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Title Season # Series #
"Intermission" (Part 1) 1 17

Niles and Daphne are in attendance of an opera to celebrate a year living in Chicago. During the intermission, they run into Jon and Sally, who received their tickets from Stan (a closeted opera fan) after he injured his ankle. Sally is still deciding what to do about her pregnancy, and she doesn’t have long as Jon plans on leaving for a job in Nevada. Meanwhile, Niles runs into one of the opera stars but doesn’t know who he is because he is out of costume. The man, realising that Niles is a noted psychiatrist, asks for some counselling. Niles has had enough of working for free and refuses, culminating in the star deciding he doesn’t want to do the rest of the show. When word gets out that Niles prevented the biggest night of the year from completion, he and Daphne find themselves becoming the most hated people in the arts community. Niles reluctantly agrees to council the star for free; however, his devotion to ethics may force him to abandon his hard-earned social circles.

"Intermission" (Part 2) 2 18

Niles is slowly climbing his way back into the arts community, and plans to announce his success in treating the opera star at a ritzy gala – but previous obligations force him to postpone for the arrival of his new students. At the condo, Daphne and Stan must stall the snooty guests. As the vintage wine warms up and people start to leave, Daphne decides to do the unveiling without Niles. Consequently, Daphne finds herself welcomed back into the arts community, but not Niles because he wasn’t present. Successfully getting rid of his students, Niles is mortified to learn of the events that have transpired and sets in motion a plan to re-claim his social standing from Daphne, who didn’t really want it in the first place. Meanwhile, Sally reveals her pregnancy to Jon, who agrees to stay in Chicago. When Sally sees that it isn’t what Jon really wants, she goes to Will for advice. Will reveals he got an ex pregnant once, and the story doesn’t exactly help Sally’s predicament.

"Ring the Belle" 3 19

Niles worries he has descended into “sideshow psychiatry” when his former agent Sebastian Belle returns to offer him a spot in a commercial. Niles must make a difficult choice about his future, and when he discovers the practice frowns upon showbiz, he is forced to turn down the offer. Sebastian is annoyed because he has been losing business and Niles is the only client he has left. Niles offers him a job in the filing department, unwittingly setting in motion Sebastian’s plan to make the practice centred around showbiz. With all the knowledge Sebastian has amassed over the years, it won’t be a difficult feat.

"All in the Family" 4 20

A Chicago Tribunal journalist, Ronnie Shore, wants to interview Niles and his family for a big issue on health-care workers in Illinois. Daphne is outraged when she is referred to as a “housewife” in the interview and demands a retraction. Niles’ image as a loving family man is consequently shattered; on top of things, Stan reveals that he doesn’t need physical therapy anymore. Daphne must find work; at the same time, Niles is desperately trying to restore his previous image because it brings him the most interesting cases. Meanwhile, Sally and Jon become wrapped up in an attempt to gain maternity leave when the baby comes; also a particularly challenging patient makes Jon's fear of fatherhood worsen.

"Perfect Makes Practice" 5 21

Niles realises he must focus on his students more when a young man named Kevin has an OCD-related episode. Niles brings the students together and encourages them to open up, not anticipating just how expressive they are willing to be. As long-repressed feelings come out and stories are told, Niles begins to regret opening these wounds when it becomes apparent that even he may not be able to close them. Meanwhile, Will is accused of pandering for the best patients when the practice unveils its latest system; Daphne has an interview for the manager’s secretarial position; and Jon becomes the victim of “newbie” hazing when many of his possessions go missing from his office without explanation.

"The Job" 6 22

Niles feels awkward with Daphne around the office and makes arrangements for her to be transferred to another department. His plan not to let Daphne finds out involves his students, a clown costume, a complex chain of lies and eventually the police. Meanwhile, Will discovers the rules of fraternisation when he becomes attracted to a beautiful student, and Sally agrees to council the owner of a prestigious retirement home if it means getting her father in there.

