First appearance "Flirting with the Enemy" (6.12)
Last appearance "No Good Meads Go Unpunished" (10.02)
Guest appearances Crane Life: 11.16, 11.21, 11.22

Roz: 29.20

Dr. Laura Mead is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Crane Life.

Crane Life

Laura is a sophisticated and mature psychiatrist who arrives at the practice halfway through Season 6. She immediately attracts Dr. Sebastian Belle and Dr. James Turner, who both vie for attention. In her debut episode, it is revealed she is the sister of Noah Mead, owner of Mead Psychiatry. Laura spends most of her time trying to distance herself from her controlling family.

Towards the end of Season 6, Laura becomes romantically involved with James following a period of counselling patients together. Despite their chemistry, Laura and James realise they don't have enough in common to sustain a lasting relationship, and they break up shortly into Season 7. Although they briefly rekindle their romance at the end of the season finale, their partnership comes to an end when James departs the practice sometime before Season 8. Mid-way through the season, Laura begins to grow closer to Sebastian, culminating in a secret affair. Not long after, Laura discovers she is pregnant with Sebastian's baby. Sebastian proposes to Laura at the start of Season 9, but their engagement doesn't last long when Laura calls the relationship off, citing his unemployment as the reason. At the end of the season, Laura gives birth to a healthy girl, Sammi Mead-Belle. After a brief attempt at living together, Laura concludes that they have no future as a family unit and leaves Chicago for a job offer in San Francisco early in Season 10. In the series finale, it is hinted that she decides to give life with Sebastian another chance when he joins her at the San Francisco practice.

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