First appearance "There's Something About Maris" (24.01)
Guest appearances 19.11, 20.02, 20.18, 20.19, 21.14, 21.17, 21.22, 22.01, 22.06, 22.10, 22.14, 22.19, 23.01, 23.02, 23.03, 23.04, 23.05, 23.07, 23.08, 23.09, 23.10, 23.11, 23.16, 23.19

Gregory Ryland is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


Gregory is the privileged son of a local heiress, Shirley Ryland, who is one of Maris Crane's biggest competitors in the urinal cake market. He first appears in Season 19 as a club member at Bear Creek, and immediately makes an impression on the servants due to his cavalier attitude towards any "hired help". Gregory returns in Season 20 when it emerges that he has begun a relationship with Hester Crane. However, it soon transpires that he is merely pumping Hester for information in order to assist his mother in competing with Maris. Later in the season, Gregory returns to the club a seemingly changed man after his family lose their fortune, and attends Hester's senior prom as her date. By Season 21, Gregory's old ways have gotten the better of him, dumping Hester in order to pursue a more familiar lifestyle with a richer girl. In that season's finale, Gregory washes his hands of his roots for good when he learns that the relationship was preordained by his mother for business purposes. Throughout Season 22, Gregory attempts to acclimatise to life in the working class, and manages to make several acquaintances with the people he formerly annoyed. In Season 23, Gregory joins Hester in moving to Toronto, Canada, where he takes up a post as a chef in Maris' new mansion.

After the truth of his preordained relationship comes out, Gregory pursues his feelings for Hester, resulting in an impromptu Vegas marriage between Season 21 and 22.

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