"Desperately Seeking Jon" 7 23

Jon inadvertently airs his dirty laundry after confiding in an employee that his sex life hasn’t been up to “standard” ever since Sally got pregnant. The staff are thinking that a handsome, successful psychiatrist is available, and Jon finds himself becoming the most wanted man in the practice. When Sally finds out about the charade, she too fears that Jon has left her, and insists they try therapy. However, Sally is less than pleased with Jon's choice of therapist, a beautiful German woman who specialises in sex counselling. Sally eventually decides to go along with it when the therapist suggests she is to blame for their problems in the bedroom, and she soon has them being playful at work and even smuggling inappropriate “toys” into the office. Meanwhile, Niles tries to help Will move a new couch into his office.

"Stan by Me" 8 24

Daphne and Sally get wrapped up in an attempt to stop Stan’s planned breakout from the retirement home and discover a recurring nightmare in which he is taunted by the horrible night nurse, Prudence. Sally feels she cannot invite Stan back to the apartment because a baby is on the way, so Daphne volunteers to take Prudence’s much-dreaded shift. The new job has a dramatic effect on Daphne’s love life with Niles since he is too tired to do anything at night and she is asleep all day. Meanwhile, Sally is overcome with guilt for “neglecting” her father. Will struggles to hide his relationship with a student.

"Blind Jury" 9 25

Niles must take time off work when he is assigned jury duty, and he couldn’t be more excited as it is his first time. The case slowly becomes more interesting as he sits through tedious court sessions, eventually becoming a full-blown murder trial. Niles is stunned to learn that his former agent Sebastian Belle stands as the accused, and worries his past connection to Belle will force him to give up his long-awaited duties. At the same time, Niles is concerned that Belle is getting an unfair trial, as two of his fellow jurors are former patients with severe problems. Meanwhile, Daphne watches the trial unfolding on television; Sally and Jon take on Niles’ students in his absence.

"...There's a Way" 10 26

Will’s relationship with a pretty student, Claudia, is discovered by an accountant, and they are faced with blackmail. Will eventually decides to expose their relationship to the practice, and argue for it in front of the business executives. Their affair becomes huge gossip around the office, and Niles, as newly appointed “morale officer”, must get everyone focused on their work again before the situation spins out of control. At the same time, Niles’ new position forces him to sit in on Will’s case, where is unable to choose between his loyalties to the company and to his co-worker.

"Diamonds Are for Never" 11 27

Niles councils a former master criminal, Wesley, and as he learns more about the man’s past, he begins to fear for his office valuables. Niles takes extra measures to make sure nothing is stolen, posting a security guard outside his office and putting a lock on all the cabinets. Wesley is upset that Niles doesn’t trust him, consequently destroying the trust they placed in each other. Niles is overcome with guilt and promises to make amends, but ends up getting involved in an elaborate diamond heist, which Wesley had planned ever since Niles was assigned as his psychiatrist. Halfway through Niles discovers he is being played and decides to pull a con of his own to bypass the doctor/patient privilege and eventually expose the criminal’s grand scheme.

"Key Ingredients" 12 28

Niles, Will and Jon agree to council an overweight family at the same time. To make the family feel better about themselves, Will promises to go on a diet at the same time – forcing Niles and Jon to do the same. They are soon struggling to go without their favourite delicacies, and Niles is overcome with guilt for breaking his promise after Will catches him scoffing down a large meal at a fancy restaurant. Meanwhile, Jon must avoid temptation around Sally, who has just gone into the pregnancy cravings phase.

"Daphne Loves Stan" 13 29

Daphne’s frequent trips to the retirement home lead Niles to think she is having an affair. Unwilling to compromise his trust with Daphne, Niles sends Will to investigate, promising to take his load of students for the week. Unfortunately, Will’s poor detective skills lead him to think Stan is the one having an affair with Daphne. Will arranges a series of traps, winding up at the practice, to catch them in the act. Daphne and Stan quickly figure out what’s going on and decide to have some fun with their mistrustful friends by pretending they plan on running away together. The charade escalates to the point where Niles challenges Stan to a fencing duel for Daphne’s heart. Will’s students are once again unloaded; this time on Jon and Sally, who disagree on proper teaching methods.

"Niles vs. Wine" 14 30

Niles fears he will share the same fate as an alcoholic patient who once had a similar enthusiasm for wine. Niles considers giving it up, but soon finds it is the stimulant he needs to help him evaluate his patients at the end of the day. On top of things, the prestigious wine club has just accepted his membership after months of waiting, and they won’t exactly be pleased if he fails to present his much-bragged wine-tasting skills. Meanwhile, Jon becomes a conspiracy nut after counselling a paranoid schizophrenic.

