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Title Season # Series #
"Lost in Transition" 1 71

On the heels of Mead’s anniversary party, Niles must deal with the news that Daphne is pregnant. Daphne insists on having the child, but Niles is nervous because he always pictured just having one. Before they can discuss it, Niles is called to work in an emergency, after several plane crash victims are transferred from another practice. Niles, Jon and Liz manage to resolve the situation; Jon's mind is elsewhere because Sally has just left Chicago in search of a fresh start. Water cooler gossip results in several rumours guessing the cause of the emergency, until Andrew Sharp reveals that Mead is merging with a practice in Los Angeles. This results in the arrival of several new employees; including Daniel Bird, a cocky young doctor who has trouble adjusting to the transfer; and Holly Sanchez, a man-eating beauty who comes on as the new receptionist. Because of the two practice’s long and chequered history, tension between the former rivals is high, which Niles resolves to fix before the day is out. At the same time, Jon promises himself to find a woman by the end of the day; clashing with Holly who sends a rather confusing chain of mixed signals, and getting on the wrong side of Daniel. Back at the condo, Daphne spends the day accommodating to her bizarre pregnancy cravings, with a boredom-stricken Sebastian more than willing to assist.

  • Dr. Daniel Bird and Holly Sanchez become main characters.
"Family Tatters" 2 72

Daphne prepares for a visit from her mother, Gertrude, who does not yet know she is pregnant. Her visit brings the news that Simon is getting married to a woman Gertrude hates, which doesn’t put her in the best of moods. Consequently, Daphne is unable to get the words out and winds up inviting herself and Niles to Simon’s wedding in California. Niles isn’t best pleased with this but agrees to attend anyway to give her the support she needs. The wedding is a typical Moon family affair, with the brothers getting drunk and Simon finding new ways to embarrass Daphne. A shouting match between Daphne and her mother culminates in Niles letting slip that Daphne is pregnant. Gertrude is initially happy with this news until she realises Daphne kept it quiet from her. Gertrude refuses to let her hear the end of this, which gives Daphne doubts about bringing another baby into such a self-esteem damaging family. Meanwhile, Jon and Liz work together to repair the working environment when Holly and Daniel keep getting into arguments over nothing. Jon is convinced they had an affair at one point and encourages Liz to have some fun with the newbies before dealing with the issue.

"High Society" 3 73

Liz meets Holly for the first time, and the two of them wind up getting into a cat fight over an argument they had in high-school. Liz is ashamed of herself for resorting to such immature tactics and decides to take the subtle approach by flaunting her success in Holly’s face. This coincides with a high-school reunion, which Liz invites everyone to so they can watch the fireworks unfold. Liz doesn’t expect Holly to make up stories about herself, and soon their former classmates think Holly is a successful millionaire, while Liz struggles to make ends meet. Liz becomes determined to set everyone straight, but when Niles suggests that Holly really is displeased with her life, Liz is overcome with guilt. Despite Liz’s best efforts, the argument escalates when Holly takes offence to a business school pamphlet. Meanwhile, Daniel is stuck at the practice when the new arrivals keep getting the worst patients, so he bands together with his LA colleagues to take a stand against their new co-workers. Sebastian and the other cafeteria works are the only ones who can stop Daniel in his revolt; at the same time, he suspects that one of the new transfers is responsible for the missing snacks from the kitchen. This creates further conflicts until Sebastian uncovers the truth, involving Daphne, an appetite like no other, and the lazy security guard who could work harder.

"American Fad" 4 74

Niles feels sorry for David because he is always behind with the latest trends, and promises to purchase whatever he needs to keep up. When the Cranes begin to get low on money, Daphne suspects that Niles is afraid of letting David get bullied as he was. Niles then sends David to Daniel for advice on how to be popular. Niles is pleased with himself for taking this initiative until he learns things about Daniel’s private life that he’d rather David not see. Meanwhile, Holly humiliates the CEO after demanding a better computer resulting in a poorer model from 1974; and Liz decides to help Jon get back on the dating scene when his depressing attitude has an effect on her patients.

