First appearance "Tales from the Spinsterhood" (18.01)

Dr. David Crane is a recurring character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Crane Life and a main character in Maris.


The son of Dr. Niles Crane and Daphne Moon, David is born in the final episode of Frasier, and makes recurring appearances throughout the spin-off Crane Life. David appears to inherit both the best and worst aspects of his parents: his intelligence grants him a place in a prestigious school for the gifted, but his Moon-esque qualities later get him kicked out.


Almost ten years after his final appearance in Crane Life, a now 23-years old David arrives at Bear Creek in Season 18, when Niles sends him to practise his burgeoning psychiatry skills by counselling his ex-wife, Maris Crane. David quickly proves to be a skilled therapist, making him eager to follow in his father's footsteps as a psychiatrist. Until that can be achieved, he decides to remain at Bear Creek in a counselling capacity. Midway through his debut season, David is joined by his 15-year old sister Hester, who arrives at the club by bus after getting into an argument with their parents. David effectively becomes Hester's primary caregiver when Niles and Daphne emigrate to China on business, as Hester has elected to remain in the States. By Season 22, David's aspirations to become a full-fledged psychiatrist result in him quitting his job at Bear Creek. He is absent for nearly a year until he returns midway through Season 23, having achieved his goal through potentially nefarious means. Despite his new status, circumstance compels David's continued association with Maris, leading to him becoming the de facto therapist on Maris' new estate in Toronto, Canada.

David is quick to hit it off with Kelly Crane, and after nearly acting on their attraction in Season 18, they finally get together for the majority of Season 20. However, their relationship faces opposition on many fronts, due to concerns that he is repeating his father's mistakes by getting involved with someone who has similarities to Maris. Kelly calls time on the relationship at the end of the season when she has similar concerns. After quitting Bear Creek in Season 22 for career reasons, David returns in Season 23 with a shameful secret: after joining Maris on her retirement travels, they have become romantically involved. It is also hinted that Maris is responsible for David's accelerated progression towards becoming a doctor, and he feels indebted to her as a result. With the help of a disgusted Hester, David is able to finagle his way out of the relationship in the Season 23 finale, and in Season 24 he considers escaping Maris' wrath by joining his father's practise in Chicago, before Hester is able to resolve the situation with a compromise.

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