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Season 7 of Crane Life contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Back in the Game" 1 141

A few weeks later, the practice is back open again after Laura has words with her power-drunk brother. Niles struggles to adjust to life without Daphne, who has gone back to Manchester. Worried about Niles' state of mind, James encourages Sebastian to take him on a wild night out to forget about his troubles. Sebastian, shocked by the ”sleazy guy” attitude James has depicted him to have, becomes determined to show him that men can be close without half-naked women dancing in front of them. In the meantime, Niles' despondence is having an effect on his work, and he ends up playing the role of the patient when his 4:30 appointment turns out to be a psychologist. Niles comes to realise that he and Daphne did have communication issues, and sees that if he were counselling them, he'd recommend some healthy time apart. Joyce advises Niles not to take a psychological viewpoint on his marriage because it is much more delicate than that. Niles must also deal with Sebastian's desperate attempts to become bosom buddies. Meanwhile, Laura attends a ritzy charity function with Andrew, only to find it is being held by her family, who are in no charitable mood after her recent outburst.

  • Andrew Sharp becomes a main character.
"Doctor's Strange Love" 2 142

James is jealous when he learns of the charity function Laura went to with Andrew and retaliates by contacting one of his exes. Annoyed with this display of mistrust, Laura pretends she and Andrew are getting serious, but water cooler gossip puts a hamper on her game when Andrew finds out and is seemingly less than amused. Meanwhile, with Daphne no longer around the house, Niles realises that it is starting to look a lot dirtier. He decides to hire a housekeeper, but his desire to find a kooky girl with a Manchester accent and psychic skills makes his search impossible. Sebastian seeks to learn the art of sucking up with Joyce's help so he can further his career with Mead.

"Engagement Party" 3 143

Niles reluctantly agrees to throw the engagement party for Jacqueline Mead, mother to Laura, who is re-marrying for the first time since her husband's demise. Niles handles the task calmly and with ease, but is forced to re-think his ways when he realises just how much power Jacqueline holds over the company. When the big night arrives, Niles is horrified to find that Jacqueline's husband-to-be has dropped dead in the bathroom. Worried that Jacqueline will take out her grief on the practice, Niles enlists Sebastian, James and Joyce to come up with a series of lies to explain her fiancée's mysterious absence. As the cover stories grow more bizarre and outlandish, Laura is forced to handle a different situation when one of the guests stumbles upon the body, crudely hidden in the broom closet. At the same time, she is struggling to deal with her mother's decision to remarry.

"Start All Over Again" 4 144

Daphne returns to America to make a decision about her marriage and possible custody of the kids. Niles is shocked because he thought they were just separated and realises just how far their problems extended. Niles tells Daphne he will do anything to repair their issues, but Daphne is annoyed because Niles is always insisting that he can fix everything. Hoping to show her they are right for each other, Niles elects to re-create their very first date, but a series of disasters throws his plan into calamity. When Niles confesses to Daphne that he had a romantic evening planned but messed it up, she is impressed by this rare display of communication and realises their marriage can still work. She agrees to stay in Chicago, and her first request is to start all over again like when they were first dating. Meanwhile, Daphne's visit to America has resulted in the arrival of Simon Moon, who Sebastian and James are forced to hide from Andrew when he arrives drunk at the practice.

"Return of the Pen Bandit" 5 145

The psychiatrists are shocked to find that James has a passion for amateur filmmaking, and discover he has been filming them in secret for over two months. James claims the footage is for a psychiatry project he is working on; showing how people deal with various situations. Niles is less than amused with this development until he realises that James' footage could be the key to finding out the identity of his biggest enemy: the pen bandit. With that, his flair for detective games returns, throwing the practice into calamity. Meanwhile, Daphne enjoys catching up with her friends at the practice, until Joyce informs her that Niles told everyone a rather amusing story to cover up the real reason for her absence.

"Ego Has Landed" 6 146

Sebastian's brother Christopher is getting married again; to his ex-wife's sister Juliet. Despite his shock, Sebastian agrees to attend the engagement party, a particularly awkward affair as the two families meet again. Sebastian struggles to keep everything in order as various feuds are initiated. At the same time, he must deal with his troubling relationship with Christopher, who seems to think Sebastian has developed an irritating superiority complex ever since he became a psychiatrist. Meanwhile, Niles and Daphne are in attendance at the party. Niles is struggling to keep up with Daphne as they re-live their exhausting dating years. At the practice, James and Laura juggle between patients belonging to those absent; and Joyce unexpectedly wins a trip to Hawaii in a condom company raffle.

