First appearance "Hopelessly Demoted" (1.01)
Guest appearances Maris: 4.11, 4.12, 4.14, 4.16, 4.18, 4.20, 4.22

Diana Vixen is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off MCTV.


Diana first appeared in Season 4 of Maris and was coaxed into joining MCTV with her boyfriend, Isaac Bradley, for its first soap opera, Stick Figures.


When Diana's relationship with Isaac comes to an end prior to the start of MCTV, she is determined more than ever to prove her worth as an actress. Halfway through Season 1, Diana rekindles her relationship with Isaac in order to better their chemistry on-screen. Despite starting out as a strictly no strings attached affair, she finds herself getting serious with Isaac once again and accepts his marriage proposal in the Season 2 premiere. Their engagement is broken when Diana learns that Isaac has been keeping his newly discovered daughter a secret from her. Diana is able to maintain a friendship with Isaac and helps him get his job back at MCTV after a change in contract. In Season 3, Diana is unexpectedly axed from Stick Figures along with Isaac, and they spend the majority of the season searching for employment together. Later on, Diana is jealous when Isaac is offered a role in a sci-fi blockbuster, despite his claims that he would only accept offers from productions that want her too. Nevertheless, Diana is able to support Isaac, and when the movie is poorly received, she and Isaac briefly rekindle their romance. Any chance of a full reconciliation is hindered when Isaac is made to leave Seattle for a few months in order to promote the movie further across America in Season 4. As Season 5 begins, Diana has acquired a role on MCTV's newest drama, Love Medicine. When Maris sells the network to an overseas company, she is released from her contract early and faces an uncertain future. Diana considers joining the revitalised shopping network as a brainless but glamorous assistant but eventually decides she shouldn't have to rely on her looks anymore. This display of maturity prompts Isaac to propose, but their engagement falls through prior to the start of Season 6, leading Diana to join the shopping network after all. After getting fired from the network, Diana joins MCTV once again when it relaunches as a web TV service.

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