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Season 11 of Crane Life contains 22 episode ideas and is the final season of the series.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Joyce to the World" 1 237

Niles and the others gather at the grand opening of Joyce Kauffman’s new hair salon. After Edith turned her down at the practice, she has decided to follow her sixth dream: running a beauty business. Daphne and Edith frequent the salon for its limited free makeovers but are quick to abandon Joyce when she asks for pay. When Niles discovers Joyce sleeping in his office, he realises her financial situation is strained and decides to contact one of her ex-husbands. Joyce’s reaction is not quite what Niles expected when it turns out that she faked her own death to escape a messy divorce, and now that she’s back from the dead, he wants to give things another try. Sick of his meddling habit, Niles agrees to help Joyce make sure she maintains her “deceased” status. At the same time, Niles must come to grips with Daphne’s bold new hairstyle, which is an unwelcome reminder of his feisty ex-wife Maris. Meanwhile, Sebastian is bummed after receiving a letter update from Laura about their daughter. Ron seeks to cheer his pal up by letting him take Justin to Carl E. Cheddar for his birthday, but the outing turns out to be a lot less family-orientated than Sebastian had in mind. Wes is busy trying to forget his night with Joyce ever happened.

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Head" 2 238

Niles and Daphne head to Seattle when Noel Shempsky gets indicted on suspicion of terrorism; however, he was merely trying to spread the word about a UFO he believes he saw during his night shift. Niles realises that, as one of Noel’s oldest acquaintances, he is expected to backup his non-threat status. When it is apparent that Niles must also defend Noel’s sanity, he is frightful of committing perjury on the stand because he has always known what a weird guy Noel is. Daphne runs afoul of Paula Sparrow when she looks for Roz at the radio station and is mistakenly believed to be a co-conspirator with Noel when her alleged psychic powers come to light. Back in Chicago, Wes enlists Sebastian’s help to tell Joyce their one-night stand was a mistake.

"The Edith Party Massacre" 3 239

Edith enlists the psychiatrist’s help to throw a gala for her parents’ anniversary. When Edith’s party planning direction proves to be a little meaner than everyone had imagined, Wes and Ron encourage the others to sabotage the event and make Edith look bad in front of her parents. Soon there is a stripper instead of a singer, KFC instead of fine cuisine, and a highly inappropriate ice sculpture. This proves to be bad timing for Sebastian’s weekend with daughter Sammi after he promised to take her to a fun, grown-up party. On top of things, Niles fears that the disastrous event is exactly what will push Edith over the edge, a concern he’s had ever since he learnt about her colourful family history. When Joyce shows up looking for Wes, he searches for a place to hide and finds one in the next-door bar mitzvah. Ron is left to face the music with Edith. Daphne is forced to make up stories to hide Wes' whereabouts, but it turns out that Joyce only wants to confront Wes because some items have gone missing from her apartment. Daphne is surprised by the revelation that Wes could be a thief, and the rumours only move the disastrous night from bad to worse.

"Let's Balk About Sex" 4 240

Daphne is horrified when she discovers condoms in David’s room, but fears confronting him about it will destroy the trust they have placed in each other. Daphne instead decides to go to the source and confronts the girl David planned on having sex with after picking up a psychic flash from the condoms. This confrontation happens to coincide with a PTA meeting, and it’s up to Niles to stop Daphne from embarrassing herself and David in case she speaks to the wrong girl. However, Niles’ interested is peaked when Daphne reveals she believes David is sleeping with his history teacher, and on top of that, she is a former patient of his whom he thought had been cured of sexual addiction. Meanwhile, Ron asks Sebastian to help him give his son Justin the “sex talk”, fearing a situation likes Niles’ sometime down the road, but Sebastian’s role in the explanation is a little more imaginative than Ron had in mind.

"Sky Infidelity" 5 241

The staff are held hostage by a disgruntled patient when she finds out about her husband’s infidelity. Sebastian is praised as a hero after inadvertently saving the day, but he is ashamed of admitting that it was all a mistake and he was only trying to hide in his office. Determined to prove to himself that he can be brave, Sebastian takes up some extreme sports, including skydiving. He has soon roped Ron and Wes into going with him, as they feel honoured to do anything with the man of the hour. In mid-flight, Sebastian’s fear of heights is revealed, and he is forced to admit the truth about the hostage situation. The guys feel betrayed by this revelation, and their confidence to jump is consequently shaken. Soon they are forced to re-consider their plight when it turns out that there isn’t enough fuel to land the airplane, meaning all of them must jump. With not much time to spare, Ron and Wes are forced to council Sebastian through his fear of heights, and help him come to terms with his lack of bravery at the practice. The group jump from the airplane one by one and Sebastian feels brave for the first time. Meanwhile, Niles struggles to persuade the police to let him council the hostage-taker, feeling guilty for not recognising her problems a year ago when she was in therapy.

