First appearance "Leave Me Chefless"
Last appearance "Fast Feud Nation"

Dino Luther is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Vintage Roz.

Vintage Roz

Born in Italy, Dino first appears towards the end of Season 3 working at Dino's, an Italian restaurant on the outskirts of Bloomer. Gil Chesterton and Debbie Simmons seek him out when they decide to purchase Café Blossom, as he has a controlling percentage of the business. Dino becomes a main character in the fifth episode of Season 4, and is hired as the new chef at Café Blossom when his restaurant goes into administration. In the Season 5 finale, Dino has a one-night stand with Poppy Delafield, and is shocked to learn she is pregnant in the following season. Around the same time, Dino re-gains his percentage of Café Blossom and runs it alongside Debbie. Poppy loses the baby mid-way through the season and their relationship becomes strained as a result, causing him to seek solace with Debbie in the finale. His plans of rejuvenating his relationship with Poppy by proposing to her are bungled when he inadvertently says Debbie's name. In Season 7, Dino makes amends with Poppy and they manage to stay friends. Dino is also left to run the café alone following Debbie's departure, but it burns down in the Christmas period, re-opening in the Season 7 finale. In the two year period between Season 7 and 8, Dino marries Caroline Perry-Luther, and has twin sons with her. Their marriage is strained by Dino's commute to his new restaurant in Milwaukee, which he ultimately sells to spend more time with his family. In Season 9, he resumes his job at Café Blossom, now under ownership by Roz Doyle and Mark Flint. This lasts until early Season 11, when Dino departs Bloomer with Caroline and the kids to open a chain of restaurants across Europe. Dino returns for three further guest appearances; two in Season 13 and one in Season 15, having found success as a celebrity chef. 

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