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Title Season # Series #
"Something Stupid This Way Comes" 1 44

A few months later, Stan has left Chicago, touring retirement homes across the world after a big lotto win. Meanwhile, Niles is excited to learn his next group of students will be the last he has to teach until he realises that his excellent psychiatry skills have resulted in the toughest students in the program. Niles is faced with dumbing himself down to escape his obligations, but no matter what he tries, he cannot come across as anything less than intelligent. Jon and Sally try to get Ross into a prestigious pre-school. Will returns from a vacation with a shocking new hairstyle. At the apartment, Daphne strikes up a friendship with new neighbour Sebastian Belle.

  • Sebastian Belle becomes a main character.
"Prom Night" 2 45

The gang are roped into attending a high-school prom for Sally’s sister, Karen. Arguments ensue when Daphne shows up with Sebastian Belle. Realising the extent of his involvement in Niles’ past, Daphne has no choice but to re-evaluate her friendship with Sebastian. When Karen is stood up by her boyfriend, Sally tries to comfort her, but is stunned when she is unable to utilise her psychiatry skills for a family member. As Karen’s behaviour gets out of control, Sally must find a way of overcoming her sister’s pride, as she refuses to listen to unpaid advice. This plan involves a confusing chain of lies, a surprising therapy technique and Sebastian’s quest for ultimate redemption. As all this is going on, Niles, Will and Jon are stuck at the practice after a paranoid schizophrenic locks them in Niles’ office.

"Don't Call Me Sebby" 3 46

In his quest for redemption, Sebastian worms his way into the practice as the new lunch-boy. Sebastian is shocked to realise the grudges he has created in the past and ends up dealing with several joke orders by hateful employees. When Will gives Sebastian an annoying nickname, “Sebby”, he has had enough, and the two of them end up scheduling a fight at the end of the day. Niles is determined to settle their differences as qualified psychiatrists until a revelation about Sebastian’s friendship with Daphne puts him in the middle of the fight. Meanwhile, Sally is annoyed when Jon starts doing background checks on potential nannies.

"Crane v. Moon" 4 47

Daphne and Sally have a huge argument when Sally seems hesitant about letting their kids play together – Daphne believes Sally is afraid that David’s unforgiving Crane genes will have an effect on Ross. Sally refuses to admit this and claims that Ross should be playing with kids his own age. It’s up to Niles to settle the argument, but as he learns more about the situation, he begins to think that Daphne is the one with the problem. Daphne denies this up and down, culminating in a verbal war between her and Niles, who fight over which genes are the worst – Crane or Moon. Meanwhile, Sebastian thinks someone is out to get him after things go missing whenever he turns his back, so he enlists a reluctant Jon to find the perpetrator.

"No Way Out" 5 48

Will is overcome with guilt when he inadvertently “outs” one of his patients as a homosexual after leaving a message at his office. Will tries to make amends, and help the patient, Jordan, deal with coming out to his co-workers. Later, Will and Jordan develop a close friendship, but Will is mortified when he is mistaken for Jordan's lover. At the practice, Niles rallies the staff to show Will that they are okay with his choices, making the situation a lot worse. Meanwhile, the bigger surprise comes later that day, when Sebastian comes out of the closet to a surprised Daphne – but Daphne wonders if it is an attempt to garner sympathy in his ever-lasting quest for redemption. Consequently, Daphne begins to re-think her friendship with Sebastian, when she catches him taking a peek at her cleavage.

"Dead and Kicking" 6 49

Daphne decides she has been a housewife for too long and puts her C.V. online. Daphne is later outraged to find that Niles has made some radical adjustments to her profile to make her sound more professional. Omitting her psychic abilities pushes Daphne over the edge; however, a job offer from a rising entrepreneur forces her to thank Niles. Daphne is invited to his luxurious mansion for the interview, where she discovers her employer has a lot more in mind than physical therapy: including making contact with his deceased wife! It’s up to Niles to stage a rescue attempt, with the help of Jon and Will.

