First appearance "The Golf War" (14.01)
Last appearance "Diagnosis: Maris" (20.04)
Guest appearances 13.24, 25.19

Lisa Grayson is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


First appearing in the Season 13 finale, Lisa is Bear Creek's secretary. Initially a typical valley girl, she eschews all responsibility. Her father, Rex, works as the club's manager, and it is hinted that he was the one who got her hired. The realisation that she was hired due to nepotism prompts Lisa to make more of her career in Season 17, when she signs up for a place in a local community college. Following a trip to Europe and a significant development in her romantic life, Lisa drops out of college in Season 18, after which she discovers an affinity for childcare. In a Season 25 guest appearance, it is revealed that she and Flynn Slater now own and run a daycare centre in Spokane.

In Season 16, Lisa acts on her attraction to Flynn, but her father's distain towards the relationship proves to be a difficult obstacle to overcome. When they break up in Season 17, Lisa hopes to move on and embarks on a community college trip to Europe, but is followed by Flynn shortly thereafter. Lisa returns to the States in Season 18, having married Flynn while on their travels. A communications breakdown threatens to jeopardise their marriage, until Lisa discovers that Flynn shares her affinity for kids, prompting them to escort Maris' baby son Malcolm back to California to test how they cope with childcare. Returning towards the end of Season 18, Lisa is temporarily fostering a child called Scott with Flynn, and has decided against having her own baby in favour of helping children in need. When Scott returns to his mother in Season 19, Lisa and Flynn temporarily move closer to him, before returning to Washington at the end of the season seeking stable employment as they pursue the adoption of their own child. Lisa finally achieves her dream of being an adoptive parent in Season 20 when Kelly Crane grants them the rights to adopt Malcolm in order to free him of Maris' influence, resulting in their permanent exit from the series.

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