  • Joyce Kauffman's last appearance as a main character.
"Strike One" 7 147

Niles is forced to deal with a strike being held by several of the other departments at the practice, on a day when Andrew happens to be absent. Consequently, the psychiatrists find themselves forced to more work than usual. Later, Niles is shocked to find that Daphne is also striking, and his surprise increases when he realises just how involved in the cause she actually is. Sebastian and James get lost trying to track down patient histories and discover Andrew has turned the basement into his own private fun room: a secret which must be protected at all costs. Meanwhile, it is learnt that Joyce has decided to stay in Hawaii after her resignation comes in the mail, which means Laura needs a new receptionist.

"The Wrath of Con" 8 148

The psychiatrists are shocked when Andrew initiates a new outreach program at the practice which sees ex-convicts being hired for smaller roles. This is just as Laura takes on a new receptionist, an intelligent but somewhat reclusive young man named Samuel. When Laura learns of the program, she becomes fearful of Samuel's past and decides to investigate with James. James tells Laura she is being overly paranoid and needs to place more trust in people, which stirs up unpleasant memories of a relationship she once had. James encourages Laura to reach closure with the man and gets himself involved in a sticky mess when she acts on his advice. Meanwhile, Sebastian is embarrassed when he meets the new janitor, who he met during his brief time in the slammer. Sebastian fears his reputation will be tarnished if this is made public, so he attempts to bargain with the ex-con by offering him a date with Daphne.

"OCMD" (Part 1) 9 149

The psychiatrists anticipate the arrival of a brilliant psychiatrist, Dr. Riker, but are surprised to find he suffers from extreme OCD. Niles takes an instant liking to Riker and starts to see him as his mentor. Soon, however, Niles comes to believe that he is capable of curing Riker's problems and starts giving him unwanted advice. Riker becomes annoyed and consequently orders Niles to stop tailing him at the practice. Niles also faces reprimands from Andrew, who fears that Riker will reconsider his decision to make a financial investment in the company. Shunned, Niles sets out to become a mentor himself, hoping to help an aspiring psychiatrist in ways he never got. The effects have dire consequences for Niles and the practice when the student he selects turns out to be the son of Riker, who is having difficulty coming to terms with the OCD he has inherited from his father. Meanwhile, Daphne works as Riker's secretary when Sebastian goes on vacation but has trouble complying to the list of obsessive rules he laid out for her. James goes on a diet when Laura makes a joke about his size and is seemingly tormented by the lack of healthier alternatives in the vending machines.

"OCMD" (Part 2) 10 150

Andrew orders Niles to make amends with Riker and his son before the practice becomes the victim of a lawsuit. Inviting them to dinner, Daphne is forced to throw together a meal that would be acceptable for their standards. However, the night is a disaster when David and his friends return from a soccer game, covered in mud and making a mess of the house. On top of things, the student Niles decided to be a mentor for won't stop hounding him for advice. Niles fears his days at the practice are numbered until a surprising truth about the Riker family comes out. Meanwhile, James' struggle with dieting continues as he rallies for healthier alternatives in the vending machines, and Laura no longer feels she is able to act like herself around him because he is so sensitive about jokes. Deciding to end things with James, Laura fears he will react the wrong way, believing it to be because of his size and not the real issues.

"Best Man for the Job" 11 151

Sebastian returns from Barbados and announces to the practice that he is getting married to a waitress he met there, Kimi. The psychiatrists are shocked by this news, and Niles begins to see that Kimi is stringing Sebastian along because she craves a wealthy life with a rich, handsome American. Niles plans to speak with Sebastian about his concerns, but Daphne interjects, claiming Sebastian won't accept bad news from a man he's never really been good friends with. Shocked by this revelation, Niles becomes determined to befriend Sebastian, hoping to gain his trust and eventually give him the valuable advice. As Niles endures several activities he would never do of his own free will, he begins to regret his decision and decides, to tell the truth anyway. Before he can, Niles is surprised by a request he receives from Sebastian, who wants him to be his best man. Meanwhile, Laura and James feel awkward around each other after their recent breakup; to which a bored Andrew finds enjoyment.

"A Lost Cause" 12 152

Daphne and Niles head to England when Gertrude Moon is arrested for throwing china at her husband's apartment in Manchester. It is revealed that Harry is getting re-married, to Gertrude's best friend Rhonda of all people. Harry has filed for a divorce and Gertrude won't stand for it, leaving Daphne to pick up the pieces. Daphne asks Niles to interject and resolve the differences between her parents, but for the very first time in his career, Niles realises he has finally come across a lost cause. At the same time, Niles is faced with choosing between what's best for the ‘patients' or what his wife wants. Daphne begins to fear all Moons are doomed to failed relationships, thinking about her recent troubles with Niles. Meanwhile, James, Laura and Sebastian have opted to make Niles and Daphne's trip a company outing. Sebastian takes in the British culture; getting arrested after misjudging the stronger beer. James and Laura explore the sights around Manchester and unexpectedly run into James' parents, who believe they are still together.

