First appearance "Wes Returns" (10.05)
Last appearance "Time is Up for Today" (11.22)
Guest appearances 9.18, 9.24

Dr. Wes Ford is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Crane Life.

Crane Life

Wes is a highly intelligent but mild-mannered young psychiatrist. He is first seen towards the end of Season 9 when he interviews for a temporary position at the practice. After a controversial start, he is hired by Edith Beaumont. At the end of the season, he helps Dr. Sebastian Belle witness the birth of his son via a webcam he sets up. Wes departs the practice prior to the start of Season 10, but returns a few episodes later when he is allocated a full-time position. Wes spends most of his time feeling like a fish out of water, and engages in a tryst with Joyce Kauffman in Hawaii, depressed over his lack of a back-bone. In Season 11, Wes avoids Joyce wherever possible. In the series finale, he departs the practice for the last time alongside his colleagues following its closure.

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