"Everything Old is Old Still" 5 75

Daphne develops a fear of old age when she discovers the effects of ageing have had on Liz’s mother, Felicia. Consequently, she finds herself unable to do the job she is paid for, and Sebastian agrees to fill in, hoping to impress his crush, Liz. Liz is appreciative of Sebastian’s help until she starts to hear stories about his old manipulative ways, including the hostile takeover he once attempted. Worried that Sebastian is up to no good, Liz decides it is time she put her mother in a retirement home. However, it seems Sebastian is the only one who can help her get this done, as his mother, a higher-up in city hall, is able to pull some strings around the best homes. Meanwhile, Daphne seeks help from Jon regarding her fear of age; making Niles jealous because she didn’t want his therapy, and Holly is pleased to learn she has a secret admirer.

"Niles Dance" 6 76

Sally returns to the practice pandering new drugs for the pharmaceutical company she now works for, and Jon is surprised at how her time away has changed her. Sally’s new personality prompts Jon to consider getting back together, and Niles is forced by Daphne to make sure this doesn’t happen. Jon sees that reuniting with Sally is a bad idea, but is able to achieve full closure with her before she leaves. Unfortunately, the day has Niles fearing Daphne has become his “puppet master” when Jon asks how he became such a good psychiatrist. Meanwhile, Daniel creates a series of lies to avoid a one-night stand who arrives at the practice, with the entire floor thrown into the charade.

"The Journal" 7 77

Niles is approached by a book publisher who is impressed with his body of work and wants him to write a psychiatry journal. Niles once again faces the tempting lure of fame but has to say no because the journal would infringe on the doctor/patient confidentiality rule. But when several patients give him permission to write about their stories, he quickly changes his mind. Niles enjoys writing about psychiatry until he is confronted by Carl Jung himself in a dream, who shows him a frightening world where nothing is kept a secret. Meanwhile, Holly wants a more comfortable seat after a minor back injury and winds up fighting over the most comfortable chair at the practice with Daniel, who claims he deserves it more because he is a busy psychiatrist with real issues to stress about.

"The Mole" (Part 1) 8 78

Daniel is bummed because he is turning 30, so he comes up with a list of “young guy things” to achieve before his birthday arrives. Niles feels left out when Daniel only invites Sebastian and Jon for his bar trek across Chicago. Niles must put aside his differences when the three young men’s boorish behaviour lands them in prison for the night. The next week at work, Niles starts to see himself as a father figure and consequently neglects David at home. Daphne encourages Niles to cut the cord and let the guys get out on their own, but this act has grave consequences on their careers, and the future of the practice when it becomes known that three convicts are employed. On top of things, Daniel isn’t feeling any better about turning 30, and when several of his ex-girlfriends turn down a date, he is left thinking that there is no hope for him in the romance department. That is until a surprising flirtation from Holly results in them sleeping together. As a result, Daniel is more confident in himself as a distinguished gentleman, but their bedroom antics are major gossip at the practice the next day. It becomes apparent that there may be a mole providing information to an outside source.

"The Mole" (Part 2) 9 79

Daniel and Holly deal with the aftermath of their night together, avoiding each other at the practice and causing chaos when they encounter bizarre near-misses. Meanwhile, Niles is asked by Andrew Sharp to investigate the possibility of a mole and is pleased because it means his talents are being recognised. However, Niles is forced to re-evaluate his career goals when he realises Jon may be the mole. The evidence soon piles up, as it becomes clear that Jon has been in financial strain since Sally left and is in need of extra money. A slave to his ethics, Niles calls in sick for the first time, staying at home to debate about revealing his discovery. At the practice, Daniel and Holly are forced together after-all when they must cover Niles’ patients, and eventually reach an understanding regarding their relationship: they will remain sex buddies. At the condo, Niles and Daphne are visited by Jon, who reveals he has been offered a job at the practice he was leaking information to and will be leaving Chicago the next morning. The three of them share their goodbyes; Niles feeling somewhat relieved because the decision has been made for him.

