Davey was the first second fanguide that Forrest Coyne wrote based on the American sitcom Frasier. A sequal, it starred the "third" generation of Cranes living in the future. Overall, there are seven seasons. Composing 144 episodes.


Fifteen years after Frasier, Frederick Crane is a highly succesful businessman who begins with owning 79% of Seattle and Boston's businesses, having homes in both. He lives with his wife Cynthia and his frequently visited by the now 62 year-old Niles and 57-year-old Daphne with the 15 year-old David All sharing the eccentritties they have always had. It begins with the arrival of and forced adoption of Frasier's children with Charlotte, Clancy and Kale, while Frasier is in a coma


Davey features a cast selected due to their past. Featuring the citizens of Seattle and Boston

Trevor Einhorn as Frederick Crane

Kimberly Maublach as Cynthia Crane

Ben Thompson as David Crane Season 1-3) ( Season 4-7)

Gabriel Byrne as Guy Mattrich ( Season 1-5)

Aedin Minks as Clancy Crane

Evena Kings as Kale Crane ( Season 1-3)

David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane (Season 1-6)

Jane Leaves as Daphne Moon-Crane (Season 1-6)

Ashley Thomas as Alice May Doyle(Season 4-7)

Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane ( Season 3-4)

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