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Season 2 of MCTV contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Sophomore Slump" 1 17

Diana accepts Isaac’s proposal in front of everybody but later confides in June that she caves in easily to peer pressure and may not have really thought about it. June is also trying to come to terms with her sudden relationship with Dean, and fearing that they are moving too fast, she breaks things off with him – but not before another quickie in the broom closet. Isaac must deal with his overbearing new agent, Olivia Gardener, who is desperately trying to convince him to quit MCTV and accept a job offer from a rival network, and later finds that the struggling business belongs to her father, who threatens to expose his new illegitimate daughter unless he does what he’s told. Fearing for both his relationship and his career, Isaac hands his resignation into Maris, driving her on a warpath when it halts the production of the second season of Stick Figures. Meanwhile, after a guest comments on their success at the wrap party, Missy and Vivian argue over who is the most liked by their audience and they wind up going their separate ways; having half of the time slot each. The viewers soon grow unhappy with the lack of fiery debates, so new media consultant Victor Kennedy steps in to mediate the argument.

  • Olivia Gardener and Victor Kennedy become main characters.
"Behind the Musing" 2 18

Missy and Vivian reluctantly agree to join up again for their show, but they struggle to hide their resentment towards each other while on camera. Missy eventually decides to quit, and Vivian realises she doesn’t want to lose her as a friend. However, she is reluctant to apologise and instead sets out to find an actress similar-looking to Missy to act as her replacement and read a script on the air. In the first week of shows, it’s quite clear that the “debates” are scripted, and Victor threatens cancellation unless Vivian and Missy can patch up their differences. The two of them go into counselling and find their strengths as partners returning when the doctor starts berating them for their views on a recent murder trial they covered. Meanwhile, Isaac and Diana start looking at houses together; and June is surprised to learn that Dean has already found himself a new girlfriend.

"Eye for an Isaac" 3 19

Isaac and Diana make a payment on a large condo in the rich part of Seattle, but Isaac is struggling to hide the fact that he has an illegitimate daughter, Kari. At the same time, he must deal with constant interference from the unbearably bossy Olivia, who keeps forcing him to come into the SBN studios and film endorsements. Doing so also makes him the target of resentment from his co-workers at MCTV, where he is forced to shoot the remainder of his appearances on Stick Figures. On his final day, Isaac is dismayed to learn that his exit has been drastically re-written into something profoundly humiliating. On top of things, he is forced to deal with the show’s official fan club, which Kari's mother Gina is a member of. Isaac realises he’ll have to come clean to Diana when she shows up for his ride home. Diana calmly accepts the revelation but decides to call off the engagement due to the lack of trust. Meanwhile, Victor is over-stepping his boundaries as a media consultant, forcing Dean to step in and do something or face more tantrums from Missy and Vivian. The resulting argument escalates into a “gentleman’s challenge”, which June, wanting to prove there are no hard feelings over their recent fling, agrees to help him train for.

"Missing Missy" 4 20

Missy becomes depressed after getting humiliated by a viewer on the air for an opinion she recently expressed. Vivian is surprised when she doesn’t show up for work the next day, and June has to take her place at the last minute. The show begins to fall apart with June’s lack of expertise and Vivian grows increasingly worried about her missing friend. As all this is going on, it is revealed that Missy has impulsively decided to travel to Canada. After a night of drowning her sorrows in an isolated town, Missy is soon missing her life back in Seattle, and when she discovers the humiliating phone call came from a local resident, she decides to confront him, feeling it’ll give her the confidence boost she needs to return home. However, Missy develops a guilty conscience when it becomes apparent that her attacker has nothing else in life. Meanwhile, Dean is surprised to learn his parents are getting divorced and is torn between whose social events to attend.

"Road Trip" 5 21

Diana chooses not to face her feelings over the broken engagement and persuades the girls to join her for a road trip with no destination in sight. This leaves a gaping hole in production at MCTV, and Maris, desiring above all to teach them a lesson, tricks local authorities into thinking they are a group of escaped fugitives from Texas. After stopping at a diner, June hits it off with a handsome truck driver, Wade, and is prompted by Missy – seemingly an expert on the subject – to “have fun” with him. However, unbeknownst to June, Wade is actually the leader of the real fugitives and is on his way to Seattle to commit a major robbery – from MCTV itself. As their true intentions become apparent, Diana reaches breaking point and spills her true feelings about her break up in a less than elegant manner. Meanwhile, Isaac tries to get back into the guys’ weekly poker game after leaving to work at SBN full time and seeks advice from Victor over his blackmailing agent Olivia when he learns that they were once an item.