"Our Crazy Boss" 13 153

The psychiatrists begin to wonder if Andrew is crazy when he shows up at work wearing mismatched, unattractive garb. Nobody seems to remember that he instigated Casual Fridays a week earlier. Niles researches what can be considered real signs of a crazy person; in the meantime Laura's reputation at the practice can only get worse when she stands up for Andrew, claiming that he is just trying to make friends. However, the rumours soon get to Laura, and she is picking apart everything Andrew says and does. Meanwhile, Sebastian is under house arrest after his recent fiasco in England and Daphne enjoys having free run of his office – until one of his patients refuses to leave without treatment.

"Meet the Briscoes" 14 154

Niles is surprised when Roz Doyle and Bob ”Bulldog” Briscoe show up at the practice, looking for marriage counselling. Getting over his initial shock about their relationship, Niles agrees to council them. Roz is annoyed because Bulldog keeps changing counsellors whenever they say that he may be at fault. Niles and Daphne feud when Roz finds Daphne's friendly advice more helpful. Sebastian is shocked to find that Roz is a woman he had a one-night stand with while he was on a layover in Seattle during his time as an agent. This creates problems in Roz's counselling as it becomes apparent that her problems with Bulldog stem from a recent affair she had. At the same time, Bulldog's shouty nature is causing setbacks for James' paranoid patient. Meanwhile, Andrew won't stand for the domestic goings-on at his practice.

"Grace and Dignity" 15 155

Daphne and Laura are among the women jealous of a new female psychiatrist, Dr. Grace Lockhart, who manages to maintain a professional attitude and striking feminine attire at the same time. Sebastian doesn't know what has hit him when he tries his best lines on Grace, who responds with a humiliating retort which makes him the joke of the practice. Niles is asked by Andrew to maintain a level of respect between genders, but Grace's hostility towards men poses a problem. A gender war consequently unfolds at the practice, with newfound levels of sexism reaching its all-time high. Daphne and Laura get makeovers together. Meanwhile, Sebastian is determined to get a date by the end of the day to prove that he isn't losing his skills but faces competition in the newly-single James.

  • Dr. Grace Lockhart becomes a main character.
"A Friend of the Family" 16 156

Niles seeks to get Hester into a prestigious pre-school, and decides to make sure he becomes good friends with the family of the man in charge of the decision. Niles winds up spending all his time with the Kendalls, an annoyingly snooty family who even manages to get on his nerves. After enduring painful evenings and activities with the Kendalls, Niles is horrified to learn that the pre-school decision has actually fallen on another man. Realising he has made friends with the wrong family, Niles must find a way of getting out of seeing them without causing offence; the result of which could destroy his reputation in Chicago and forever wreck Hester's chances of getting into the pre-school. Meanwhile, Daphne thinks Sebastian loses his cool around Grace because he is intimidated by her history, making him determined to prove that he is the better psychiatrist. James and Laura sit in on the argument, and Andrew is vexed when superiority contests spread across the practice.

"Junescape" 17 157

Insufferable bible pusher June Archer comes to the practice to peddle her beliefs. June encourages the Christian psychiatrists to step forward and demand a place of worship at the practice. Andrew is forced to comply, afraid of the legal ramifications if June doesn't get her way. Niles joins up with Sebastian and James to get June away from the practice for good because she is tearing apart what was once a family. Meanwhile, Daphne learns that the frequently empty ”church” is the hot spot for young couples at the practice and is forced to help Grace guard the confessional.

"My Bullying Psychiatrist" 18 158

Niles is asked by Andrew to sit in on one of Grace's sessions with a patient to see how she is getting on. He is subsequently shocked to learn of Grace's approach is to ”bully” her patients by making them feel bad about themselves, helping them to make a change in their lives. Niles questions whether this is a valid technique to use in the practice of psychiatry and seeks advice from the other psychiatrists, who all turn out to have bizarre methods of their own. Only chaos can ensue when several of them try Grace's unique system, and Andrew is left petrified of the legal ramifications for Niles, the practice and more importantly; himself. Meanwhile, Laura forgets her weekly union fee and consequently finds herself without support during the hearing for a computer she destroyed in frustration.

"Amazing Grace" 19 159

When Sebastian is turned down by Grace one too many times, he accidentally starts a rumour that she is a lesbian after venting his annoyance to James. Grace becomes determined to set everyone straight; however, the insufferable June Archer thinks that the only one who needs to be set straight is Grace – literally. Laura develops a taste for gossip around the practice after hearing of the calamity and finds herself starting more rumours than learning about them. Realising Sebastian was the one who set these chaotic events in motion, Grace decides to have some fun and let June ”help” her. Consequently, Sebastian thinks Grace really is a lesbian and is overcome with guilt for potentially pushing her out of the closet when she wasn't ready. Grace enjoys watching Sebastian squirm until her newfound attention around the office has her the eye of several gay psychiatrists and several of her older patients switching psychiatrists. Meanwhile, Niles is forced by Andrew to continually remind everyone to stay in the boundaries of sensible discussion, namely ones that avoid lawsuits.

