First appearance "Hopelessly Demoted" (1.01)
Guest appearances Crane Life: 7.17, 7.19, 8.04, 8.11, 8.14 , 8.15, 8.24, 9.03 , 9.13, 10.11

The Deep End: 1.12, 4.08, 4.15, 7.11, 12.17
Maris: 4.01, 4.06, 4.11, 4.12, 4.14, 4.16, 4.18, 4.20, 4.22, 5.06, 7.24, 9.21, 20.06, 21.18
Roz: 14.12, 19.13, 26.01, 28.11, 29.24, 30.05
Vintage Roz: 3.05, 6.13, 6.14, 7.10, 14.08, 15.12

June Archer is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off MCTV. Originating in Maris, she also has recurring roles in Crane Life, The Deep End, Roz and Vintage Roz.


June first appeared in Season 4 of Maris as an irritating nun. Later in the season, she begins working as a secretary for Alexander Kingsley, Maris Crane's chief social rival. Not long after, Maris convinces June to work for her instead, as a producer for her new television station, MCTV.


While working at MCTV, June retains most of her assertive traits, but manages to make several friends during her employment. She has three sisters, named April, May and August. At the end of Season 1, June becomes romantically involved with Dean Carter, a young business executive. After they are found out by Vivian St. James, their fling comes to an end, although it is clear they still have feelings for each other. The two of them wind up re-uniting midway through Season 2 at a Christmas party. At the end of the season, Dean contemplates proposing to June, which she finds out about. However, when he unexpectedly abandons the proposal, their relationship becomes strained for a brief period. Dean later reconsiders and the two become engaged. At the end of Season 3, June marries Dean in front of their friends and family, in spite of chaotic scheduling. Throughout Season 4, June and Dean's marriage begins to deteriorate and they ultimately reach the conclusion that they are incompatible as a full-time couple and separate. Not long after, Dean quits MCTV, officially ending their marriage. A few months after getting divorced, June is shocked to discover she is pregnant. After some hesitance, June inadvertently announces on live TV that Dean is the father. Dean returns in the Season 5 with his new girlfriend to discuss the baby with June, and promises to be a part of its life. After the unexpected closure of MCTV, June returns to her religious roots in Season 6, taking up a post at a nunnery. Worried that her being a single mother will be frowned upon, June gives Dean full custody of their baby. When MCTV is relaunched as a web TV service, June resumes her old position and sets on getting to know her daughter better in the meantime.

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