"The Furnishing Touch" 15 31

Daphne goes on a women’s confidence-building course with Sally – and finds that Niles has made all the important decisions since they moved to Chicago. Unsettled by this, Daphne demands that she makes the next decision, and for a few months, nothing significant happens. That is until a plumbing leak forces the Cranes to re-decorate their entire living room. Choosing what a room will look like is a big decision, and Daphne wants to make it. Niles is bummed because he was hoping Daphne would forget about it, but he is willing to let her go along with it. As Daphne makes several questionable choices, Niles has no choice but to keep his mouth shut – until a shocking wallpaper pattern forces him to take action and search for something else Daphne could decide.

"Stanlord" 16 32

Stan becomes the landlord of Niles and Daphne’s building, moving into a newly available apartment on the ground floor. Meanwhile, a very pregnant Sally is undergoing dramatic mood swings, and after Stan’s eighth visit, she calls him an annoying burden and kicks him out. Sally is overcome with guilt afterwards, so she seeks help from Niles. However, Niles is inexperienced with domestic disputes and ends up making the situation worse. Niles feels upstaged when Daphne resolves the problem and grows desperate to find something between Sally and her father that he can fix.

"Worst Date" 17 33

Niles and Daphne want to re-create their first date (on the roof of the Elliot Bay Towers) for their anniversary. Unfortunately, a series of unpredicted events stands in their way. First, Niles becomes obsessed with accuracy, buying dye to make his hair blonde like it was several years before. Then, Niles must see his students through their final exam, but their focus is hampered by his new hair colour (it seems he picked up the wrong colour.) Finally, a rainstorm ruins Daphne’s elaborately prepared dinner, on top of things the landlord won’t stop hounding her case for health and safety violations. Niles and Daphne soon think that fate does not want their first date to be re-created, but Sally refuses to believe this and enlists Jon and Will to make sure they re-live their dream night one way or another.

"An Act of Redemption" 18 34

Sebastian Belle, now calling himself “Seb”, returns to the practice looking for redemption. After doing time for faking his lover’s death, he is a changed man and wants to make amends with those he hurt in the past. Niles is unconvinced that he is changed, and sets up a trap to determine where Seb’s loyalties lie. In the process, Niles learns more about Seb’s troubled past and wants nothing more than to council him. Could this be phase one in Seb’s latest scheme? Has he abandoned his quest for redemption? Niles will soon know the answers – but they may not be found out under the best circumstances. Meanwhile, Jon tries to brush up on his knowledge of the doctor-patient privilege after a janitor overhears him talking about a patient.

"You're Late!" 19 35

Sally goes on maternity leave, but a miscommunication in the business department results in her being declared dead. As Jon deals with several offers of condolences at the apartment, Niles and Will realise they must resolve the situation. They only manage to improve things slightly when Sally is declared “alive”, but in a mental institution. As a result, Sally becomes convinced that someone is out to get her.

"CL: Manchester" 20 36

Daphne is devastated to learn her father has died, and she heads back to Manchester for the funeral. Niles tags along for emotional support, but a series of strange occurrences on the journey leads them to believe Harry Moon has faked his death and is living off the life insurance. Niles and Daphne set a trap in motion to corner Harry, and discover some surprising secrets about the man’s life along the way. To make matters worse, Gertrude is her usual self; making everyone feel bad and cracking mean jokes. Daphne finally decides to stand up to her mother and is shocked by the revelation that their shouting match brings. Meanwhile, in Chicago, Sally argues with Stan when he denies her request to repair the elevator, now that she has a lot more weight to carry around.

"My Man Niles" 21 37

Daphne and Sally become sick of living like guys around Will, Jon and Stan, so they decide to have a girl’s night out. Niles is upset when he realises Daphne doesn’t see him as masculine and is determined to change her view. He adopts an overly manly persona, forcing the embarrassed guys to step in and get the old Niles back. When Niles learns about Daphne’s planned bar trek, he convinces Will, Jon and Stan to join him in following her throughout the town to make sure nothing bad happens. Their combined efforts prove to make the situation worse, with Will’s exaggerated stealth skills, Stan’s inability to keep quiet, and Jon's panic over the baby.

