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Season 8 of Crane Life contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Unfriendly Fire" 1 165

Daphne encourages Niles to get on the right side of visiting CEO Elroy, who was recently hired by the new owners. Niles purchases a barbeque and decides to throw a party in Elroy's honour, but he is forced to enlist the help of the others when Elroy turns out to hate all Texas stereotypes. Niles is happy with his friends for helping him out until they start doing exactly what he had planned first: getting friendly with the power. Meanwhile, Daphne feuds with a mother from the practice who complains about the lack of vegetarian alternatives. Sebastian is pretending to be a vegetarian to date a beautiful model but runs into trouble when she shows up at the party. Laura tries to get herself and Grace dates with Elroy's handsome bodyguards and runs afoul of Andrew, who wants nothing controversial happening while the powerful CEO is around.

"The Shrinkman Returneth" 2 166

Dr. Ron Hardy, a psychiatrist who worked with Andrew during the "good old days" of the practice, returns after over a decade to deal with a situation involving a former patient, Samantha Bennett, a highly-strung rich girl who is suing every psychiatrist she’s ever had. Andrew catches up with Ron and learns he was fired from his job in Los Angeles for sleeping with a patient. Ron has vowed never to let his personal needs interfere with his job again until he realises that his "power" with women might be exactly what the practice needs to get Samantha off its back. To make things more complicated, the dirty deed comes with Andrew's promise of a job in Chicago. Meanwhile, Daphne helps Grace develop a more relaxed attitude when three of her patients suddenly switch services.

  • Dr. Ron Hardy becomes a main character.
"Gil Street Blues" 3 167

Gil Chesterton comes to the practice to seek advice about his rising fame, after a few TV appearances and an ill-fated stint on Iron Chef America. Niles agrees to council Gil but even he has trouble accepting the food critic’s neurotic ways, and an insult to the cafeteria chef Niles picked out personally throws Gil’s progress into chaos. Meanwhile, Ron is a little rusty on his first day back at the practice, which is worsened by Andrew’s decision to test him by giving him the trickiest patients available. Grace finds herself developing a crush on Ron until Sebastian reminds her of his former womanising ways. Daphne, however, believes that Sebastian is gunning for Ron because he is interested in Grace himself, and decides to play matchmaker between them.

"Cold Day in June" 4 168

Laura is shocked to learn her family may be involved in financial embezzlement, and she has been called to court for a deposition. Laura is forced to make the biggest ethical decision of her life when she realises her brother Noah may really be guilty of his charges. Ron and Sebastian bet on the outcome of the case, running afoul of Andrew, who quits complaining once he gets in on the action. Laura is upset by her friends for underestimating the seriousness of her dilemma, so she seeks advice from religious busybody June Archer, who offers her some profound, albeit intrusive insight. Meanwhile, Niles is delighted when he gets jury duty for the first time until he discovers that it will be the Mead case. Worried that his personal feelings for the party involved will get in the way of making a reasonable decision, Niles seeks to exchange duties with a juror from another trial but finds himself stuck with most boring case imaginable as a result.

"The Education of Hester Crane" 5 169

Niles and Daphne prepare to send Hester to her first day of school but are forced to postpone it when she develops a cold. A week or so later, Niles questions whether it is right sending Hester to school a week after the other kids, afraid she will be ridiculed for coming in late. Niles and Daphne debate over what to do, and before they know it, another week has passed. Soon Niles finds himself developing a bad reputation at the practice when a social worker arrives to investigate the possibility that Hester is being deprived of her education. Sebastian is taunted when Grace tricks him into revealing where he really got his medical license. Meanwhile, Ron feels guilty when he runs into a distressed former patient whom he was making radical progress with shortly before he left the practice.

"You Better Not Die" 6 170

Niles and Daphne head to Seattle to help Roz Doyle deal with a crisis involving a dead radio personality. Niles is shocked when he realises Roz doesn’t wish for him to council her grieving staff, but rather sort out the funeral arrangements while she searches for a replacement. Daphne helps Bulldog come up with stories while he fills in for Grampa Ralph's Story Hour, the much-loved radio show the deceased was famous for. Back in Chicago, Ron and Laura encounter a nervous patient who refuses to leave the practice until he sees Niles; while Grace runs afoul of Andrew when she attempts to re-decorate her office in a bold, unapproved colour.

