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Season 1 of MCTV contains 16 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Hopelessly Demoted" 1 1

On request from Maris, June tries to get everyone to sign contracts expressing their devotion and loyalty to MCTV. As soon as the employees have signed them, they are already breaking the rules explicitly stated in each contract. Diana and Isaac vie for the leading role in a historical drama for HBO, and their rivalry turns ugly as a result of their recent break-up. Missy feuds with a rival talk show host, Vivian, who constantly berates MCTV, its crew and its programming, but later comes to believe they are long-lost sisters. Feeling their similar viewpoints would make a lethal combination, Missy tries to “pillage” Vivian from a rival TV network. June worries she has become Maris’ personal “slave” and makes a vow not to do her dirty work anymore when the contract breakers are named and shamed. In response, Maris promptly hires Dean, a young up-and-coming business executive pushed into the family business, to clean up the mess.

"Skin Deep" 2 2

Isaac is dating a kooky Christian girl who doesn’t want him showing anymore skin on Stick Figures, which results in a body double being hired. He is dismayed to learn from the female crew that the double doesn’t have a nice butt, and tries to convince June to hire someone else, so the viewers won’t think he’s got an ugly behind. Meanwhile, the early stages of Missy and Vivian’s talk show partnership are threatened when they disagree over the guilty party in a juicy murder case. Dean tries to gain the employees’ respect on his first day and turns to Diana for advice on “owning” the room when he realises that people still see him as a little boy in an expensive suit.

"A Day Without Maris" 3 3

Maris realises that many of the best entrepreneurs don’t spend much time involved in their businesses; rather, they leave them in capable hands and directly reap the benefits. Maris decides to pay a visit to the station to see if the people involved in its running are capable and determine whether she’s needed there or not. June rallies the troops to be on their best behaviour, deciding that a workplace without Maris is a happy workplace. Dean is conflicted with maintaining the illusion of perfection, so Isaac tries to “break” him out of his shell, so he is no longer a slave to the family business. Meanwhile, Missy and Vivian must go a whole three days without controversial stories as Maris despises the risks controversy involves. The ratings plummet, so they use Diana to contact her celebrity friends and get them a high-profile guest.

"Typecastaway" 4 4

Diana makes the headlines after quitting Stick Figures in fear of being typecast. She is soon being wooed by several other TV networks hoping to make her sign with them exclusively. Diana enjoys the benefits that come with being wanted and Isaac becomes jealous of all the gifts and attention she has been receiving. When it’s apparent that the powers-that-be are considering axing him for being a less successful character without Diana, Isaac will do anything to convince her to re-join the show. Meanwhile, June seeks revenge against Missy and Vivian when she becomes the target of their latest tirade; this time against religious icons who quit the church allegedly in search of fame.

"Sister Attract" 5 5

June is dreading a visit from her three judgemental sisters; April, May, and August, who have always expressed their dissatisfaction for her turning her back on God and getting into show business. Her horror intensifies when she discovers that Maris has asked them to appear in a religious debate show for a three-week trial. Realising they have a fame ambition just as she does, June enlists the help of Diana and Isaac to persuade them of the joys of being rich and famous, hoping they’ll get in over their heads and quit to seek success in broader fields. Meanwhile, Missy gets conflicting orders from Maris and Dean over her skimpy outfits and is offended when she realises Dean only wants her to show more skin because she is viewed as less intelligent than Vivian.

"Milking It" 6 6

Diana, June and Missy decide to take Vivian on a girl’s night out when they discover that she never lost her virginity. However, their drunken shenanigans cause trouble for the TV station when Diana is photographed trying to pick up a male escort! The morning after, the women combat their hangovers, which are rapidly made worse by the furious Maris. Vivian is no closer to losing her womanhood, that is until she meets a handsome news reporter whom she hits it off with. However, her friendship with Diana is threatened when it turns out that he is about to publish a large tabloid story detailing her shady dealings. Meanwhile, Dean asks Isaac to star in an endorsement for soy milk. Isaac happily accepts because he is lactose intolerant himself, but when the crew mistakenly give him real milk, he makes a rather unpleasant site on camera. Isaac’s anger towards Dean only increases when the blooper is accidentally put on the air instead of the final take.

