First appearance "The Fall of the House of Maris" (12.01)
Last appearance "The Fast Food and the Furious" (15.12)
Guest appearances 9.24, 11.13, 11.17, 11.20, 11.21, 11.23, 11.24, 22.19, 23.01, 23.02, 23.03, 23.04

Jeremy Cook is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


Perennially irresponsible Jeremy first appears in his native England in the Season 9 finale, when engages in a one-night stand with Eve Summers. It is revealed not long after that he is the older brother of the real object of Eve's affections, Ben Cook. Jeremy returns to the mansion on a permanent basis midway through Season 11, having been sent by Ben in order to straighten himself out. Jeremy reluctantly becomes the new cleaner, replacing Leo Kingsley in the role. He is among the servants who transfer to the Bear Creek Country Club Hotel in Woodinville at the conclusion of Season 13. Jeremy spends much of his time at Bear Creek underwhelmed by his diminished position as waiter to the club's stuffed-shirt guests. In Season 15, Jeremy's skills in overseeing a strike impresses the club's co-owner Harris Bane, who offers him a management position at another club he owns in Cornwall, England. Jeremy agrees and makes his departure from Washington. He later makes a string of guest appearances in Season 23 when Yuri and Svetlana Petrov take up temporary jobs at the Cornwall club, before they part on awkward terms due to Svetlana's emerging crush on Jeremy.

Jeremy has one major relationship during his time in the series, rekindling his romance with Eve in Season 12 following a short period of awkwardness with regards to their brief tryst. Eve ultimately calls time on the relationship in Season 13 when she grows exasperated by Jeremy's immaturity.

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