"Based on a Trite Story" 6 242

Sally Keenan arrives at the practice to promote her new book on psychiatry. Daphne is excited about seeing her old friend again. Niles is disappointed when he realises that Sally’s book is not an insightful look on psychiatry, but rather a novel about the experiences she had when working at the practice. Niles fears that the novel will infringe on her patients’ confidentiality rights, and runs afoul of Edith, who won’t let anything happen to the book she’s getting 20% profit from in exchange for promotion. Daphne is bummed about not being able to spend much time with Sally, who has a strict schedule to follow in her promotion tour.

"Thanksgiving Crashers" 7 243

When Niles has an argument with Daphne on the day before Thanksgiving, he decides to join Sebastian, Ron and new addition Wes in their tradition of crashing Thanksgiving dinners across Chicago. Sebastian pesters Niles to tell what he and Daphne argued about. Niles quickly realises that he may have been wrong when the four of them are thrown out from multiple dinners over his unwanted intervention. Realising he puts his work before his marriage too often, Niles makes an oath not to practice psychiatry out of the office. However, the crashers’ latest stop forces Niles to re-consider his decision after they stumble upon the most dysfunctional family in the world. Meanwhile, Daphne and Edith decide to have a “girl’s only” Thanksgiving but quickly realise neither of them knows very much about each other. They opt to fix this, with the help of their good friend Margarita. Some things are best left unsaid, as the women come to learn – and it’s apparent that the only way they’ll survive this Thanksgiving is with the guys. Edith’s annoying sister Lynette pays an unwelcome, but characteristically unexpected visit.

"The Gal Jumped Under the Moon" 8 244

Simon Moon shows up in Chicago “looking for jobs”, but Daphne knows her brother and is convinced that he’s “in heat” and looking for a playmate. To her surprise, Simon finds one in Joyce after they rekindle their old romance. Fearing Simon will just break Joyce’s heart again, Daphne tries to convince Joyce not to get her hopes up – but after Niles catches Simon looking at engagement rings, they become frightful at the fact that the Moons, Cranes and Kauffmans will all be connected. Gertrude Moon, whom Simon brought to America despite no actual wedding date, is surprisingly opposed to her son getting married because it means she will be alone in the house. Realising their similar goals, Niles sets in motion a plan to bring Simon and Joyce apart, with the assistance of her sixth ex-husband; the one man she ever truly loved. Meanwhile, Laura wants an update on Sebastian’s life to show to their daughter, so he enlists Edith to pose as his “perfect new girlfriend” in a photograph – a request she takes surprisingly seriously.

"Dr. Crane, So Misunderstood" 9 245

When Edith goes in for foot surgery, company executive Noah Mead comes to fill in for her at the practice. Meanwhile, Hester’s expensive tuition has Daphne concerned about the finance, so she urges Niles to make nice with Noah, so he’ll give him a stable, highly-paid position in the Mead office. When word gets out about the opening, Sebastian and Ron make it their goal to make Niles look bad in front of Noah – and Niles will do anything not to be misunderstood by the man whose respect he needs the most. Wes is surprised by this display of betrayal amongst friends and decides to do something about it. He gets Wes' permission to throw a party on employee relations, to be held in Joyce’s salon. Joyce is excited about the publicity but is unwilling to believe that bad publicity is good when Niles’ feud with Sebastian and Ron reaches a shocking conclusion right in the middle of the event. The psychiatrists are soon looking for someone to blame for this disastrous afternoon, and they pin it all on Noah. The solution quickly becomes evident: they need Edith. A trip to the hospital reveals she has skipped town after having an epiphany during her surgery, and faced with the possibility of Noah staying at the practice permanently, Niles rallies the others to find Edith and convince her to return.