  • Dr. Jon Lloyd's last appearance as a main character.
"Thanksgiving" 10 80

In his efforts to climb the corporate ladder, Niles invites several employees, including the CEO, Daniel, Holly, Liz and Sebastian to Thanksgiving dinner. The afternoon is a disaster as Daniel and Holly search for somewhere to have sex, waking David up and exposing their relationship to the coffee girl. Meanwhile, Daphne is vexed to learn of Niles’ work persona around Andrew Sharp and sets on getting Niles the promotion herself through alternate methods. Liz and Sebastian frantically work to get a replacement turkey when they neglect their task to watch over dinner; resorting to tracking down patients with loving families who are sure to have an extra turkey roasting in the oven. The group finally come together for the big meal; with Daniel and Holly trying to keep the coffee girl quiet; Daphne’s plan to further Niles’ career getting wildly out of hand; and the turkey looking somewhat crisp.

"Family Feud" 11 81

When Daphne is rushed to the hospital with false labour, Liz must take care of David for the night. Unable to deal with the pressure involved in babysitting, Liz invites Daniel, Holly and Sebastian to help her out. The night is a disaster as they try to find a way of getting hyperactive David to sleep, and the four of them start turning against each other when Sebastian realises David got the candy out of his wallet. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Niles manages to embarrass Daphne at every turn when he becomes overly cautious about her pregnancy, and when she slips away for some peace, Niles is left thinking she has been kidnapped. Consequently, a social worker pays Liz and the others a visit, investigating the dysfunctional Crane family. When Daphne inadvertently walks into a door at the hospital, a black eye emerges, and Niles is left to take the blame. Niles and Daphne realise they must do whatever it takes to prove they are a functional, loving family; keeping an argument about marital trust quiet and making David give up candy at the same time.

"Holly's Birthday" 12 82

When Holly thinks that Daniel plans to break things off with her, she decides to set in motion a series of events to humiliate him at the practice. However, when Daniel’s quiet behaviour boils down to the birthday party he’s been planning for her, Holly must undo everything she’s done before “surprise” is yelled. Thanks to Holly’s actions, Niles is left thinking that Daniel is stealing from the practice and plans on telling the CEO; while Liz is lead to believe that he is an escaped lunatic. Meanwhile, Sebastian and Daphne sneak hors d'oeuvres from under the tables, but a sudden influx of hunger forces them to find replacement snacks just before the party starts. The group finally come together for the big event, with the recent occurrences unfolding like no one anticipated.

"Niles vs. the Pen Bandit" 13 83

Niles discovers a flare for investigating when the CEO asks him to uncover the pen bandit, an employee who has been stealing pens from the practice for over six years. Consequently, Niles forgets about more important things; like his patients and obligations with David. As Niles gets closer to uncovering the pen bandit (with the help of Holly and Sebastian, his detective agency), he fails to detect the one important aspect: Daphne’s anger. One night, Niles goes to bed after making a breakthrough in his investigations and wakes up to find his notes have disappeared. Now with two mysteries on his hand, Niles sadly remains unobservant towards Daphne, who has his notes – and an extraordinary collection of pens – hidden in the crawl space. Meanwhile, Daniel is in charge of employee morale for that month, but his choice of tactics results in a low-spirited office, to which Liz strives to repair.

"Crane Life: The Next Generation" 14 84

After having a gun pointed at him by a startled patient (no damage is done), Niles opts to get life insurance. This has Niles thinking about what his son will be like when he grows up, so he introduces David to the world of psychiatry. After a series of catastrophes at the practice, Niles fears David has been put off from the profession; while Daphne believes their son shouldn’t be forced into it. Their horror intensifies when they discover David has found a role model in Sebastian, whose advice to “relax” in life proves to be a little too much for Niles and Daphne. Now they must find a way of telling Sebastian he can’t be David’s role model, without hurting either of their feelings. Meanwhile, Liz stumbles upon Daniel and Holly making out in the broom closet and is upset when they ask how much her silence will cost them. Realising she hasn’t taken the time to get close to her friends, Liz encourages the two of them to bunk off with her so they can get to know each other. As such, this is a burden for the CEO – and the patients he is forced to take off their hands.

