First appearance "Let's Get Physical" (3.04)
Last appearance "Poughkeepsie" (7.22)
Guest appearances 8.07, 13.11, 14.19

Floyd Christian is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off The Deep End.

The Deep End

Floyd is a tyrannical fitness instructor. He is introduced in the fourth episode of Season 3, when it is revealed that he is the father of Chloe Nolan's baby, having met her over the summer. Floyd decides to do the responsible thing and help take care of the baby, and he moves in with Chloe. When he realises his salary won't pay for anything, Floyd persuades Kathy Singer to hire him as a page at Whirlpool. Later in the season, Floyd and Chloe realise they are incompatible as a couple and reach an agreement over the baby's care. Chloe gives birth to Floyd's son, Evan, in the Season 4 premiere. At the same time Floyd gets into a relationship with Kathy. Their relationship lasts a year, until Floyd realises he still has lingering feelings for Chloe, and subsequently breaks up with Kathy. In the two-year period before Season 5, Floyd marries Chloe, and they open their own talent agency together; Kinsella. Unfortunately their marriage is plagued by problems from day one, and Floyd is surprised when Chloe suggests they go into counselling in the Season 5 finale. Floyd spends the majority of Season 6 in counselling with Chloe, but ultimately they abandon it and separate for a trial period. In the Season 6 finale, they reach the conclusion that there is no hope for their marriage and agree to a divorce. In Season 7, Floyd sells his shares in the company and becomes a 'gentleman of leisure', but soon realises he is bored without work. Floyd is upset when he learns Chloe is having someone else's baby, but a series of apparent mix-ups leads to the revelation that he is the actual father. Mid-way through the season, Damien Black offers Floyd the chance to run his company in Los Angeles, and Floyd leaves New York after reaching an understanding with Chloe. He returns a few episodes later when Chloe goes into labor, and meets his newborn daughter, Bebe. When Chloe decides to move back home, Floyd returns to Los Angeles.

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