"Look Who's Stealing" 6 22

When Dean finds himself unable to choose between his divorcing parents’ social functions, he is prompted by Missy to hire a lookalike to take his place at certain events. He ends up hiring someone who can mimic anyone’s mannerisms to perfection. However, Dean’s parents are displeased with this, especially when things start disappearing from their friends’ houses. When the lookalike unexpectedly skips town, Dean is forced to accept the blame, and to spare him imprisonment, June decides to visit Wade in jail, hoping he’ll know of the lookalike's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Victor and Olivia rekindle their old flame, and Isaac is excited at the possibility of being released from his contract and returning to MCTV. Unfortunately, it seems Victor only has a brief fling in mind.

"Diana's Dinner" 7 23

Stick Figures gets a sexist new director, who arrives at the studio and immediately makes an impact with his intentions to take the show in a new direction. Diana is unhappy with the changes he keeps making to her character and storylines and tries to convince the former director, loveable old Frank, to come out of his retirement. Diana enlists the help of June, Missy and Vivian to help her throw a dinner party to set the stage for her persuasion. However, the night turns into a disaster when Frank reveals that he only quit because he couldn’t stand Diana’s “diva” attitude anymore, which makes her re-think her behaviour. Unfortunately, the dinner spins out of control when Missy worries that the food has been poisoned by the catering team, who resent her for her public ambushing of their restaurant during the early days of her program. Meanwhile, the Seattle Times editor is also in attendance at the dinner, and June shanghais Dean into helping her prove that she is over him.

"In Maris We Trust" 8 24

Victor reveals he once worked for the Bush administration but was fired for his ruthless cutthroat tactics. When Diana notices he has gotten into a depression, she becomes determined to help him see another presidential candidate to success, and is surprised when she realises it has resulted in Maris announcing her candidacy. Knowing that the last thing America needs is Maris at the helm, Diana tries to persuade Victor to drop out of the race before elections get underway. Meanwhile, Missy and Vivian are conflicted when Victor asks them to endorse Maris as a candidate on their show, not wanting to be accused of bias, and a heartfelt storyline on SBN’s hit soap opera, Lawson’s Crack, prompts Isaac to get to know his daughter.

"A Friend Comes to Visit" 9 25

Missy is surprised to discover June is dating the recently incarcerated Wade and prompts her to break things off with him, revealing from experience that prison relationships never work out. However, June is determined to keep the first proper relationship she’s had in months, despite the less than favourable circumstances. She convinces the warden to give her a conjugal visit, and Missy, worried about her friend, decides to pretend she’s the girlfriend of another convict so she can get to the conjugal visiting area to stop June. The situation worsens when it turns out that the warden is due to meet Maris for lunch because she is interested in buying out the prison and demolishing it to make way for the first MCTV affiliate. Meanwhile, Isaac meets his daughter, Kari, for the first time, and has to hide the fact that he is a soap actor from her step-father because he has a bizarre grudge against television that dates back to his childhood. Victor and Dean get into an escalating dare contest.

"Diana and Isaac Together Again" 10 26

Diana decides it is time she hired an agent to up her celebrity status, and eventually picks Olivia Gardener, unaware that she works at the station that ‘pillaged’ Isaac. Diana is pleased when Olivia gets her several new acting gigs but must hide them from Maris while she is still contracted to Stick Figures. Noticing her success, Olivia tells Diana that she’d like her to meet her other “star”, feeling they’d work well together. As a result, Diana and Isaac are forced to endure a long dinner together with Olivia, where their bottled up feelings over the past few months come spilling out in unexpected fashions. Meanwhile, Missy and Vivian encounter an actress who encourages them to "shake up" their appearances every few weeks, so the less intelligent viewers don’t lose interest, but chaos ensues when they both dye their hair the same colour and wind up fighting over the best fashionmonger in town, Franco Beaumont.

"Come Out, Come Out Whoever You Are" 11 27

Isaac, Diana and several others at MCTV are looking forward to the Soap Opera Awards, which Stick Figures is a part of for the first time. As the night gets underway, it seems neither of them has been nominated for any actor-specific awards, until "sexiest soap actor" comes up. Isaac is delighted when he gets the nomination, but his happiness over receiving at least one award quickly fades when it goes to another fresh face on Lawson’s Crack. The star then surprises everyone when he comes out as a homosexual in his acceptance speech and Maris, not wanting MCTV to deal with a similar controversy, insists that every employee fills in a questionnaire detailing their sexuality. Dean and Victor must deal with the resulting complaints, and Missy and Vivian are determined to get permission to speak about the subject on their program. Isaac is surprised to find that the new character is being drastically re-written to accommodate to his "lifestyle choice" and that they will be involved in a love story together.