"Wedding Belles" 15 85

Sebastian learns that the woman he loved in high school is getting married to his brother, Christopher Belle. After swindling an invitation to the wedding, Sebastian decides to ask a beautiful woman, Holly, to go with him, so he won’t look so pathetic. A series of miscommunications results in Holly telling everyone at the practice that it’s a party, to which they’re all invited. Sebastian is forced to keep the wedding under control when several hundred guests show up, but Christopher suspects that it is a ploy to dissuade his fiancé from matrimony. Meanwhile, Niles and Daphne tell a series of lies to Sebastian’s family to make him sound impressive; and Liz is worried when she overhears Daniel making plans with one of the bridesmaids.

"Maternity Vacation" 16 86

Liz looks for someone to take Daphne’s place as the caregiver for her mother when she goes on maternity leave. Daphne starts to feel useless around the house when she has nothing to do and later becomes addicted to trashy soap operas. After a disturbing dream involving a nightmarish soap opera world, Daphne decides to join the local Pregnancy Sect. The group has Daphne becoming more cautious with her baby, eventually turning into a full-blown women’s activist. Niles is less than pleased with this new development. Meanwhile, Daniel and Holly’s relationship is discovered by the messenger when they pass memos to each other throughout the day and are forced to disclose the information to Sebastian when they realise he is the only one who can keep the secret as just that: a secret.

"Take a Break" 17 87

Daniel and Holly decide to share their psychiatry students when they realise their methods aren’t enough when they work apart. However, the decision soon has them butting heads over the smallest of things, resulting in Daniel accidentally revealing their relationship to every student. Holly chooses this time to end things with Daniel, obliterating any chance of hot gossip at the practice. Daniel is despondent as a result, unaware that Holly only staged a break-up so they could keep their affair hidden. Sadly realising that the promise of a normal relationship is gone, Daniel decides to make their break-up real. He writes a heartfelt email to Holly, but accidentally sends it to all his contacts. The next morning, their relationship troubles are the talk of the practice, only the two of them must put their differences aside to guide their students into being excellent psychiatrists. Meanwhile, Sebastian and Liz house-sit for Niles and Daphne when they go on vacation and are thrown into an uproar when they accidentally kill David’s beloved mouse.

"Promotion Commotion" 18 88

The practice goes into an uproar when the CEO announces that one employee is due for a promotion. Niles is determined not to suck-up like everyone else, hoping to get promoted on the merits that he is an excellent psychiatrist. When an unexpected plumbing problem occurs at the house, Niles is forced to re-evaluate his ethics and decide if he wants to cave in for the promotion so they can pay for the repair. Meanwhile, Daphne enlists Roz Doyle to dig up dirt on Niles’ competitors in case he chooses ethics over financial security.

"Meet Joyce Kauffman" 19 89

Andrew Sharp wins the lottery and quits his standing as CEO. This initiates the search for a replacement, and the psychiatrists fear for another brutish leader like Sharp. To their surprise, a friendly woman named Joyce Kauffman takes his place. Even Niles, who does not usually respond well to female authority, is smitten with her. Daphne subsequently becomes jealous of their budding friendship but is unable to stay mad at Niles after meeting Joyce herself. Daphne invites her to dinner at the apartment, with Daniel, Liz, Sebastian and Holly insisting they join. When each guest has an intimidate conversation with Joyce, they are surprised to find at the end of the evening that the stories they have been told contradict each other. This makes them suspicious of Joyce, and question her sanity. The next day, they decide to put it to the test, with Holly doing some research on Joyce’s past, and the others subtlety questioning her. Their plan seems to be going swimmingly until Niles finds out, who insists they put a stop to it – but when she praises a much-criticised opera, Niles realises that something crazy has to be going on here.

