First appearance "Roz Through the Looking Glass" (9.01)
Last appearance "Bon Voyage" (15.22)
Guest appearances Vintage Roz: 8.12, 8.15, 8.17, 8.18, 8.22

Widowers: 1.18

Jennifer Conrad is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Vintage Roz.

Vintage Roz

Jennifer first appears in Season 8 working as the vegetable supplier for Kane Groceries. She instantly hits it off with Angus Kane and after a few dates, they get married. Jennifer spends the early part of Season 9 adjusting to her new position of power, and becomes known as the first lady of Bloomer. During this time she also re-unites with her estranged adult son, Terry Boot, and his father; a local shoe proprietor. However, her hopes of a meaningful bond are dashed when she discovers the Boot family's interest in shoes extend far beyond the realms of normality. During Season 11, Jennifer grows weary of Angus' power trips and has a brief lapse in judgment when she sleeps with Mark Flint's son Kyle. Despite his heartbreak, Angus is eventually able to forgive her at the end of the season following a life-changing sequence of events in the Season 11 finale. Jennifer's relationship with Angus remains stable for the remainder of the series.

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