First appearance "A Plague of Doyles" (16.11)
Last appearance "The Wizard of Roz" (20.21)
Guest appearances Roz: 2.07, 2.18, 7.20, 9.14, 22.21, 22.22, 27.05, 30.09, 30.15, 30.23, 30.24

Vintage Roz: 3.10, 3.16, 6.09, 14.05

Denise Doyle is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Roz.


Denise Doyle is Roz Doyle's neurotic younger sister. She is determined for everything in her life to be perfect but is often seen as more unstable and hyper-emotional than her level-headed sibling.

After a few guest appearances, Denise officially joins the cast in Season 16 after showing up at KACL in search of a job. Her pet-grooming business in Wisconsin has gone bust, and Roz reluctantly allows her to work as the receptionist. Denise remains in this capacity until the end of Season 20, when she decides to leave Seattle in search of a better life for her twin sons.

At the end of Season 17, Denise embarks on an on again/off again relationship with Kenny Daly. However, she finds herself unable to accept their passion and instead pursues a relationship with surgeon Sean Troy. When she gets pregnant with his twins, Denise hopes that Sean will stick around to help raise the children, and is saddened when he elects to put his career first. A few months after leaving Seattle, Denise re-unites with Kenny, who offers to be the father figure Sean failed to be. Denise marries Kenny in the Season 22 finale.


Over fifteen years after her final appearance in Roz, it is revealed in Season 1 of Widowers that Denise has passed away following a long battle with Alzheimer's. She is survived by Kenny, who lays her to rest alongside her sister, Roz.

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