226

Edith hires a harp player to give the practice a relaxing, melodic atmosphere, but Niles takes an instant disliking to the out-spoken harpist Gretel, an elderly woman who has made a habit of speaking her mind – a lot. The following week, shock sweeps the practice when all the strings from Gretel’s harp go missing, and Niles is the prime culprit after he made his disdain for Gretel known. Niles believes he has been set up and hires a private investigator, whose apparent personal problems cost Niles more money than he imagined. Meanwhile, Daphne is struggling to adjust to having Liz around and hopes to get her out of the house by convincing Edith to give her a job at the practice. However, Daphne gets more than she bargained for when Edith elects to make her Liz’s new receptionist.

"Aspen" 15 227

Wes’s friendship with med student Alex could threaten his career at the practice after he acts on a bad piece of advice, causing the highly strung Samantha Bennett to once again sue the company for emotional distress. Wes and Niles argue over how out-spoken a psychiatrist should be and Niles decides to take him to a seminar in Aspen to brush up on his psychiatry skills. Edith opts to make the seminar a company expense, desperately needing the time off. At the resort, Liz develops a crush on her skiing instructor Guy, who holds an unexpected secret and a connection to Niles’ past. Niles and Wes get stuck in a cabin at the bottom of the mountain when the chairlift breaks and Wes believes it is the beginning of a spiritual journey that will help him with the Bennett lawsuit. Ron and Sebastian consider buying a condo together in the beautiful Aspen scenery until the estate agent confuses them for a gay couple. Daphne decides to show Edith how to relax when she gets caught up in dealing with the Bennett situation and uncovers a surprisingly helpful remedy.

"Do No Karma" 16 228

When Sebastian shows no remorse after his patient makes a suicide attempt, Daphne reminds him of the dangers of karma, and how one wrong act can affect his luck for days to come. Niles is strictly against these superstitions, consequently making Daphne angry because he treats her beliefs as a joke. However, a string of unrelated bad luck makes Niles re-consider his views on karma, but he is determined not to give into pure superstition. Thrown into the mix are a flat tire, a parking ticket and multiple patient breakdowns, leaving the others to pick up the pieces as Niles deals with his moral conflicts. Meanwhile, Ron mistakenly thinks Justin desires Liz as a mother and sets on pulling her maternal strings, so she will develop a close bond with Justin and ultimately win his heart.

"United Hates" 17 229

Niles and Daphne are annoyed when Liz invites one of her patients to move into the house. Although fearing that the patient is dangerous, Niles is unable to ask Liz why as it would be a breach of the doctor/patient confidentiality rule. Daphne is annoyed with Niles for being such a slave to his ethics and encourages him to let loose once in a while. Niles’ decision to act on this advice spells trouble for Edith and the practice when Samantha Bennett returns, this time working for Mead as the branch inspector. Samantha makes various claims that could get the practice shut down, and plants several “moles” as patients so she can find out how the psychiatrists actually act. Niles is quick to find out about this scheme and warns everyone; however, he is unable to get the message to Sebastian, who has been stuck inside his office all day with an absorbing case. The rest of the psychiatrists are left wondering if Sebastian’s patient is sincere or a snitch, and Niles realises he will have to bend the rules for the first time if he is to get the warning to Sebastian. At the same time he must keep a persistent Samantha at bay, so he enlists Wes and Ron to distract her. Back at the house, Daphne is left alone with Liz’s patient and continually receives mixed signals of his mental state.

"Mistakes Were Made" 18 230

Niles and Daphne head to New York when David gets into the spelling bee finals. Niles is excited about showing David the sights but is disappointed when he is seemingly disinterested in culture and art. Consequently, Niles begins to wonder if the boarding school is worth all the money they pay and expresses his concerns to Daphne. Unfortunately, the principal of the school is stood right behind him the whole time, and Niles fears he has bungled David’s chance in the spelling bee after learning that the very same man is on the judging panel. Meanwhile, Liz is also in the city, and she faces the Mead executives at the head office for her recent handling of a homeless patient. She runs into an old friend, Daniel Bird, who offers her the couch in his apartment should she be fired. As her chances of dismissal grow more apparent, Liz decides to hand in her resignation from Mead and encourages Daniel to open a practice with her – one that’ll “destroy this bastard company forever”, in her own words. Back in Chicago, Sebastian, Ron and Wes get involved in a series of juvenile bets with three hot-shots from the accounting department.

"Cabin Fever" 19 231

Ron runs into his ex-flame Wendy when she announces her engagement to another man, Karl. Ron offers his congratulations but is secretly worried that Karl may be a bad role model for Justin, knowing full well that Wendy doesn’t exactly have the best taste in men. When Wendy says she, Karl and Justin are going away on a trip to a secluded cabin in the woods, Ron insists on tagging along as he “hasn’t spent enough time with Justin”, though really he wants to check on Karl. Ron asks Niles to join him, needing a mentor to lean on. Karl misinterprets the situation and thinks Ron and Wendy’s relationship fell apart because Ron was secretly gay, and Niles is his partner. The four guys go hunting, and when Karl’s mistake reveals itself, Ron accidentally shoots him in the foot. A trip to the emergency room later, Wendy is convinced that Ron is out to get Karl and threatens to take Justin away from him unless he and Niles play the happy couple to spare Karl the embarrassment. The calamity rises when Ron’s role-playing turns out to be a little too convincing, and Niles wonders if he really is the object of his old friend’s affection. Back in Chicago, Edith asks Daphne to set her up with a guy, but by doing so, Daphne accidentally opens a can of worms and gets stuck in Edith’s rollercoaster love life.

