First appearance "Apple, Meet Tree" (8.13)
Last appearance "Maris Redux" (20.22)

Kelly Crane is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


Kelly is the neurotic and highly-strung secret daughter of Maris Crane, and the half-sister of Leo and Charlie Kingsley. She first appears at the mansion mid-way through Season 8, revealing her identity to the stunned servants. Maris confirms Kelly's claim, and reveals she had a daughter with Leo's father Alexander, whom they put up for adoption. Maris, having always felt guilty for abandoning her only child, attempts to develop a relationship with Kelly by hiring her at the mansion, giving her the position of "morale officer" as a formality. In Season 11, Kelly becomes a surrogate mother for Maris' estranged sister Bree and her boyfriend Roger. Over the course of the season, Kelly begins to grow more attached to the baby and worries she won't be able to give it up when the time comes. Nevertheless, Kelly manages to find the strength and provides Bree and Roger with their first child, Clara. Subsequent seasons see Kelly torn between supporting her mother's various misdeeds and being a good person. This proves to be the mother and daughter's undoing in Season 20, when Kelly decides to get out from Maris' clutches once and for all and leaves Washington to pursue her independence.

For her first several seasons, Kelly remains single, but eventually develops a bond with Dr. David Crane, whom she meets in Season 18. Throughout their courtship, Kelly faces opposition on many fronts, and even has doubts herself, which ultimately come to fruition at the end of Season 20 when a series of events lead her to panic that she and David are doomed to repeat the tumultuous history of their parents. This contributes to her decision to leave Washington for good as the season comes to a close.

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