"In Their Image" 20 160

Laura is surprised to learn that her family have sold Mead to another business in a multi-million dollar investment. This is good news for the Meads, but bad news for the psychiatrists when they fear their new ‘owners' will implement some harsh changes at the practice. Laura decides to meet with her brother Noah to convince him to buy Mead back, but to do so she has to pretend James is her fiancé and that she is quitting her job to work with the family charity, to impress the image her family have made for her. James is willing to play along, but fear takes over when he notices just how convincing Laura's romantic words are. Meanwhile, Andrew loves the new owners instantly when they change his title from Regional Manager to the much nicer Company Executive.

"Patient v. Patient" 21 161

Niles and Sebastian both take on one-half of a couple who are disagreeing over whether to have their baby baptised. The two of them end up feuding when they both advise their own patient to do what they feel is right, and when Niles' patient takes off with the baby, Sebastian must face the music with his own patient. As they search for the father and child, Niles and Sebastian argue over who is more important in a child's life, the father or mother, making Niles evaluate his role in his own children's lives. Meanwhile, Laura struggles to balance between her duties when the family charity forces her to make many public appearances. Grace suggests she hires an actress who can make all the appearances for her, but none of the candidates are convincing enough for the role.

"Psy-kicking Ass!" 22 162

Daphne is surprised when she receives a psychic flash which seems to suggest she will be having another baby. Niles, although apprehensive about Daphne's alleged ”skills”, is determined to make her get a pregnancy test. Daphne refuses because she doesn't believe it is important at the moment until a kicking sensation in her belly makes her think otherwise. A trip to the hospital reveals that Daphne's appendix is about to burst and she needs emergency surgery. Niles becomes overly paranoid about the simple operation while Daphne begins to wonder if the vision she saw will come true. However, a series of events at the hospital suggest that the vision could have been showing anything, and Daphne wonders if her psychic skills have diminished. Meanwhile, Sebastian and James vie for the attention of the gift shop worker, and Grace's stern methods of psychiatry have a detrimental effect on the patients in the waiting room.

"Stan Who Wasn't There" 23 163

Niles and Daphne are shocked to learn that Stan Keenan has died and they attend the funeral with Sally in Wisconsin. Sally has trouble coming to terms with her father's death and Daphne offers to take her on at the house until she is ready to go home. Niles is less than pleased with this development, and Daphne is surprised about his lack of grieving because they were once close. Niles realises he has never really grieved in his life and becomes determined to find out why. In his quest, Niles consequently neglects Sally, whose demeanour has grown worse due to Daphne's friendly but ill-constructed advice. Meanwhile, Sebastian is vexed to learn that Stan was a man he once conned during his days as an agent. Grace encourages him to make it up to Stan's memory by volunteering at a retirement home, where stories of how great Stan was makes Sebastian's guilt increase.

"Pushing the Right Buttons" 24 164

Niles is heading to the bottom floor to deal with a problem in day-care; Hester has been throwing toys at her classmates. However, the elevator makes an early stop, and a paranoid schizophrenic patient walks in. The elevator continues its journey for a few moments – but then stops abruptly: it has broken down. The patient becomes hyperactive as a result, and Niles manages to calm him down with a few words of advice. The power disruption doesn't last long as the elevator continues to the next floor, and Sebastian steps inside. Sebastian is annoyed with Niles for interfering with his patient and the two bicker the whole way down. Niles deals with the Hester situation in the commercial break. Afterwards, he starts to make his way to his office on the top floor, taking a different elevator this time. Inside he meets Laura and James, who make a weak attempt to hide the fact that they were just making out. They stop on the second floor and walk off, embarrassed, in separate directions. On the next floor the doors open and Grace steps in. Grace reveals she is feeling homesick and the elevator only reminds her of all the trips she took up and down the skyscraper practice she once worked at. Niles convinces her that she will grow to love Chicago and being homesick is something everyone experiences. With a newfound appreciation for her life, Grace steps out of the elevator on the floor of her office, feeling much better about it. Convinced he is ”on a roll”, Niles decides to remain in the elevator for a while to see who else he can help. That is until he meets the next passenger, Andrew, who is displeased with all the electricity Niles must be using for his trips. Meanwhile, on the ground floor, Daphne is among the several ticked off people waiting to make use of the elevator.

  • Dr. James Turner's last appearance as a main character.

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