First appearance "Something Stupid This Way Comes" (3.01)
Last appearance "Time is Up for Today" (11.22)
Guest appearances Crane Life: 1.11, 2.03, 2.09, 2.18, 2.24

Maris: 2.15
Roz: 27.11, 29.20

Dr. Sebastian Belle is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Crane Life.

Crane Life

Sebastian is a suave and manipulative man with a keen eye for women. In the first two seasons, he is primarily an antagonist to those at Mead Psychiatry, but ultimately becomes part of the family following a long quest for redemption.

Sebastian first shows up halfway through Season 1 when Niles Crane hires him as an agent to up his social standing. Sebastian proves to be a highly ruthless and competent agent, but Niles is unable to accept his lack of morales and they part ways. Sebastian and Niles would not reunite again until Season 2, when Sebastian, low on clients, returns to Mead Psychiatry in an attempt to woo Niles into showbiz. After failing to persuade Niles, Sebastian departs the practice once again and later shows up in a trial in which Niles is a jury member. He is sentenced to three months in prison for faking his lover's death and claiming the life insurance. Sebastian returns to the practice a third time, and claims that he is a changed man. Sebastian, irked by the lack of support, elects to team up with Ronnie Shore, a journalist for the Chicago Tribunal, and attempts to buy out the practice through unconventional means. Though they fail in their attempt, the events cause Sebastian to re-think his ways, and he returns to the practice full-time early in Season 3 as the new lunch-boy, determined to seek forgiveness for the problems he's caused. Although the staff are initially skeptical, Sebastian is slowly accepted by his peers over the following seasons. Mid-way through Season 5, Sebastian is inspired to make more of his life and leaves the practice to pursue a psychiatry degree. After a period of absence, Sebastian returns in Season 6 to join the psychiatric staff at the practice. Sebastian would stay in this capacity for the remainder of the series, save for a brief period in Season 9 when he resumes his mantle as lunch-boy following Edith Beaumont's abrupt dismissal.

Over the course of the series, Sebastian dates many women but his relationships with them never last very long. He also develops crushes on several of his female colleagues. At the end of Season 8, Sebastian reveals to Niles that he has been sleeping with Dr. Laura Mead after learning she may be pregnant. This is soon revealed to be true, and Sebastian becomes accustomed to the idea of settling down and raising a family. In Season 9, Sebastian proposes to Laura, believing it to be in their baby's best interest. When Sebastian is unexpectedly dismissed by Edith Beaumont, Laura uses it as an excuse to call off the engagement, secretly realising she doesn't actually love Sebastian. Sebastian and Laura manage to remain friends and Sebastian agrees to share custody. In the season finale, Laura gives birth to their daughter Sammi Mead-Belle, which Sebastian witnesses via a video set-up in Vegas. Early in Season 10, Sebastian is upset when Laura accepts a job offer from a modern psychiatric practice in San Francisco. However, he ultimately realises that it will provide better opportunities for Sammi and they part on friendly terms, with Sebastian remaining a part of Sammi's life over the following seasons. In the final season, Sebastian interviews for a job at the same practice when Mead Psychiatry is closed. He gets the job, and it is hinted that he and Laura will make a go of being a proper family.

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