"Chicken Coup" (Part 1) 7 50

Niles, Jon, Will and Sally stir up a protest at the practice when the new CEO announces a plan to film therapy sessions for analysis at a later date. Niles believes that it is an invasion of the doctor/patient privilege, while Jon and Will just want to slack off work. Niles is annoyed with their laid-back approach to psychiatry and becomes determined to show them the seriousness of the situation. During the protest, four moonlighters from out of town show up to fill the positions, leaving Niles fearing for their jobs. Niles worries that he has corrupted the futures of his friends and decides to have one last negotiation with the CEO. This culminates in Niles’ resignation when the CEO refuses to rid of the changes he has implemented. Niles then gives the others the idea of opening up their own practice, which they are initially hesitant about but change their minds when they discover the benefits. Meanwhile, Daphne is the only one thinking about the finance.

"Chicken Coup" (Part 2) 8 51

Jon, Will and Sally meet up at a cocktail bar to mull over the failure of their practice. Through flashbacks, we see them, plus Niles, days earlier at the same bar, happily toasting the beginning of an exciting business venture. Niles, electing himself as leader of the enterprise, gives each team member an important part to play. Sally must use her feminine wiles to find a location for the practice, Jon searches for a list of potential clients, Will arranges the finance, while Niles does the “toughest” job of them all: selecting the furniture. As the practice slowly comes together, Jon, Will and Sally begin to think they make it big without Niles and stage an act of mutiny. Niles is furious at his friends’ betrayal and realises he has no choice but to ask for his job back at Mead Psychiatry. As Jon, Will and Sally’s business barely comes together, they quickly realise that they do need Niles’ sensible intervention after all, and will do anything in their power to make him re-join them.

"Christmas with You is the Worst" 9 52

Niles finds himself losing his Christmas spirit after counselling several holiday-related patients, including two suicidal Santas and a depressed elf. Daphne worries Niles will spoil Christmas for their son, and tries to restore his enthusiasm in the holidays. However, several of her efforts go unnoticed, even when she wears a festive teddy. Daphne rallies up the psychiatrists to find a way of making Niles love Christmas again, which involves a cheesy play, a hammy actor posing as a Grinch-like patient, and a loud party. Meanwhile, Jon plans on proposing to Sally before the night is over, but an unknowing Sebastian keeps interrupting the perfect opportunities.

"The Wedding Show" 10 53

Daphne is delighted when she is asked to be maid of honour for Jon and Sally’s wedding until she realises the request comes with a lot more duties than she thought. Daphne ends up taking charge of the entire wedding arrangements, from the choice of flowers to the band, while Sally sits back due to her poor organisation skills. Niles is lead to believe that Sally’s lack of involvement in the wedding plans is due to cold feet, and accidentally repeats this to gossipy Will. The news is soon all over the practice, eventually reaching Jon, who worries that Sally no longer wants to be his wife. Sally denies this and decides to scrap the wedding and get married at city hall. Everyone couldn’t be more pleased for the happy couple, except Daphne who had only just finished the arrangements when the change in plans was announced. Meanwhile, Sebastian sets up a party for those who weren’t invited.

"Death and the Office" 11 54

Niles must confront a fear of mortality when an elderly patient dies in his office. The event sends him out of control, culminating in him deciding one night that he doesn’t want to leave the practice until he has gotten over his fear. Jon, Sally and Will reluctantly stay behind to counsel Niles, each hoping to be the one who successfully helps him. Will’s unorthodox therapy means the three of them dressing up as the Grim Reaper; which Sally is appalled by, especially when Jon seems to be enjoying it. Daphne worries about her husband, and feeling that there is nothing she can say to help, she suddenly decides it is time she trained to be a psychiatrist. Meanwhile, Sebastian tries to clear his name after being accused of letting a stink bomb off.

