First appearance "Casablancas & Delafield" (21.01)
Last appearance "Patriotic Adventures" (25.22)
Guest appearances 27.14, 30.15

Jack Casablancas is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Roz.


Jack is a womanising food critic and loves hearing the sound of his own voice. He is able to charm his way out of anything and is often the resent of his male colleagues. Nevertheless, he manages to develop several friendships at the station.

Jack joins KACL at the beginning of Season 21 as a companion food critic to Gil Chesterton. In Season 22 Jack attends a sexual compulsives' group at the YMCA and is able to control some of his more pressing urges. Sometime between Season 25 and 26, Jack resigns from the station after a series of controversies suggesting that he hates America. Jack returns one last time in Season 27 to temporarily substitute for Gil while he's on vacation, and inadvertently unleashes another wave of controversy.

Throughout his time on the show, Jack is involved with many women. He also gets into in an on again/off again relationship with Poppy Delafield; however, he ultimately leaves her when he resigns from the station.

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