First appearance "Fish Out of Water" (1.01)
Last appearance "Sinking Ship" (1.16)
Guest appearances The Deep End: 2.08, 12.13

Vintage Roz: 5.18

Don Bellows is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off The Deep End.

The Deep End

Don first appears in the back-door pilot for The Deep End, during Season 5 of Vintage Roz. He is an out of work actor with a big ego, whose biggest claim to fame is starring in a series of light bulb commercials. His time with Whirlpool during Season 1 fails to land him any high profile acting roles, and he departs for Hollywood sometime prior to the start of Season 2. Don returns for a guest appearance later in the season, having become the official spokesperson for the same light bulb company. His best friend, Fred Forrester, later joins him in Hollywood.

Don makes a second guest appearance in Season 12. Now part of a comedy double act with Fred, he competes against Robin Knight for a gig at a famous club.

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