"Andrew's Bright Idea" 7 171

Sebastian is shocked to learn his brother Christopher is divorcing his wife, Juliet, but questions whether to head home to give him support. Sebastian seeks council from the other psychiatrists and learns about their own siblings. Andrew spots the potential for financial gain and announces "brothers & sisters" week for the practice. Niles refuses to invite Frasier because he is afraid of the competitive, embarrassing man he might become in front of his colleagues. Arriving at the practice are Grace’s even more stern older sister Yvonne, Sebastian’s three rough brothers, who act a lot like he did during his days as an agent, and Ron’s brother. Laura is shocked to encounter Ron's brother, remembering a one-night stand a few years ago – and the broken promise of a phone call. Sebastian’s brothers get on the wrong side of Grace, who they mistook for a party girl. Yvonne criticises everyone and everything and blows the whistle on Sebastian’s decision to woo Juliet just as Christopher arrives. The friction among the psychiatrists and their siblings cause arguments, which Niles and Andrew must resolve. Meanwhile, Daphne fights to keep Simon Moon – the only brother of hers to show up – away from the practice.

"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Office" 8 172

Ron is determined to uncover the box he had hidden in the practice before he left, containing various cherished items he wanted to leave to his co-workers, but felt too embarrassed to do so. Sebastian, Grace and Laura are seemingly disinterested until it becomes apparent that a 50% cut of the money inside will be rewarded to the one who finds it. Niles is forced to mediate the situation before the practice gets turned upside down. However, Ron doesn’t have the heart to tell anyone that he only left $10 in the box to pay for the damage he caused in hiding it. Meanwhile, Daphne spends the day finishing up on Sebastian’s patient histories but gets into trouble with Andrew when she starts creating wacky stories out of boredom.

"The Mild Bunch" 9 173

Niles is dismayed to learn that none of his friends view him as masculine when the guys encounter a ranked list of the top ten sexiest psychiatrists. Determined to prove them wrong, he elects to join the tail-end of Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe, Gil Chesterton and Noel Shempsky's camping trip. Niles has trouble roughing it in the wild and becomes overly reliable on technology to get him through it. Back in Chicago, Grace tries to find out who wrote the list but concludes that Laura thinks she is responsible. The two end up making their own list of sexiest men at the practice, and Andrew is mortified when he is ranked dead last after Timmy, the snotty janitor. Niles’ humiliation continues as Daphne is forced to stage a rescue mission with the other women, just as the boys encounter the group of large, manly campers who have aggravated them all weekend.

"Sons & Daughters"  10 174

Ron is surprised when a former flame shows up and reveals he has a 10-year old son, Justin, who needs taking care of while she is in rehab. Ron reluctantly takes on the responsibility, realising he has always subconsciously desired a child. Ron gets more than he bargained for when he realises how bratty Justin can be, while the psychiatrists endure the constant interruptions he causes at the practice while waiting for a position at a school. Ron tries to find one thing he has in common with Justin to prove their relationship wasn’t doomed from the start. Meanwhile, Niles and Daphne prepare for Hester’s first day of school and interview for an opening at the prestigious Barcliff Academy. The interview is poorly timed as Hester decides to enter a screaming phase, so Niles and Daphne must come up with a plan to keep her calm during the make-or-break meeting.

"Keeping Up with the Meads" 11 175

Laura discovers her brother Noah is out of prison on bail but winds up getting pushed into breaking the law when he skips town with the Mead funds. Niles and Sebastian agree to help her bring Noah back, and the three of them head on a road-trip. Along the way, Laura reveals more about the troubled relationship she’s had with her family over the years. Sebastian and Niles argue which of them gets to help resolve the issues between the dysfunctional, famous Mead family. Back in Chicago, Daphne is bored with Niles out of town, so she has a slumber party with Grace. Daphne soon learns more about the stern psychiatrist than she needed to know. Meanwhile, Ron goes to June Archer for advice about punishing his newfound son Justin for the first time.

"Grace Confidential" 12 176

Grace is overcome with guilt when she attempts reverse psychology on a suicidal patient which results in his death. Grace tries to make amends with the patient’s family; meanwhile, Andrew appoints Niles to teach Grace that not every patient can be fixed. Grace has trouble dealing with these truths and begins to reconsider a career in psychiatry; however, Niles thinks her problems can be overcome by developing a different style of therapy. Niles is embarrassed when Grace subsequently adopts an overly pleasant attitude, as she starts telling her patients what they want to hear and reducing the treatment they need. Niles meets with the dead patient’s family in an attempt to secure the tapes recorded for the sessions he had with Grace, hoping to find if she missed something important.

"Friends with Deficits" 13 177

Daphne and Ron feud when Ron seems opposed to the idea of David and Justin becoming friends. Daphne believes it is a criticism of David; while Ron is adamant that the two are incompatible. To their surprise, the boys end up meeting at school and becoming good friends, but Daphne is faced with admitting she is wrong when Ron’s boisterous little troublemaker has a surprising impact on David and his grades. Ironically, Ron thinks David has had the reverse effect on Justin, believing him to be a little more "effete" ever since they became friends. Niles is forced to intervene when Daphne and Ron’s feud leads to them forgetting to pick up the boys from school, resulting in a walk home that could lead to social services being alerted. Meanwhile, Sebastian and Laura get involved in a series of bets across the practice held by Sebastian’s old poker buddies, but he refuses to believe they could be swindling a lot of money from him.