"Realty TV"  10 246

When Niles and Daphne’s home is tented for termites, the cost of extermination means they’ll have to find somewhere to stay for free. Ron signs them up for a brand new reality show filming in Chicago, in which couples stay in several distinctively different houses for two months. A few days into filming, Niles is having trouble adjusting to life on camera, while Daphne is convinced the producers’ main point of focus is her cleavage. Soon Ron is brought onto the show to “shake things up”, and as his friendship with Niles falls apart; avid viewer of the show Edith is determined for them to make amends. Moving from one house to another, Niles quickly notices each home is worse than the last and reaches breaking point after being made to live in a Shangri-La apartment. Meanwhile, Sebastian will do anything to win the network’s “become a housemate” contest and Wes takes to selling popular “merchandise” featuring the key players – i.e., stuff swiped from their offices.

"Last Christmas, I Gave You My Apartment" 11 247

The week before Christmas, Wes is surprised when his landlord returns early from a doctors without borders program and demands his apartment back. Faced with being homeless for Christmas, he turns to Edith, who mistakenly believes he has always been without a home. Before he knows it, Edith has the psychiatrists volunteering at homeless shelters, and performing charitable acts to raise money for homeless people. Unfortunately, none of these acts will give Wes a home for the holidays. Meanwhile, Daphne struggles with her assignment to spend time with the elderly when she keeps having psychic flashes of their deaths. Niles runs into Danny Kriezel while playing Santa in a department store, and, overcome with repressed rage from their days of youth, accidentally tells Kriezel’s son that he will be getting coal in his stocking this year. Sebastian and Ron go hunting for the office Christmas tree, but get into trouble when they chop down one in an off-limits area. Niles realises that, even as Santa Claus, he must mediate his friends; despite his annoyance that they can’t go one Christmas without requiring his assistance.

"Grand Theft Ottoman" 12 248

Niles over-reacts when an ottoman is stolen from his office and becomes determined to find the culprit. Daphne fears his flair for detective games will return, and sets out to locate the ottoman before it has a chance to. In her travels around the practice, she discovers a group of workers in the accounting department who hate the psychiatrists and have been stealing things from them for years. At first, it was simple items like stationary, but now they have moved up to the big leagues: furniture. Daphne tries to convince them to return everything, and they reluctantly agree. She is overcome with guilt when Edith fires them all. Old feuds among the psychiatrists resurface, many of them having blamed each other for their lost possessions. Daphne must hone the skills she’s learnt over the years to settle the arguments, as well as convince Edith to re-hire the accountants. Meanwhile, Ron enlists Sebastian’s input on how to throw a young person’s party for Justin. Sebastian is mortified when he realises he isn’t as in touch with the younger culture as he thought and is determined to change that by spending time with Justin's peers.

"Sanity Fair" 13 249

When one of Niles’ old patients from Seattle is brought up on murder charges, he is forced to fly to the city and provide a judgment on his sanity. Ron, Sebastian and Wes decide to tag along, utilising the practice’s funding before it expires at the end of January. Niles is further dismayed to learn that the therapy he gave his patient never actually worked, and is faced with the possibility that he is indeed a murderer. Later, Niles deals with charges of his own after being accused of trying to get the jurors on his side, and argues with the prosecutor; a man he met years ago at the practice and now believes to be crazy. Meanwhile, Ron is arrested for accidentally throwing pennies off the Space Needle, and Sebastian must come to his rescue. Wes meets up with an old flame at Le Cigare Volant, and mistakenly thinks his dumping of her caused her life to be a miserable failure.

"In Space No One Can Hear You Bicker" 14 250

With no patients on the rafter for hours, Niles realises he isn’t as content with goofing off as everyone else is, and asks Edith for more responsibilities around the practice. Edith responds by making Niles permanent morale officer, due to requests from Noah Mead about improving employee relations. Niles realises doing so won’t be as easy as he thought when the psychiatrists seem adamant about hiding their feelings and being unsociable. Ron suggests that he organises a weekend trip for the staff so they can get to know each other, and Niles, liking the idea, puts a suggestion box outside his office. The following morning, Niles is dismayed to find that most people think it is a stupid idea, and the only remotely sane suggestion is a trip into space. With no other options, Niles decides to make the space trip a reality. The next day, the news is met with little enthusiasm, but Edith steps in and informs everyone that the trip is obligatory and those who do not attend will be suspended. Niles confides in Edith that perhaps threatening the employees is not the best tactic; she responds that Mead is having budgetary problems and is her duty to cut the costs wherever possible. Niles is surprised by this news but must keep it a secret to do his job as a morale officer. Hours later, the psychiatrists get ready for the launch, and Sebastian is adopting a rather strange technique to deal with his fear of heights. Ron and Wes try to get out of the obligation by pretending they have various medical issues which prevent them from leaving the atmosphere. Their lie gets out of hand when Edith demands a doctor’s note, and Wes is left to face the music when Ron disappears to flirt with a beautiful woman he saw. After the launch, Niles is pleased to see the psychiatrists talking to each other and letting their vulnerabilities out. Unfortunately, a long-forgotten feud between Daphne and an accountant puts a crimp in his plan for office-wide happiness, which he must settle before someone goes out the airlock. In his haste, Niles inadvertently lets slip what Edith told him about the funding, creating further arguments.

