Frederick Gaylord Crane' 'was the First son of Frasier Crane and the CEO of Mattrich Associations. Born March 17, 1989, in Boston, Massachusettes, he is the main character of Davey.


He is a very skilled and educated 30-year-old, earning several degrees at both oxford and yale. As displayed in Frasier, he had an uneasy relationship with his relatives. Under the tutoring of Guy Mattrich, He grew to be one of the most succesful business leaders in the country.

Prior to Davey

Frederick attended the Marbury Academy until the age of seventeen and went to Oxford University for two years. Then he applied to Yale university for a period of five years unil graduating in 3 008. After which he joined Mattrich Associations, an advertisement corporation. He rose quickly through their ranks and by the time he earned the position of vice director, The ladder Guy Mattrich desided to retire from his family position and appoint Frederick as the new leader in 2016, which he did well. In 2017 he met and began to date Cynthia Tasteria, and would marry her in 2018.

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