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David Crane 2019

David Milton Crane(04.29.2004-) (played by Ben Thompson)was the son of Niles Crane and Daphne Moon ,as the title suggested, he is the deuteragonist of the spin-off Davey


He is most likely the most intelligent member of the Crane family today, beginning the first season in his senior year in high-school, recieved scholarships to Oxford, Harvard, and Princeton. However, he does share his father or uncles's artiness, and hates the higher classes of Seattle altogether. One example of his views was displayed in the season two finale"The secret life of a Hellion"

Niles:David its alright to be like your parents David:Oh, really, so I'd love to be a pretensious monger who is neverendingly smug pertaining to his little accomplishments that his ex-wife gave him

The family member he mostly respects is his first cousin, Frederick , thinking him to be very succesful.

Role in Davey

David begins the series as a silent, socially awkard young man. He graduated from Franklin High school in late season one ,eventually at the end of season two he came out of his shell and ran away from the customs of his life.It required the one half of season three to find him. Until he was found in Oxford in England attending the college, not wanting to return due to his belief that his father will never be able to see what the true nature of the world is. Yet he decided to be in America so they would not worry and moved to Princeton, New Jersey where he would aquire several P.H.D.'s in surgery and would graduate in mid-season four and would live in his cousin's home in Boston. Approaching the end of the series he aquired his own home in San Diego and was currently dating a 38-year old woman

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