"The Falsest Story Ever Told" 20 90

Daniel is quoted in the Chicago Tribunal by one of his patients, who happens to be a semi-famous journalist. Niles is jealous because he believes Daniel’s quote was nothing more than self-indulgent tripe and doesn’t deserve to be recognised as profound insight. Niles reveals a dream of wanting to become as well-known as Carl Jung long into the future, and feels that Daniel is snatching that dream away from him. Getting a quote into the Tribunal is just step one, and Niles will do anything to accomplish that. Creating a chain of lies, Niles manages to take over the journalist’s therapy. Daniel is furious and organises a fiendish plot to make the journalist think Dr. Crane is the worst psychiatrist who ever lived. Meanwhile, Liz butts heads with her mother’s new physical therapist; and Holly helps Daphne search for fashionable maternity clothes.

"Poker, I Hardly Know Him" 21 91

Niles’ latest patient is Stan Keenan, the father of Sally who left two years ago to pursue his dreams. He has lost his lottery winnings in a game of poker and is consequently feeling depressed. Niles realises that Stan does not seek therapy, but companionship. Deciding that he needs to work on developing a more personal relationship with his patients, Niles takes on the challenge. Stan soon has Niles attending various social functions which he hates, and Niles realises the only way to get him off his back is to help Stan win another poker game. Meanwhile, Holly and Daniel are struggling to keep their relationship professional, so they seek advice from Liz. Liz recommends they spend some time apart, but no matter what they do, they manage to encounter each other several times over the space of a day. Liz eventually draws an imaginary border across the practice, forbidding them both to venture off their side. The rule soon becomes more than they can handle, as they start to rely on Daphne and Sebastian to get what they need from the other side.

"Night at the Opera" 22 92

CEO Joyce Kauffman asks Daniel to go to the opera with her. Daniel spends the entire day unsure of whether it is a date when he keeps receiving mixed signals from Joyce. Panic-stricken, he gets Niles, Sebastian and Liz tickets to the opera so they can observe his meeting with Joyce from the opposite balcony. Niles spends the entire time complaining about the poor show, Sebastian desperately tries to get the attention of a beautiful spectator and Liz feuds with the box above. All the while, they are no closer to helping Daniel with his predicament. At home, a heavily pregnant Daphne fights Mrs. Winters for the use of her physical therapist.

"Spare the Rod" 23 93

With the birth getting closer, Niles decides to take the time to bond with his son, David, to make sure he doesn’t feel like second best. When David seems disinterested by anything Niles wants to do, he takes a chapter out of his own father’s book and takes him on a fishing weekend. Niles gets immersed in the fishing culture and forgets about the bonding exercises as a result. At home, Daphne is surprised by the change in Niles’ personality and feels he is only altering himself because that’s the sort of man David wants as a father. Hoping to convince him of this, Daphne contacts Martin Crane, who agrees to fly to Chicago and show Niles that not everyone has to be like him (although he is flattered.) Meanwhile, Sebastian deals with a complex chain of lunch orders when Joyce Kauffman unveils the latest menu.

"Bringing Out Baby"

24 94

Daphne goes into labour while waiting for Niles at the practice. Niles is stuck with a patient who just found out she will never be able to conceive a child. As Daphne awaits an ambulance, Niles is forced to make the decision between his professional and personal lives. He chooses Daphne and apologises to his patient before leaving for the hospital. While there, Daphne develops a bad rapport with her nurses; while Daniel and Holly search for somewhere to make out after all the excitement puts a spark back into their relationship. They eventually come across an apparently empty room, only to find the bed they made out on had a patient in it – Joyce Kauffman. The two of them face reprimands at the practice; meanwhile, the birth is close. While getting the candy bar Daphne urgently needs, Niles is surprised to find that his patient is in the waiting room. Worried about a potential baby-napping, Niles enlists Sebastian and Liz to guard the delivery room in case his patient tries to get in. At the same time, Niles must apologise to the nurses for Daphne, and deal with his “out-of-control” staff (Daniel and Holly), who come under his jurisdiction after a minor promotion. Niles’ troubles seem to float away when Daphne finally gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, whom they agree to name Hester, after his late mother.

  • Holly Sanchez's last appearance as a main character.

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