"Alive and Side-Kicking" 12 28

Vivian begins to feel unappreciated as co-host of Sisterly Gabbing and decides to go on strike to see how the show copes without her. Vivian is surprised when her actions drum up support from several other famed TV “sidekicks” and Missy tries to prove she appreciates her sister by inviting her fan club to a recording. When it turns out that the club only has one demented member, Missy must quickly find a large group of people to act as Vivian’s number one fans before the sidekicks show up for strike negotiations. The talk appears to go well, but Missy is left devastated the next day when she discovers a letter of resignation left by Vivian, revealing that she has left Seattle to follow her true calling; public activism. An emergency meeting is called to discuss the future of Sisterly Gabbing. Meanwhile, June enlists Dean’s help to coax the abrasive caterer for Stick Figures into sensitivity training.

"Hiatus" 13 29

Missy is upset when Sisterly Gabbing is cancelled, and her friendship with June is threatened when she discovers it was her who approved the decision. June, overcome with guilt, tries to get Missy a place on the panel of a new political debate show. Their friendship is soon on the mend, but Missy has second thoughts when the cutthroat agent Olivia Gardener emerges to offer her a better-paid position at SBN studios. Meanwhile, Isaac starts using his Lawson’s Crack scripts as a bedtime story for his daughter Kari and finds himself in Gina's good books when it puts her straight to sleep. However, Kari's abrasive step-father is unhappy when he realises the scripts Isaac has been reading contain his recent gay love story.

"V for Vivian" 14 30

With Isaac gone and Missy possibly migrating to SBN, Dean becomes upset over the rift that has divided MCTV in recent months and sets out to get back to normal; first off by convincing Vivian to return. He faces off against attorney Sandy Stone, who is representing the state against a recent protest Vivian staged with her new circle of activist friends. Meanwhile, Missy and Diana pay a visit to SBN so Missy can make her final decision about Olivia’s offer. Diana ends up running into Isaac. They come to an understanding about their recent relationship troubles and decide to put it behind them and hopefully go back to being friends. Isaac asks Diana to help him get his job back at MCTV; a task made more complicated when they discover Olivia is once again sleeping with Stick Figures casting director, Victor.

"Noël Hope" 15 31

The reunited MCTV staff prepares for the Christmas season. Diana signs up herself and Isaac to present the annual Seattle Christmas parade, hoping it will restore their troubled friendship. However, Isaac’s problems over the “politically correct” script and his subsequent revisions threaten Diana’s wishes. Meanwhile, Missy and Vivian rally for a Christmas comeback special to be approved when Vivian agrees to return to Sisterly Gabbing. Dean discovers that June is lonely at this time of the year and invites her to his annual family dinner. Unfortunately for her, the Carters aren’t happy that her presence wasn’t approved weeks in advance. Victor worries his relationship with Olivia is going too fast when she reveals she has been fired from SBN and he offers her his place to stay. He subsequently spends Christmas Eve hiding out on the set of Stick Figures, where he is soon joined by the others who mull over their holiday blues. But salvation comes from Maris when, in a rare act of seasonal good will, she provides an ample supply of alcohol for the office party; an act which has everyone scrambling to find out just what the catch is.

"Olivia Twist" 16 32

As the employees return from Christmas break, everyone is stunned when Maris hires Olivia to lead the ad department, admiring her cutthroat skills and ability to get the job done. Victor tries to convince the employees to be nice towards Olivia because she opened up to him, revealing that she wanted a fresh start and to be liked for once. As Olivia begins to make acquaintances, her inner demons threaten to return when Diana refuses to be a part of her creative new ad campaign, citing her personal resentment. Victor steps in to mediate the argument and accidentally makes things worse by letting slip that he wants their relationship to slow down. In the meantime, Isaac is shocked to learn of the effect his leaving SBN had on Lawson’s Crack and finds himself being tailed by the show’s out-of-work extras. June is acting weird around Dean, and he becomes determined to find out if it was something he said at the office Christmas party.

"Vivian's Apprentice" 17 33

When Missy comes down with the flu, Vivian stages an Apprentice-like challenge to find a temporary replacement. Diana becomes determined to get the position because she wants to prove that she can be intellectual and expand her acting roles beyond ditzy blondes. However, she faces off against June, who has discovered a taste for stardom after filling in for the weather girl. Meanwhile, Victor and Olivia take care of Missy at home and must do everything in their power to stop her phoning into the show with her many criticisms. Dean confesses to Isaac that he has fallen in love with June after he is caught looking at engagement rings, and fears that June will find out when a tabloid newspaper photographs them in the jewellery store together.