"The Freud Inquisition" 14 178

An episode shown from the point of view of Cooper, a police officer who comes to the practice to investigate further on the Mead embezzlement. Cooper asks Andrew to send the employees to his office one by one so he can speak to them, and we see in interviews what made them want to be a psychiatrist and how they got into the profession. Oddly, Niles’ story comes off as the most suspicious, and Cooper is left thinking he is the main perpetrator of the embezzlement. As Cooper slowly integrates himself into the practice and get more familiar with the characters, he comes to realise just what a freaky bunch they really are. Meanwhile, Grace will do anything to avoid her videotaped interview because her hair is a mess, so Laura takes her on an emergency trip to the salon where June Archer seeks to waste their lunch hour.

"Love, Jealousy Style" 15 179

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Andrew must announce that the psychiatrists are not allowed to accept Valentine’s cards from their patients because it always ends in tears. Niles is jealous when he learns how many patients have fallen in love with his friends, and becomes determined to gain the love of a beautiful woman he’s counselling for OCD. Of course, Daphne is less than pleased with this development, and as a response, she starts wooing the handsome lunchtime deliveryman. Meanwhile, Grace deals with a bizarre patient who fears the colour red; just after she finishes her Valentine’s decorations. Ron plans on meeting an old flame for a romantic dinner but has trouble finding a babysitter for Justin. Sebastian and Laura decide to spend the day together as friends when neither of them can find dates and run afoul of June Archer at the movies when they get a little noisy.

"Nip/Schmuck" 16 180

When an irked patient gives Sebastian a broken nose, he contacts a former girlfriend, Angie Thorn, who agrees to give him a discount if he poses as her successful boyfriend to impress her ex-husband at a charity function. Sebastian is surprised when the husband promises to give him more than a broken nose if he continues to see Angie. After the function, Sebastian remembers why he fell for Angie in the first place and desperately wants to see her again, meaning it’s up to Grace and Laura to stop him from breaking any more of his bones as a reason for making contact. Meanwhile, Ron discovers Justin's mother has run away from rehab and seeks advice from Niles concerning the future of his care.

"Billy Liar" 17 181

When both David and Hester seem to enter a rebellious stage at the same time, Niles worries that their dreaded Moon genes have finally surfaced. Daphne tries to convince Niles that not every Moon man is unpleasant, reminding him of her brother Billy, the ballroom dancer. Niles is less than convinced, believing Billy is an exception due to his homosexuality; which Daphne seems oblivious to. Daphne tries to ease Niles' concerns by inviting Billy to Chicago. Niles is soon in agreement and hopes that his kids will inherit the polite Billy’s tastes in music, art and culture. After the visit, Daphne wonders why Niles was so worried, and he inadvertently reveals the truth about Billy. Daphne is stunned and questions how she could have been in the dark for so long, while Niles remains torn regarding the lifestyles he envisions for their children. Meanwhile, Sebastian’s quiet relationship with Angie Thorn continues, with the whole floor thrown into the charade when her jealous ex-husband shows up at the practice.

"Neither Seen or Heard" 18 182

When Ron has a near-death experience on his way to work, he becomes overly paranoid about making arrangements for when after he dies. Noticing a bond between Grace and Justin, he considers making her legal guardian of the boy, unless his mother returns. This drives Grace into an extended analysis of her future. Andrew, sick of the domestic goings-on at his practice, orders Niles to intervene and resolve the situation – or at least keep it off the premises. Meanwhile, Daphne is annoyed when a mole she has is noticed a lot more after a discussion about body image and asks Sebastian if his plastic surgeon girlfriend Angie Thorn can give her a discount to remove it. Sebastian is happy to help, until Laura and the other self-conscious psychiatrists start to request their own discounts.

"Who Mediates the Mediator?" 19 183

Niles must mediate in negotiations between the psychiatrists and receptionists of the practice, the latter of whom feel they are getting sexually harassed by their superiors. To Niles’ surprise, Daphne appears to be the leader of the receptionist side, and the negotiations have them arguing at home. Niles questions if he is sexist himself after analysing the way he talks to Daphne at home, and his confidence as a mediator is shaken as a result. When both sides agree that any mediator will side with their own gender, Sebastian and Grace agree to step in to provide a fair balance. Grace is upset when she realises she has never been sexually harassed, making her question her femininity, so Sebastian decides to ask a few of the guys to make an inappropriate comment here or there. Grace’s reaction is far from what Sebastian expected. With the negotiations at a standstill and Grace’s response to Sebastian’s well-intentioned request, Niles must overcome his doubts so he can do what he’s always done best: mediate and resolve.

