First appearance "Ed Games" (21.10)
Last appearance "Roz's Day in the Sun" (26.22)
Guest appearances Roz: 30.15

Vintage Roz: 6.03, 6.15

Ed Piper is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Roz.


Ed is an intelligent but shy up-and-coming businessman who joins KACL mid-way through Season 21 on the apprenticeship program.

Ed initially hates KACL when the staff take advantage of his kind nature and eagerness to please. However, after sticking up for himself, he finds himself accepted as one of the gang and often gets involved in the chaos Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe or the others create. During his first five seasons on the show, Ed remains an apprentice but eventually decides it is leading him nowhere and quits, instead choosing to enrol in business school in Season 26. Although he keeps in contact with his friends, Ed slowly begins to drift apart from them and feel like an outsider, contributing to his decision to leave for a job offer in Shanghai, China at the end of the season.

Ed's love life is quiet for the majority of his time on the show. He gets into a short relationship with Poppy Delafield in Season 26, which doesn't evolve beyond kissing. After settling down in Shanghai, it is mentioned that he is engaged to a Chinese woman and they are considering having children.

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