Crane on Crime is an imagined spinoff series of American television show Frasier, featuring Det. Martin Crane as its protagonist. It begins with Martin coming out of retirement to help solve homicide cases for the Seattle Police Department (SPD) and is set in the year 2014. Currently, its first season is being written.


See: List of Crane on Crime Episodes

Crane on Crime is set 10 years after the final episode of Frasier in 2014. He and Ronee went their separate ways after 4 years of happy marriage after she decided that she wanted children whilst Martin did not want to be a father once again at his age. He met Roz Doyle’s mother, Joanna, at a poker game in 2009 and in 2011 they got married. After many years in retirement, the SPD have a case that they need his help to crack and so ‘Marty’ Crane is hooked into the world of policing once more, helped by his psychiatrist sons and lawyer wife.

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