"Take Me Out to the Brawl Game" 18 34

The employees are dismayed to learn that Maris has signed them up for a softball tournament in the Amateur 9-to-5ers League. When they discover the kind of competitive freaks they’re up against, no one wants a part of it, forcing June to put together a team of unwilling volunteers. However, when June learns the secret of their rivals’ success lies in hiring retired professional baseball players, June has trouble finding someone to lay off when everyone suddenly appears enthusiastic; while fighting Maris’ cleaner Leo, the captain of the servant's team, for the use of a local celebrity. June’s captaining skills are threatened when she accidentally stumbles upon the engagement ring Dean bought in his jacket. Meanwhile, Olivia and Diana team up to cater the games, hoping to put their differences beside them. Unfortunately, this plan is quashed by the male employees’ desire to see a cat fight and Diana’s patience is further tested when Isaac is named and shamed. Missy and Vivian enlist the help of Victor to do the sports coverage on their show when they prove somewhat inexperienced in the area.

"Blouse, H.D." 19 35

Victor announces that Stick Figures is to be broadcast in high-definition for the first time, and the actors are excited. That is, everyone except Diana, who is displeased because her cleavage is a lot more noticeable in HD, as it takes away her credibility as an actress. Diana rallies for the show to be broadcast in standard definition again and to prove her point about technological advancement she decides to go a whole week without modern benefits. She soon comes to find that this is easier said than done, and her protest is lost when a tabloid reporter catches her falling off the wagon. Meanwhile, Isaac combats his sudden addiction to the soap whenever Diana’s on screen; Missy and Vivian are jealous when they realise their show is the only one not broadcast in HD, and June seeks advice from Olivia about subtlety hinting Dean that she isn’t ready for marriage yet.

"The Nutty Producer" 20 36

The MCTV employees must deal with a mass fan campaign to revive a recently cancelled show, which has resulted in hundreds of nuts being sent to the office every day. June reveals it was her decision to cancel and she soon finds herself the target of everyone’s loathing. June tries to come up with a compromise and enlists the help of Olivia and Victor to use their connections, hoping to find appropriate funding so a TV movie can be commissioned, giving some much-needed closure for the fan base. However, getting the actors to put their infamous real-life feuds behind them and reunite proves to be the greater challenge. Meanwhile, the nuts drive Maris crazy, and she orders her employees to find a use for each and every one of them after the garbage men refuse to collect. With nuts slowly overrunning the studio, Isaac and Dean head to city hall to find out what instigated the feud between Maris and the garbage men; while Missy and Vivian try to teach Diana a lesson when she throws her first “diva” tantrum over the whole-nut refreshments.

"The Merger" (Part 1) 21 37

When Maris discovers that SBN is closing down due to lack of money, she becomes determined to “pillage” its highest-rated shows, starting with Lawson’s Crack. Olivia and Victor are drafted into negotiations with the network owner, a tough businessman named Henry Hill. However, their chances of victory are threatened when Olivia seems reluctant to go back to her old cutthroat ways. MCTV is then thrown into an uproar when Maris considers merging the two networks. In the meantime, Isaac is the target of ire from his former co-workers, who are angry at his decision to abandon the show so quickly. Isaac agrees to appear in a three-episode stint to wrap up his character’s story but has trouble running it by a pre-occupied June while hiding it from Diana, feeling their relationship is finally on the mend.

"The Merger" (Part 2) 22 38

Maris prepares an elaborate party to celebrate the merger between MCTV and SBN and ropes the employees into helping out. Missy and Vivian are dismayed to learn that a third “sister” is being added to Sisterly Gabbing as a result, and they decide to “haze” the addition, a ditzy girl named Christina who is somewhat chicken when it comes to voicing her opinion. Olivia suggests that Christina was hired for the “horny male” demographic, and the girls must decide whether or not to sex-up their appearances to get Christina out. Isaac and Victor are unhappy with the merging when they meet their miserable new co-workers, and decide to put a power play in motion by making the former boss of SBN, Henry Hill, feel unimportant compared to Maris. However, it seems Maris is having second thoughts herself when she discovers what the merged network will be called: MCSBTVN. Unwilling to share the title with someone else, Maris orders her employees to frighten away the SBN’ers by any means necessary. Meanwhile, June is surprised to learn that Dean has abandoned his plan to propose when they dine together at an Italian restaurant and makes desperate phone calls to Diana for advice in the bathroom.

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