First appearance "One Armed and Dangerous" (12.08)
Last appearance "Bon Voyage" (15.22)

Lola Gouldenstein is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Vintage Roz.

Vintage Roz

Lola follows Sam Hunter to Bloomer mid-way through Season 12, seeking an explanation over the end of their relationship. Almost immediately it is revealed Lola has a prosthetic arm; stemming from an incident in her childhood, which contributes to her lack of self-esteem. Roz Doyle offers her a waitressing job at Café Blossom. In Season 13, Lola draws closer to Sam and they elope towards the end of the season. Lola's sister Hazel also moves to Bloomer and develops a relationship with Laurence Post. In the series finale, Lola moves into the café alongside Sam when he takes over the lease.

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