"Stage Fright" 12 55

Niles and Daphne argue when it is apparent that David has created an imaginary friend. Niles decides to find David another outlet to express his creativity; meanwhile, Daphne is reminded of her own imaginary friend as a child and is vexed to find that more people would like her if she acted the same way as that friend. When David seems hesitant to try anything different, Niles is about to give up, when they are approached by a local director who wants David to star in his play. David is surprisingly enthusiastic about the challenge, and Niles agrees to let him do it. When the play is a huge success, Niles finds himself becoming a pushy stage parent, to Daphne’s chagrin. Meanwhile, Will must take on Jon and Silly’s patients when they go on their honeymoon; at the airport, the happy couple is stranded due to Jon’s controversial choice of shirt.

"Little Men" 13 56

When Will gives Niles joke advice for a patient, which Niles consequently acts upon, the two of them wind up getting into a major one-upmanship contest. However, their feud may threaten the future of the practice, when Will accidentally insults the visiting veterans who fought in the war for the land that Mead Psychiatry was built on. Forced by the CEO to make a public apology, Niles and Will must put an end to their feud first, but which one of them will be the bigger man? Meanwhile, Sally won’t stop talking about her honeymoon, which drives Daphne insane.

"Shakes and Ladders" 14 57

Sebastian gets an annoying new girlfriend, Denise, who manages to annoy everyone at the practice in the space of a day. Niles, Will and Jon team up to implement a better security system that only allows staff members onto the premises. When Sebastian finds out about their scheme, he devises a plan to use the system against them. Tricking Daphne into thinking Niles is being held hostage by a patient, she quickly rushes to the practice and finds that she can’t get in due to tightened security. Consequently, Daphne is mad at Niles for being a part of the change and acts cold towards him at home. Will’s lunchtime rituals are thrown out of order when the pizza delivery guy is unable to bypass security, and Jon can’t see his son as often. Sebastian gets a taste of his own medicine when Denise leaves him a rather crude “Dear John” letter, unable to break up with him in person.

"Blame it on Mommy" 15 58

Daphne is annoyed when Niles frequently expresses his disdain towards her desire to be a psychiatrist. After reading various textbooks, Daphne is convinced that Niles feels he is being “usurped” and tries to show him that he still has her respect. Niles agrees to “indulge” Daphne and lies on the couch so she can practice. To Niles’ surprise, Daphne turns out to be professional and even somewhat helpful, until he realises that she prefers the Freudian approach. Meanwhile, Jon and Sally try to resolve their conflicting methods when child-care forces them to share the same patient, and Will takes Sebastian speed-dating after his break-up with Denise.

"Straw Ride" (Part 1) 16 59

Jon, Sally and the other new psychiatrists draw straws to see who must throw a retirement banquet for Harold Mead himself. When Sally gets the short straw, she is annoyed with Jon when he refuses to assist. Sally quickly learns why; when we see, in flashback, a birthday party which was held for Mead a year ago. This time Jon had drawn the short straw, and with Sally on bed-rest, he was forced to round up reluctant helpers Daphne, Niles and Will. The night was thrown into chaos when Mead showed up an hour early with several changes to his list of requests. Jon was forced to guide the others in getting these changes fulfilled, before the party’s ridiculously OTT opening ceremonies. In the present, Sally gets an ironic stroke of luck when Sebastian shows up with the shocking news that Harold Mead has been found dead in his home.

"Straw Ride" (Part 2) 17 60

With the unexpected death of Harold Mead, ownership of the practice falls on its CEO, Andrew Sharp. Sebastian, who has a keen interest in murder drama, enlists Niles, Jon and Will to solve the mystery behind Mead’s demise. As “the Sebastian Squad” follows several clues and paper trails, it’s Daphne and Sally who uncover real answers when they learn of a recent feud between Mead and the CEO. Daphne and Sally’s investigation is hampered by Harold’s funeral, forcing them to pose as cocktail waitresses when they pay a visit to his mansion. The Mead family seem more interested in having a socially elite party than mourning the loss of one of its members, and Daphne realises any one of them could have the motive to kill. Meanwhile, Sally snoops around the mansion and finds Sharp rummaging through the family’s medical records, creating further mysteries.