"Loop de Loop" 20 184

Laura councils a Caucasian man who has trouble coming to terms with the fact that his wife’s just had a black baby. Afterwards, she meets the baby’s father, who wants to be more involved in his son’s life. Laura realises she’ll need to get the two men together if she is to help them properly until Niles informs her that it would be a breach of the doctor/patient confidentiality pact. In her desire to find a way around it, she creates a clever loophole which every other psychiatrist takes advantage of. Although it is pleasing when her co-workers praise her, Laura soon feels ashamed after a famous visiting psychiatrist puts her in her place. Meanwhile, Ron worries Sebastian’s girlfriend Angie is giving Justin a bad impression of women, creating a rift between the two old friends. Sebastian ultimately dumps Angie.

"Doctor in the Mouse" 21 185

Bonnie Weems is on a layover in Chicago while she travels back to Seattle. After hearing of the mouse problem currently taking place at KACL, she is reluctant to go home, but fears that she’ll disappoint her boyfriend. Determined to get over her fear of mice, Bonnie arrives at the practice to seek therapy. Niles agrees to give her a discount because she was a friend of Frasier’s, and he enjoys getting to the root of her fear. However, Niles is furious when a box of mice is released at the practice, thanks to Justin's little "science project." Ron realises something must be done about Justin's behaviour and considers sending him to private school, but is afraid of damaging their bond as a consequence. With these two urgent problems going on at once, Niles struggles to determine who to devote his time to; meanwhile, Daphne must deal with several cheapskates who claim they were good friends of the pricey Dr. Crane’s brother. Also, Laura sets Sebastian up with a friend after his breakup with Angie, but he is less than pleased when he finds out they met as counsellor and patient.

"Beyond a Joke" 22 186

The practice is celebrating its 15th anniversary, but none of the psychiatrists wish to attend because Mead parties are usually cringing affairs in which the boss cracks embarrassing jokes. With Andrew out of town, Niles must step in to do the deed, and he is determined to be different and make people laugh with a witty, classier approach than most. In between his sessions on stage, the staff are prompted to remember their best moments at the practice. Meanwhile, Sebastian must find a way of breaking up with his overly sensitive new girlfriend, who has swindled an invitation to the party despite it being for staff only.

"Well That's Just Peachy" 23 187

David is taking swimming lessons, which prompts Justin to request them. Ron is reluctant to admit that he doesn’t know how to swim, so he asks Daphne to take Justin and David to the lessons at the same time. However, a forthcoming father/son swim race forces Ron to reconsider his decision to never get in the water. Niles, on the other hand, is afraid of a repeat of a swimming incident he had in high-school, which brought about the return of his much-hated nickname, Peachfuzz. Meanwhile, Grace councils a woman who is questioning whether to tell her kids of their father’s infidelity, but Grace’s advice leads the paranoid woman into thinking she was the one who slept with her husband. Laura tells Grace to be more tactful when it comes to sensitive patients, which sets off a competition to see which psychiatrist can go the longest without having a patient walk out on them.

"Chaos Theory" 24 188

On a seemingly ordinary day, Laura spends the day in the bathroom, forced to counsel her patients with them listening through the door. Laura soon tires of doing this, so she goes to Andrew and requests the day off. He agrees and asks Sebastian to take on her patients. Sebastian can’t help but snoop around Laura’s office and is surprised to encounter a pregnancy test in her desk drawer. Sebastian goes to Niles for advice and admits that he and Laura have been sleeping together since he dumped Angie. Niles is shocked by these revelations and urges Sebastian to talk to Laura; meanwhile, Daphne arrives at the wrong time and misinterprets the conversation, thinking that Niles may have gotten another woman pregnant. Determined to find out more, she uncovers his patient histories in the storage basement, running afoul of June Archer, who surprises Daphne by suggesting she’ll keep it quiet (i.e., blackmail.) Daphne goes to professional dirt-digger Grace for help on getting even with June, and they are shocked to discover the truth behind the Christian busybody everyone hates: she is a spy investigating Mead, her ultimate goal being to bring down the company. Daphne and Grace first tell Ron, who has become involved in a legal battle for Justin after his mother Wendy resurfaces. Wendy happens to overhear their discoveries about June and opts to use it against Ron in the case, hoping to eliminate his place of work; his financial support for Justin. After her phone call is made, Andrew invites Niles into his office and expectedly orders him to mediate the out-of-control situation. This demand somehow requires him to sort out the baby situation between Sebastian and Laura and resolve Daphne’s trust issues after hearing of her mistake.

  • Andrew Sharp's last appearance as a main character.

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