"The Legend of Dean" 7 7

When the newsreader falls ill minutes before he is set to go on air, Dean is forced to take his place and quickly discovers that he has a talent for it. Dean requests to fill in full time; however, his parents are unhappy with this career change, and Dean is pressured by Mars to return to his former duties in case they decide not to invest in MCTV. Diana encourages Dean to do what he wants, and he successfully confronts his parents. The two of them wind up growing closer, prompting jealousy from Isaac. Not able to imagine Diana with someone else, he teams up with Dean’s parents to get everything back to how it’s "supposed to be". Meanwhile, Missy and Vivian try to find out why June moved them out of a coveted prime-time slot.

"Sex and the Studio" 8 8

June must act as a judge when a female accountant accuses Isaac of sexual harassment. Isaac’s argument is that he thought she was asking for his autograph, and he was just acting how he always has done with his female fans. In the ensuing trial, June asks Isaac to tone down his flirting, but as a result of this demand, his sex appeal on Stick Figures disappears. Isaac, tired of never being appreciated simply for his skills as an actor, decides to attend acting school, where he meets a pretty female actress. He asks her out on a date, realising it’s time he settled down with another woman. However, unbeknownst to him, she is also attending a group for sexual addiction, and he winds up agreeing to go to a class with her; consequently worsening the rumours back at MCTV studios.

"Tales from the Newsroom" 9 9

Maris hits the tabloids when she throws a major tantrum in a restaurant for not being provided with “off the menu” food. Missy and Vivian are dismayed to learn that they are banned from reporting anything to do with Maris unless it ups her social standing. Feeling it is patronising to the viewers and to them, Missy and Vivian decide to lead the newsroom workers on a strike until Maris absolves the ban. However, the two of them are unprepared for the results when a TV station filming the ensuing scenes snaps a compromising photograph showing what looks like a lesbian kiss. To their surprise, Maris agrees to let them report whatever they wish; under the condition that they publicly announce their “lesbianism." Meanwhile, Isaac feuds with the man set to play his long lost brother on Stick Figures; and June seeks help from a tape to practice smiling when the efficiency inspector announces a visit.

"The Woman Behind the Curtain" 10 10

June must deal with the sudden media interest in MCTV when the ratings come in for the first time. Suddenly, everyone wants a piece of the owner, but June fears showing Maris’ face on national television will horrify the viewers into never watching MCTV again. However, Maris is delighted that she is finally getting recognition, forcing June and Dean to team up to dissuade her from attending a press conference in the network’s honour. Meanwhile, when Vivian gets a cold, Missy becomes determined to catch it, so their show won’t be taken off the air; thus letting them do a week of shows from their bedrooms based on the terrors of disease.

"MCTV: Seattle" 11 11

Maris wants to expand on the success of Stick Figures, and commissions a spin-off to be made for the 2014-2015 season. Isaac and Diana jump at the chance to lead the cast in the new show, until they realise that none of the current characters will be involved. Feeling unappreciated, they decide to lead their fellow cast members in a strike against the lazy money-making franchises on TV. However, Maris is prepared and conferences with both Isaac and Diana separately, offering them a role in the spin-off, hoping that one of them will crumble and make her the victor in negotiations. June is conflicted when she finds out about Maris’ tactics and must decide whether or not to inform her friends; at the same time, she worries that her newly formed personal relationships have turned her into a bad businesswoman. Meanwhile, Missy and Dean join forces to replace Vivian’s lucky charm after they inadvertently destroy it.

