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Guy Mattrich 2019

"You know, back 1990's I got a large amount of plastic surgery, now I'm beggining to wonder if my eyes will become...why is my son here?"

Guy Mattrich(12.01.1950-11.13.2025) was the second CEO of the Mattrich associations and Frederick Crane's Business advisor and friend. He is known to have a wide variety of unique personality and is often accused of being senile, but is far from it.


Born in Florida to an Irish immigrant father and an Italian immigrant mother, he was a child of two, he was raised in the catholic faith. At a young age he decided to become the next heir of his father's small adsvertisement corporation Becoming its leader and rising it to its full potential in the early 1980's. He then married Miley Mattrich and opened a small foster home and adopted four children. Eventually she nearly assaulted him when she learned he was having an affair, forcing him to divorce her and send her to prison for thirty-three years.In 2014 he met and took frederick under his wing. Passing the company's leadership to him. But often came by to advise him.

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