First appearance Roz: "How to Succeed in Radio Without Really Trying" (5.01)

Widowers: "Welcome to Shady Glades" (1.01)

Last appearance Roz: "The Wizard of Roz" (20.21)
Guest appearances Roz: 4.24, 21.01, 21.05, 22.21, 22.22, 27.05, 30.09, 30.09, 30.15, 30.24

Maris: 3.07, 4.20
Vintage Roz: 3.10, 3.16, 6.09, 8.21, 14.05

Kenny Daly is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-offs Roz and Widowers.


Kenny Daly is a long-time radio man. Once a successful DJ, in 1993 he was reduced to delivering pizzas as he was out of work at the time. Kenny was married with at least 3 children, but got divorced in 2003, following which he suffered a breakdown.

Kenny becomes the new station manager of KACL in 1998. A likeable and relaxed manager, he soon becomes friends with all the staff there. Kenny resigns as station manager in the series finale of Frasier after deciding to go back to DJ'ing, and Roz Doyle is appointed as his replacement.


Kenny is a larger-than-life, high-spirited man who often just tries to do the best for everybody and make people happy. He lacks assertiveness, and often has to rely on friends such as Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe to help him in difficult situations.

Kenny is first seen in the Season 4 finale, showing up at KACL after getting fired from his DJ job at another radio station. Due to budget restrictions at the time, Bulldog makes him share his show with Roz, leading to Roz's resignation. Kenny is awarded the full show as a result, but Roz resurfaces at the station the following season anyway. During Season 8 and 9, Kenny and his ex-wife Rose Daly run a matchmaking service together, which eventually fizzles out due to a lack of interest. Towards the end of Season 16, Kenny gives up the DJ game and re-enters the world of management. Roz initially hires him as assistant manager on a temporary basis but subsequently decides to bring him onboard full time. Early in Season 21, Kenny leaves KACL after being inspired to re-unite with his true love, Denise Doyle. Kenny and Denise later marry in the Season 22 finale, and visit Roz Doyle and Bulldog in Bloomer during Season 30 before departing for a new life in New York City together.

Kenny's love life is torn between two women for the majority of the series: his ex-wife Rose and Roz's sister Denise. Despite raising several children with Rose, running multiple businesses and marrying her on more than one occasion, Kenny eventually comes to the conclusion that they are incompatible and pursues a relationship with Denise after they steal a kiss at the station's anniversary party. Denise is initially uncomfortable with their romance, but after a series of ups and downs they eventually find themselves drawn together for good.


Over fifteen years after his final appearance in Roz, Kenny becomes a main character in Widowers, moving into the Shady Glades retirement community in Bloomer, Wisconsin with his friend Noel Shempsky. At this point, Denise has passed away following a long battle with Alzheimer's. Along with Noel, Kenny spends much of his retirement goofing around.

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