"Unlucky, He's a Family Guy" 15 251

Niles worries that Ron is digging his own grave when he requests to meet the family of one of his patients; a controversial clan famous for their frequent appearances in the local headlines. To Niles’ surprise, the family take a shining to Ron, and he starts accompanying them on various outings. Ron is soon uncertain of whether he likes the road he is taking, and after picking up a few too many bad habits from his snooty companions, he decides to stop seeing them. However, Ron’s decision might have dire consequences for the practice when Edith reveals the family were the Chicago office’s number one investors. Ron is now faced with renewing his friendship with the people he hates; and making things worse, they seem adamant about him marrying their (quite frankly unappealing) debutant daughter. Meanwhile, Sebastian is taking care of Sammi for the next few weeks but struggles to find activities to do with her. Joyce suggests they come to the salon so Sammi can choose her own hairstyle, but Sebastian isn’t pleased with the result when Sammi's bold new look draws comparisons to the world’s oldest profession.

"Suddenly Sebastian" 16 252

Sebastian is excited for a visit from his daughter until he realises that Laura will be joining her along with her new fiancé, Chase Starling. Sebastian develops an irrational disliking of Chase, believing him to be taking advantage of Laura because he is her employer, and a bad role model for Sammi. Niles is convinced that Sebastian’s grudge stems from the fact that he hates how fast his daughter is growing up, and the idea of another man raising her. When Niles’ intrusiveness proves to be over-bearing, Sebastian snaps and Niles realises that perhaps he has himself to blame for all the times he has been forced to mediate. Niles makes an oath not to intrude in other people’s affairs again but is faced with abandoning his decision when Sebastian and Chase make plans for a physical challenge. Daphne catches up with Laura, but after they tell each other everything that’s happened to them over the past year, they run out of things to talk about.

"Hippocratic Oafs" 17 253

Edith’s latest announcement has the psychiatrists receiving literal Hippocratic oaths which they will need to sign to continue working at the practice. Ron worries that he is to blame for this latest surprise because of a fatal mistake he made with a patient, and tries to hide it from everybody. Most of the psychiatrists are willing to sign the document; if only to get Edith to leave them alone, but to the surprise of everyone, Niles is reluctant. He feels that he cannot successfully live up to the oath’s requirements, and refuses to sign out of principal. Niles also feels that it is not fair that the non-psychiatrists under Mead employment are not being made to sign. Edith responds by drawing up another Hippocratic oath of sorts; and anyone who signs it is essentially swearing to do their very best. However, Edith gets a taste of her own medicine when she seems unable to sign the document herself; thus reaching a stalemate with Niles. They agree not to sign, but face criticism from the employees when their refusal is found out. Edith decides to buy everyone drinks at the cocktail bar down the road to make it up to them. After the first round, the psychiatrists think back to the times they have consulted the oath for assistance: Niles remembers questioning how far he should go to help a patient he believed to be in a dangerous cult; Sebastian recalls the time he felt telling two patients of their other half’s infidelity other would benefit them both; Ron looks back at the lust he had for a highly desirable sexual compulsive patient, and how he enlisted Daphne to give him a good slap every time he let his guard down; and Wes thinks of the time he went against Niles by counselling a patient who was unhappy with his therapy. The evening comes to a surprising climax when CEO Noah Mead shows up at the bar and reveals the documents were, in fact, non-liability waivers, which brings the revelation that the practice will be closing its doors, meaning everyone is fired.