"Interviews" 18 61

Andrew Sharp announces a fourth practice opening in New York and reveals that there is a spot open for its regional manager. Will, Jon and Niles jump at the chance and manage to score interviews, threatening their friendship in the meantime. As Niles prepares for the biggest interview of his life, Daphne is annoyed with him for making a potentially life-changing decision without consulting her. Nevertheless, she remains supportive, up until the point where she must see him off to Mead headquarters. As they await their interviews in the boardroom, Will, Jon and Niles find their animalistic instincts kicking in, berating each other in the hope of damaging their confidence. It’s Will who gets the job, and Niles backs down gracefully because he understands he has a happy enough life in Chicago. Unfortunately, Jon is less graceful, showing up at the building later that night to pelt rotten eggs at the windows with Sebastian.

"Valentine's Day at the Races" 19 62

Valentine’s Day could also mark the end of a loving relationship when Daphne insists she sits in on a session Niles is having with a high-strung patient. When Niles gets sick of Daphne butting in with different advice, he asks her to leave, and consequently, neither of them want to endure their Valentine’s date tonight. Jon and Will reluctantly help Sally get the two lovebirds back together before the day ends, in a plan which involves the patient himself and all of their asses on the line. Meanwhile, Sebastian doesn’t have the heart to tell a woman he wants to cancel their date and gets stuck in a relationship he never wanted. Sebastian blames Denise for destroying his previously successful methods and sets out to ruin her date.

"Will He, Won't He?" 20 63

As Will packs up his office, he begins to reconsider his decision to leave Chicago after being reminded of why he loves the town. Meanwhile, Daphne’s desire to get Will’s spot at the practice offends his friends, so she decides to throw him a bon voyage party as amends. Unfortunate scheduling conflicts force Daphne to compromise and share the party with a gay wedding reception. One of the grooms turns out to be Jordan, a former patient of Will’s whom he inadvertently outed. When Will shows up at the hall, he is met with hostile reactions from the wedding guests, and Daphne realises she’ll have to abolish the party to keep things under control. Will, despite his confused act, knows the truth about Daphne’s plan and indulges her guilt. Outside, he encounters Jordan, who reveals that he was not quite ready for marriage. The two of them patch up their differences, and Will, with newfound confidence in himself as an aspiring psychiatrist, makes plans to leave for New York in the morning.

  • Dr. Will Casey's last appearance as a main character.
"Sebastian Complex" 21 64

Sebastian is upset to realise he doesn’t have as many friends as he thought when he doesn’t receive an invitation to an employee’s birthday party. Determined to make some friends, he signs up for a confidence-building course but finds that their teachings make him less likeable. Niles, Jon and Sally, who were invited to the party, know that it is only for psychiatrists and have fun messing with Sebastian’s head. Neither of them expected Sebastian to join up with Daphne, who wasn’t invited either, to pull pranks on the party that doesn’t think they’re smart enough. The psychiatrists realise they must get down and dirty for once in their lives, and a major prank war ensues. Meanwhile, Martin Crane is visiting his grandson and is less than impressed with his son’s work after walking in at the worst possible time.

"Secrets and Liz" 22 65

Daphne is annoyed when she learns the CEO won’t reserve a spot in the program for her on the off chance that she’ll become a psychiatrist. Consequently, she finds herself developing a grudge against Will’s replacement; a perky young blonde named Liz Winters. Liz has all the makings of a brilliant psychiatrist; if only she knew how to use them. Everyone loves her, which drives Daphne to the brink of insanity. Daphne’s grudge escalates to the point where Niles catches her “stalking” Liz, hoping to discover one flaw in her seemingly perfect personality. Niles realises Daphne has been doubting her potential as a psychiatrist and sees Liz as the final sign telling her not to go through with it. Niles firmly believes that fate doesn’t exist, but plays along with Daphne because he realises that she actually wishes to give up. Seeing she has been rough on Liz, Daphne invites her to dinner in the hope of becoming friends and gets a part-time job taking care of her incapacitated mother.