"Give Me No Flowers" 20 232

Niles receives a panicked phone call from Roz Doyle in the middle of the night, who begs him to come to Seattle and help with an emergency. Her only explanation is the cryptic sentence: “don’t bring Daphne." This intrigues Daphne, who wonders why her oldest American friend wouldn’t want her involved. Despite Niles’ misgivings, Daphne tags along. In Seattle, Roz and Bulldog are staying at a stylish hotel for their anniversary, but their trip has turned into a nightmare because Roz fears her son, Stuart, is losing his virginity to his babysitter, a ‘popular’ high-school friend famous for deflowering young men. Bulldog finds the situation hilarious, aggravating Roz and forcing Niles to mediate their argument on top of her issues with Stuart. Daphne is determined to find out why Roz didn’t want her to come and pesters Bulldog for answers. He suggests that maybe Roz considers her a “risk” around Stuart and Daphne is outraged that she is thought of this way. Niles’ mediation is now divided three ways, and he is resenting Roz for putting him on a long flight for such a trivial matter. Back in Chicago, Sebastian and Ron must deal with David when he unexpectedly arrives home to an empty house after being kicked out of boarding school, ironically for fooling around with a girl.

"Dial D for Daphne" 21 233

When Sebastian is injured by an overzealous ex-girlfriend, Daphne delights in taking care of him. Sebastian is quickly up and about, but Daphne realises she has missed her work as a physical therapist and wants to go back into it. A series of bizarre accidents around the practice leads Sebastian to think that Daphne is causing people physical injury so she can take care of them. Niles believes Sebastian’s theory to be baloney but later worries that Daphne might be coming after him next. Meanwhile, Edith forces Wes to take on a group of med school students and show them how the world of psychiatry works. Wes enjoys having people look up to him and giving orders until circumstances force him to tell one of the students that it is likely they will never make it as a psychiatrist.

"Fool Fighters" 22 234

On April Fool’s Day, the psychiatrists are surprised to learn that Wes is the king of pranks, and become determined to outdo him after enduring a series of humiliating japes. The problem is, Niles, as this month’s morale officer, won’t allow it. He feels pulling pranks on each other is childish and sets the practice a bad example. However, Niles is forced to re-think his ways when Edith turns out to be a lover of all things April Fool’s Day, and after his long-awaited opera tickets are ruined in a prank, he opts to get revenge on the one responsible. Wes confides in Ron, revealing that he was the one who destroyed Niles’ tickets in a prank gone horribly wrong. Ron tells Wes there is nothing to worry about, knowing that Niles couldn’t pull a decent prank if his life depended on it. That is until Niles gives an old med school friend a call, who has no desire to be usurped in his position of king. Before Wes knows it, Niles and his friend have initiated an irritating, more intelligent wave of pranks, which spells trouble for everyone at the practice.

"Thursday Night Mystery" 23 235

Edith has the psychiatrists re-enact the entire Thursday shift when, on Friday morning, several computers go missing from the offices. The situation becomes more complicated as it is revealed that Niles, Sebastian and Ron were all working the night shift, after deciding to catch up on their patient histories together. Edith grows particularly interested in their re-enactment, paying no attention to the others and allowing them to slack off. Niles, Sebastian and Ron agree that it is “all for one and one for all” against Edith until she provides indisputable evidence that one of them must be responsible for the thievery. Meanwhile, Daphne must calm the psychiatrists down with Wes’s help, until he takes a stand against the goody two shoes image everyone has painted him out to be.

"Love's Limbo's Lost" 24 236

The psychiatrists are forced by Edith to attend a mandatory conference in a stuffy hotel in Hawaii. Sebastian and Ron debate over who is responsible for this latest torture and get into a heated argument over something trivial. Niles realises he must write a speech on professional behaviour, but has trouble concentrating when his med school rival, Dr. Tony Banks, arrives for the conference. This causes Niles concerns about the spark between Tony and late arrival Daphne. When it appears that Tony’s schedule provides him plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine, Niles fears that Daphne will want to experience it with him. Niles enlists Wes’s conference to write the best speech ever written and ends up giving him the entire load while he deals with his cocky rival. Wes laments over his lack of backbone in the hotel bar, where he runs into an old Mead employee: Joyce Kauffman. Joyce reveals that she owns the hotel and has made quite a name for herself in this tropical paradise, but it doesn’t stop her from feeling lonely. Before they know it, Wes and Joyce are ripping off each other’s clothes. Meanwhile, Niles resorts to stalking Daphne to make sure nothing happens between her and Tony. Niles winds up making a complete fool of himself when he overhears Tony admitting to Daphne that he is gay. Before he can leave, Niles is unexpectedly pushed out of his hiding spot by an over-zealous passer-by. Daphne is annoyed with this sudden display of mistrust, and later at the hotel, Niles’ determination to prove how much she means to him results in him taking part in a limbo contest. Sebastian and Ron are still fighting, and Wes is trying to get to the bottom of his fling with Joyce. Once again it’s up to Niles to step in and mediate the chaotic goings-on, but not before enduring several embarrassing slip-ups in front of his various social circles, some of which happen to be funding the conference. The season ends with a celebration Luau, and Joyce makes a monumental decision that isn’t exactly met well with the others: she is leaving Hawaii to re-start her old life in Chicago.

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