"12 Angry Directors" 18 254

The psychiatrists deal with the news of the practice’s imminent closure. As morale officer, Niles is made by Edith to keep up the employees’ spirits and help them deal with the fact that they won’t have jobs in a month’s time. Niles is further dismayed to learn that nobody will be receiving severance packages, as mentioned on the non-liability waivers they all signed. Determined to fight this, he invites Sebastian, Ron and Wes to join him on a trip to the head offices in New York, hoping to negotiate with Noah Mead about these harsh decisions. Noah offers them the last hour before his lunch break to change his mind about the packages; however they must not only convince him but the eleven people on his board of directors. Forced to put his debating skills to the test, Wes struggles to make the switch from psychiatrist mode to lawyer mode; and Sebastian dislikes that Niles is only using him as eye candy for the female directors. Back in Chicago, Joyce tries to find a new crowd of regulars for her salon now that the practice is closing, and enlists Daphne’s help to make nice with the nearby hospital.

"Genders Will Be Genders" 19 255

On a dull Monday morning, Daphne and Edith bet on who will fix the most patients by the end of the week. When their bet is found out, the guys are unwilling to rush themselves, until Daphne claims that it is a matter of honour. Soon Niles, Sebastian, Wes and Ron are squabbling over who gets what patient, and the girls enjoy watching from the sidelines. However, their feud leaves the practice in chaos, just as Noah Mead arrives for final negotiations regarding its closure. Daphne and Edith are forced to clean up the mess they have made, fearing Noah will base his final decision based solely on the place’s appearance. To their horror, the guys have been in the know the entire time, and an escalating series of pranks takes place between the genders – further ruining their chances of getting in Noah’s good books.

"Niles Springer" 20 256

With the practice closing in less than a month, Niles starts looking at different job prospects and receives a surprising offer from the local television network, who want him to host a Jerry Springer style show. Niles is excited at the chance of bringing some high-quality entertainment to the airwaves until he realises that the show’s spunky new producer has some changes in mind from the initial script. Niles insists on meeting the producer to give her a piece of her mind and is surprised to learn it is none other than Bebe Glazer, who is on leave from KACL and trying out new things. Niles agrees to give Bebe a trial run of one week, but by the first recording, he already hates it when Bebe goes out of her way to create various farces which land him in hot water with both his guests and his viewers. Niles is determined to see it through to the end, so he doesn’t abandon his commitment, but is forced to enlist Daphne, Sebastian, Joyce, Wes and Ron to come on the show and pretend they have problems when none of the planned guests show up. Daphne and Sebastian play a bickering couple who have bedroom related issues, but Sebastian gets a little too into it – Niles is annoyed; nevertheless he manages to maintain a professional attire. Wes and Ron don’t like the idea of being the gay couple; Wes because he told his mother to watch the show, and Ron because he is trying to win a date with the cute camera operator. During the others’ segments, Joyce must go looking for someone to play her daughter in a controversial DNA squabble. Niles is thankful when a real problem arises in Bebe: she doubts her decision to leave Seattle. Although he manages to help her deal with it, Bebe considers this resolution "boring" and promptly fires Niles from the show.

"Time is Up for Today" (Part 1) 21 257

The employees of Mead Psychiatry prepare to go their separate ways. Niles has trouble saying goodbye to the place he’s called his second home for 11 years, but the others are more accepting of this development. Daphne arranges for yearbooks to be made so that the psychiatrists can remember each other when they’re gone. Enlisting her friends' help, she goes on a hunt for reminders of the good times that have occurred at the practice over the years, and they come across a strangely-shaped device hidden in the basement. Daphne mistakes it for a bomb, and after a big deal is made out of nothing, they realise it is a time capsule that was made several years ago. Gathering around the capsule, the psychiatrists recall the events that led up to this point. 