  • Dr. Liz Winters becomes a main character.
"Band of Mothers" 23 66

After giving up her training as a psychiatrist, Daphne becomes bored around the house and decides to find a hobby. She winds up joining a group of stay at home mothers and becomes their lead spokesperson after it becomes apparent that she is the most confident. However, Daphne’s bold new tactics startle the mothers, who stage a coup to get her kicked out of the group when she initiates a plan to hold a ‘mom pride’ rally in Chicago. Meanwhile, Sebastian asks Sally for tips on flirting with Liz; and Jon holds Niles accountable for a diminishing patient when Niles keeps showing up late for their sessions.

"April Fool's Day"

24 67

Niles is ashamed of his profession when the Mead psychiatrists partake in several annoying April Fool’s day pranks; more so because he is their primary victim. Liz encourages Niles to retaliate, revealing herself to be somewhat obsessive when it comes to these things. Niles is shocked to see this side of Liz, but he likes it, which makes Daphne jealous of a possible affair. However, it’s Liz who has the last laugh, as her momentous plan to out-prank everyone at the practice slowly unfolds. Meanwhile, Sally is angry with Jon for tricking her into thinking Ross uttered his first word, but when Ross actually does, she refuses to believe it and her anger towards Jon increases. Also; Sebastian’s decision to fill the lunch trolley with disgusting food proves to be poorly timed when the CEO makes a rare visit to the practice.

"Rumor Mill" 25 68

Liz is perplexed when she fails to get the respect the other psychiatrists have, and realises it is because she still views the practice as a temporary gig. Liz enlists Sebastian to unpack her boxes and prove to the psychiatrists that she plans to stay. However, the act has more people talking behind Liz’s back, and she doesn’t understand why. It is apparent that Sebastian has accidentally started a rumour that Liz is gay after his charm failed to win her over while they unpacked. Niles orders Sebastian to set things straight, but Liz and Sebastian soon realise the rank of ‘least liked’ employee garners more respect than they ever imagined. Meanwhile, Jon gets into an argument with another father at the day-care centre when Ross is accused of refusing to share. When the rivalry escalates to a physical challenge, Sally is forced to step in, which brings the realisation that Jon has always had trouble sharing even in adult life.

"Shake Knees with the Devil" 26 69

Niles must appear in court to give his professional opinion on one of his patients; a local celebrity who has been arrested for DUI. However, the celebrity has a sexual effect on him in sessions which make him throw his ethics out the window. Refusing to let his respected opinion fall over a crush, Niles gives the patient to Jon, who eventually gives her to Sally. Sally is able to get to the root of the patient’s serious problems but is angry that she was passed around the practice so carelessly. Sally volunteers to speak in court, taking Niles’ place. Niles is ashamed of himself for being so weak and enlists Sebastian to act more confident in front of pretty women so that he can assume his place in the courtroom. Of course, Daphne is less than pleased with this development.

"Balancing Act" 27 70

Niles is delighted when he realises Jon, Sally and Liz view him as their mentor, but the insight he is expected to provide soon becomes a strain on his professional and personal life. Having promised them to give help when they need it, Niles gets more than he bargained for when he receives phone calls from Liz in the middle of the night. On top of things, Jon and Sally won’t stop butting in on his sessions during crucial moments, which sets back several of his patients by months. Niles eventually elects to quit being their mentor but is ridden with jealousy when they come back with three replacements – each of whom are graduates from Aruba with advice so bad that it sends the practice into a frenzy. Niles is forced to look at the bigger picture and sees that he must put the practice’s needs above his own. This choice seems poorly timed when David gets into a fight in school, and Daphne thinks she might be pregnant after a routine check-up. The chaos comes together at a social function being thrown by the CEO to celebrate the practice’s tenth anniversary. There Jon must deal with a patient’s angry husband; Sally evaluates her own happiness after coming to a realisation with a mid-life crisis patient; Liz struggles to repair the bridges she has burnt; and Daphne searches for the right words. As all this is going on, Niles is stuck at David’s school trying to resolve the fight situation and faces reprimands from the CEO for all the trouble he has indirectly created.

  • Dr. Sally Keenan's last appearance as a main character.

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