"Long Night's Journey" 22 38

Niles must stay in his office overnight with a paranoid patient, Angie, fearing possible setbacks in her therapy. Niles must keep himself awake, so he stirs up a conversation with Angie. When Angie asks about when Niles moved to Chicago, he tells her the story through flashbacks. Two years ago in Seattle, Niles was getting fewer patients each month and applied for a job at a multi-state practice. Daphne was not pleased with this development - her true feelings coming out at a dinner party hosted by Frasier and Charlotte. Meanwhile in the present day, a noisy party prevents Stan, Sally and Jon from sleeping, so they band together to put an end to it.

"The Birthday" 23 39

Just as Sally is close to making a breakthrough with one of her patients, her waters break – she is in labour. Sally is forced to cancel the session and make her way to the hospital; meanwhile, Jon is counselling a survivor of the holocaust and must remain in solitary confinement with him. Consequently, nobody is able to get the word out to Jon, and Sally fears he won’t see their baby. That’s where Niles steps in; promising to take over the patients and fix their problems by the end of Sally’s labour. Niles delights in the challenge, but Daphne fears he will just let their friends down. As Niles is needlessly opening old wounds for catching up on Sally’s patients, Daphne is the only one waiting by Sally’s bedside as the birth draws closer. Meanwhile, Will spots an ex-girlfriend having a sonogram at the hospital

"American Psychobabble" 24 40

Sebastian Belle and Ronnie Shore return after teaming up to take over the practice. They have bought their way into the company and must convince the regional manager in Chicago to give up the position. Niles, Will and Jon soon uncover the plan and set out to stop it. Niles just wants to council Belle, viewing him as a fascinating case; Will has a grudge against Shore for sleeping with an ex; while Jon will do anything to put food on the table for his new-born baby, Ross. However, Belle and Shore have a lot more up their sleeve than expected, and it will take a lot more than “psychobabble” to end their sinister plot. Meanwhile, Daphne fears for the bond between Sally and Ross when Sally seems adamant about hiring a nanny as soon as possible.

"Clash of the Keenans" 25 41

A major argument between Stan and Sally breaks out, culminating in Sally deciding that she wants to move into a house. She and Jon start house-hunting, and Stan fears a life of solitude because he has never lived alone before. Daphne, a friend to Stan, thinks he needs a woman in his life and searches for one. Daphne meets and hits it off with Jolene, a beautiful woman who she believes Stan will like. Daphne invites her to a dinner at the apartment. The night is a disaster when Sally gets mad at Daphne for intruding in her personal life, and it becomes apparent that Jolene's interest does not lie in Stan. Niles and Will – unfortunately stumbling upon the chaos – must resolve the situation; which ends with Sally announcing she and Jon have found a house.

"Good Grief, Niles Crane" 26 42

Niles is appointed grief counsellor for the practice when the CEO of Mead Psychiatry dies suddenly. Helping mourners deal with their loss proves to be a difficult feat because Niles never knew the man. Niles seeks help from the other psychiatrists, and pieces together the information the best he can. However, misinformation leads to Niles accidentally insulting the CEO’s memory in front of his wife – the first in line for his replacement. Meanwhile, Sally comes back from maternity leave and is disgruntled to learn the practice has given away her office; Daphne must babysit both David and Ross on a particularly chaotic day in the apartment.

"I'm Better Than You" 27 43

Daphne takes over Niles’ students when he is taken ill, and the experience opens a brand new door in Daphne’s life as she is inspired to become a psychiatrist. Niles refuses to believe the sincerity of Daphne’s wish and sets out to prove she will lose interest by handing her the responsibility of a particularly difficult patient. Daphne’s unique approach to therapy proves to be successful; Will, Jon and Sally even start consulting her for advice. Niles is stunned and feels as if Daphne has stolen his thunder. Fearing his reputation as “the best” has been diminished, Niles rushes down to the practice and confronts Daphne. They agree to partake in a contest, to see who can cure the most patients over the weekend. The race is soon on (with Stan taking the score), but as Daphne encounters several tricky patients, she begins to wonder if psychiatry is actually right for her. On top of things, she has torn many wounds open, leaving the others to pick up the pieces.

  • Stan Keenan's last appearance as a main character.

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