  • 2011: New CEO Andrew Sharp arrives at the practice to “clean up the mess” the last regional manager made. Not yet aware of the cynical employees that await him, Andrew organises fun activities to boost their morale, and up his popularity factor. First on this list is to make a time capsule for future generations of the practice to enjoy. Sally Keenan volunteers to design the object, but no one has the guts to admit that her choice looks like a bomb. Jon Lloyd and Will are responsible for arranging the big launch party. Andrew hopes to make a media circus of the event to get the practice some much-needed publicity. Niles is impressed with Andrew for his strong business tactics until Andrew makes him tell Sally that her design won’t be used. This puts a crimp on Niles’ friendship with Sally’s husband Jon. Lunch boy Sebastian continues his quest for redemption by swindling an invitation to the party, but lands in hot water with the capsule committee after putting in a controversial photo from his days as an agent.
  • 2012: The time capsule is re-discovered by lovebirds Daniel and Holly as they search for a place to make out. Daniel and Holly decide to make it their own little secret and use it as a place for their romance. However, their relationship takes an unexpected turn when Daniel decides he has had enough of fooling around and wants to have a proper relationship. Meanwhile, Daniel and Holly’s recent sneakiness has Niles convinced that they are the elusive pen bandits he’s been looking for.
  • 2014: Dr. Laura Mead hides significant evidence that could implicate her brother for embezzlement in the time capsule. Liz Winters is using the basement to hide from Joyce, who is trying to cosy up to the new boss by snitching on her co-workers. Joyce uses this information to get Liz sacked. At the farewell party, Joyce tries to keep her betrayal a secret from the others but forgets that most psychiatrists can read her like a book. Niles is also at the party and trying to forget about a trip to New York, which resulted in the potential downfall of his marriage. Niles runs into an old ex at the bar, which prompts him to give Daphne a call in Manchester. James and Sebastian are forced to come to Niles’ rescue when he is unable to afford his large bar tab and expensive phone calls. Niles realises there is still hope with Daphne when she agrees to come back to America.

In the present day, the psychiatrists realise they must think about their futures with the practice closing shortly and stop looking at the time capsule. Sebastian heads for a job interview in San Francisco. With a disappointed sigh, Niles seals the memories away and starts to pack his things, telling Daphne they’re leaving Chicago indefinitely.

"Time is Up for Today" (Part 2) 22 258

Niles and Daphne are visiting relatives in Seattle. Daphne is having trouble accepting Niles’ decision to uproot them from their home. The two of them are forced to lie about their visit when Frasier mistakenly thinks they have come to celebrate his and Charlotte's engagement. When Frasier finds out the truth, his sibling rivalry with Niles resurfaces, and they feud over who has the better life. Daphne and Martin must settle the argument, and Martin convinces Niles not to leave things unfinished. In the meantime, more flashbacks are shown.

  • 2016: Ron discovers he has a 10-year old son from a long forgotten night of passion. Conflicted by this revelation, Ron turns to drinking, a habit he developed during his early days as a psychiatrist. Ron starts to hide alcohol around the premises, including the basement where he finds the time capsule. After a lecture from Andrew about drinking, he uses the capsule as the “perfect hiding place." Ron’s problems begin to fade away when Sebastian and James find his escape and the four turn it into their own private bachelor pad. Ron is annoyed with his friends for taking away his personal space and seeks comfort in Grace. A brief affair between them is revealed. Grace helps Ron come to terms with his fatherhood, and he tells everyone about his son at a Christmas party.

In present day San Francisco, Sebastian interviews for a position at Dr. Chase Starling’s prestigious practice, where Laura Mead works. Chase grills Sebastian with difficult questions, all of which only have tenuous links to psychiatry. Sebastian figures that Chase doesn’t want him working with his wife and is forced to employ some of his cutthroat techniques from his days as an agent. At the same time, Niles and Daphne are on a flight back to Chicago. Niles chats with a friendly old man who reminds him of Stan Keenan, triggering further flashbacks.

  • 2010: Stan discovers that he has won the lottery, and talks to everyone at the practice for advice on spending the money. In the midst of selfish requests and downright crazy ideas, Stan receives at least one sensible suggestion: “live your life well." Stan decides to tour retirement homes across the globe and see the sights. Niles agrees to help him deal with his fear of needles so he can get the required vaccinations. Sally discovers the needles Niles is using in therapy and mistakenly thinks her father is in danger. This results in inane accusations at Stan’s leaving party, where he reveals the truth. Before departing, Stan thanks Niles for his help and leaves behind a message to be played when he is gone. Niles agrees to look for a suitable place to keep it.

Back at the office, the psychiatrists are packing up their stuff and reach the conclusion that they wouldn’t have gotten very far if it hadn’t been for Niles. Sebastian arrives and reveals he has taken the job in San Francisco. The gang agree to throw Niles a party as thanks for all the advice he’s given them over the years. They each add their own trinket to the time capsule as a tribute to the Cranes. Meanwhile, Niles and Daphne return to Chicago and briefly exchange dreams about their future together before Niles is called back to the practice when a riot over allocated boxes breaks out. With a contented sigh, Niles departs, reflecting on the fact that he will always be known as the mediator, and in the series' closing scenes, the practice closes its doors for the last time as Stan Keenan's final message is played over glimpses of everyone's futures.

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