"Good Times" (Part 1) 12 12

When Maris buys out the Seattle Times, the studio employees begin to worry she is spending too much and fear cutbacks will be made to their respective fields of work. Maris immediately makes her impact known at the Times as she starts firing people; however, she finds herself unable to dismiss a harsh TV critic due to his charm, despite the fact that he is always belittling MCTV’s home-grown shows, including Stick Figures. June is forced to step in and do the dirty deed and is conflicted when she realises he’s one of the few guys she’s ever liked. Meanwhile, Isaac and Diana are interviewed for the gossip section, and they are surprised to find that most fans think their characters no longer have any chemistry. Fearing they will be axed from the show, Isaac and Diana consider becoming “sex buddies” off-screen, hoping to improve the chemistry on-screen. Missy and Vivian are left to organise the ‘re-launch’ party; while Dean flirts with the recently fired Times editor and unknowingly gets involved in her plot to humiliate Maris at the event.

"Good Times" (Part 2) 13 13

The re-launch party for the Seattle Times gets underway. June is dismayed to learn that the critic is about to publish a harsh editorial criticising every show from MCTV’s debut season, and she realises she must make a tough decision regarding their relationship. When it turns out he is just using her to get confidential information about the shows, June enlists Dean’s help to teach him a lesson. Meanwhile, Isaac and Diana are caught by an avid photographer emerging from the broom closet, and not wanting the press to find out about their rekindled romance, they become determined to do whatever it takes to keep him silent. Diana is ultimately forced to spend the evening with him and his nerdy friends at a fan club for her Stick Figures character. Missy and Vivian, on the other hand, are left fuming when Maris criticises every selection they made for the party, and they team up with the recently scorned Times editor to humiliate her in front of her social circles. However, as the plot gets underway, they begin to think that the target has changed to Dean, who coldly dumped her in his reluctance to rebel.

"All Work and No Playboy" 14 14

Diana is conflicted when she is asked to appear topless in Playboy magazine, knowing that it will up her celebrity standing, but worrying that it’ll make her less of an actress. When Isaac discovers Dean’s family connection to the magazine editor, he shanghais him into going to the Playboy offices in an attempt to convince him to commission a clothed photo shoot for Diana. However, it becomes apparent that Dean must play dirty for the first time to get the upper hand. Meanwhile, Missy feuds with a new ad director who never lets her get a word in edgewise, and desperately tries to convince June to give her the “executive producer” credit so she can oversee all of the decisions. Vivian mistakenly thinks that Missy is trying to seize control of their show and makes her disdain known while on the air.

"Moving on In" 15 15

On the anniversary of her divorce to Niles, Maris refuses to set foot in her mansion – and settles in at the studio instead. The employees are unhappy with this decision because it means she’ll be around all the time. Missy and Diana are recruited to take Maris to a single bar and help her pick up men so that she’ll forget about her ex-husband and move on. However, they are unprepared for the results when Maris falls for a handsome business executive, oblivious of his true intentions to ‘pillage’ the high-profile stars of MCTV. The employees feel betrayed when Isaac considers accepting the contract change, feeling it’ll finally make him a respected actor. Meanwhile, June and Dean feud with Maris’ chef and butler, Ben and Tommy respectively, in their efforts to destroy Maris’ new relationship and keep her out of the house.

"Wrap Party" 16 16

Maris plans an extravagant party to celebrate MCTV’s successful one year anniversary. Preparations get underway, and June is shanghaied into overseeing every decision made. She and Dean find themselves getting closer in the midst of the chaos. Meanwhile, Diana and Isaac get into an argument when they are both featured in the Seattle Times’ annual “hot or not” list on opposite sides, and Isaac accuses Diana of sleeping with the newspaper's editor. Isaac realises he still has feelings for Diana and the selfish part of him doesn’t want her to be too successful. In the opening stages of the party, Isaac surprises everyone when he gets down on one knee and proposes to Diana. As he and everyone else await her answer, Missy and Vivian wrap up their show for the season, and Missy accepts a phone call on Isaac’s behalf. She is surprised to learn that he has a newborn daughter from an affair he had with a Stick Figures extra. Vivian is stunned when she catches June and Dean making out in a broom closet and lands the three of them in trouble with the increasingly irritated Maris.

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