First appearance "Alcohol-ex Anonymous" (3.03)
Last appearance "100" (5.24)
Guest appearances 6.09, 8.19

Kathy Singer is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off The Deep End.

The Deep End

Kathy is introduced in the third episode of Season 3 as the newest page at Whirlpool. As page it is her duty to satisfy the demands of Whirlpool's contracts. Kathy soon develops a close friendship with Floyd Christian, who is expecting a baby with Chloe Nolan. Kathy kisses Floyd in the Season 4 premiere, beginning a relationship. Over the course of the season, Kathy grows close to Floyd's son Evan, and is concerned by Floyd's increasing amount of time spent with Chloe. In the Season 4 finale, Floyd ends their relationship. In the two year period before Season 5, Kathy has a brief fling with Jason Mason, and is promoted to head page. She has difficulty exerting power over her former colleagues. Early in the season Kathy makes the decision to have her own baby through sperm donation, to fill the void left by Evan. By coincidence she happens to choose the sperm of new page Todd Barnes, who expresses an interest in helping to raise the baby. Tragically, their baby is born prematurely and dies mid-way through the season. Following a period of mourning, Kathy returns to Whirlpool and winds up re-kindling her flame with Jason at the end of the season. In Season 6 it is mentioned that Kathy and Jason have moved away to make a fresh start together.

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