First appearance "The Why in Hawaii" (2.01)
Last appearance "The Goodbye Girl" (13.21)
Guest appearances MCTV: 3.20

Eve Summers is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


An experienced gardener, Eve introduced in the Season 2 premiere as the newest employee of Maris' mansion. Eve is initially quiet and reserved, but soon breaks out of her shell and becomes more free-spirited. She remains in a gardening capacity for the duration of her time in the series.

Mid-way through her debut season, Eve reveals to Tommy that she has a 10-year old son named Louis whom she gave up for adoption in high-school. Later in the season, Eve begins to realise she regrets giving Louis away, and orchestrates a meeting. After learning that he is an orphan due to the death of his foster mother, Eve acquires full custody of Louis. In Season 6Louis leaves Seattle to join his father in Paris. Eve's heartbreak contributes to her decision to have another baby through sperm donation, and she gives birth to Katie Summers towards the end of Season 7. Late in Season 13, a disillusioned Eve decides to leave Seattle to pursue a career as a professional flower arranger at the Chelsea Flower Show in London, England.

Eve's love life is mostly private during her first few seasons. Early in Season 5, it is revealed she and Leo Kingsley have become romantically involved. Their relationship is based purely on physical attraction and they eventually part ways sometime prior to the start of Season 6. During a trip to Paris to visit her son, Eve shares a brief tryst with Ben Cook, but he ends things in order to pursue his crush on Sara Fielding. Throughout Season 9, Eve is unaware that Ben has fallen in love with her, and it isn't until the finale that they finally tell each other how they feel. However, this romance is short-lived when an argument results in Ben moving back to London, his home town. Despite Eve's initial wishes for a reconciliation, she manages to move on when she learns Ben has become involved with another woman. In Season 12, Eve rekindles a romance with Ben's brother Jeremy, whom she once had a one-night stand with. This relationship fizzles out by the start of Season 13 when Eve grows weary of Jeremy's immaturity.

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