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Season 3 of MCTV contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"The Trouble with Team Building" 1 39

Maris has been unsuccessful in her efforts to keep MCTV and SBN apart after Henry Hill threatens costly legal action. However, with a little bargaining, she is able to persuade him to keep the name as MCTV. The employees adjust to their new roles and co-workers. Missy and Vivian are overcome with guilt after Christina catches them making fun of her lack of intelligence. They try to convince her that it would be in her best interest to take a ten-minute celebrity gossip segment on Sisterly Gabbing. Budget cuts are made to Stick Figures as a result of the merger, and Isaac encourages a shy new actor, Clark Lieberman, to help him protest against the drastically reduced snack table. Victor must mediate the dispute but won’t admit that he can’t function properly without his special coffee blend. Diana is dismayed to learn how different she looks without high-priced makeup artists on staff. Olivia develops insomnia after many sleepless nights trying to come up with an ad campaign detailing the merger and disrupts the others’ sleeping patterns as a result. In the meantime, June and Dean are trying to come to terms with their relationship after Dean’s chaotic almost-proposal.

  • Clark Lieberman and Christina Williams become main characters.
"When Maris Met Henry" 2 40

The feud between Maris and Henry Hill escalates, but Olivia is convinced that it is all a front for a secret relationship. She becomes determined to expose the dirty secret and enlists the help of Christina, whose paparazzi past proves helpful in her efforts to find evidence. However, their partnership is threatened when Christina realises that Olivia only wants the relationship to crumble so the merger between MCTV and SBN will come to an end. Meanwhile, Isaac starts giving Clark acting tips and is proud that he can finally be a mentor to someone, but is dismayed to find that he has found several other “mentors”, including Victor, who is convinced that Clark getting wasted at bars every night is all he needs to be happy. Missy and Vivian help June and Dean with their relationship but unknowingly give conflicting advice.

"New Kids on the Block" 3 41

Diana begins to sympathise with “new kid on the block” Clark when she realises he is struggling to deal with the merger and the resentment he gets from the MCTV’ers. Isaac worries they are on the road to a sexual relationship and raises the issue at a staff meeting, stating that it’ll worsen the rift between MCTV and SBN if they ever split up. However, he refuses to admit that he is only jealous over the relationship. At the next meeting, June is forced to mediate a heated argument between those fighting the relationship and those in support of it, but everything is brought to a grinding halt when Dean unexpectedly proposes to her in front of everybody. June happily says yes, and decides to throw the complaint out the window when she realises it was Clark who convinced Dean to be spontaneous for once. Just as he is about to make his peace, Isaac is embarrassed to learn that Clark is gay and has some explaining to do when Diana finds out about the meeting. Meanwhile, Missy and Vivian deal with Christina’s chat show hating new boyfriend.

"A Loss for Victor" 4 42

Victor is dismayed to learn that the smarmy political advisor who took his place at the White House is coming to MCTV to film several commercials endorsing his candidacy for Congress. June and Olivia must do whatever it takes to stop Victor disrupting the process as MCTV desperately needs the revenue, and Olivia is driven crazy when June won’t stop yapping about her engagement. Victor instead turns to Christina, asking her to dig up some dirt on his rival so he can have some fun in the editing booth. Meanwhile, Isaac fears his friendship with Clark will have to be sacrificed when Missy and Vivian inform him that his friendships with gay people are making the news. Diana helps Dean get June’s engagement ring re-sized, and he is convinced that she has become a kleptomaniac after catching her slip something into her purse.

"A Very Special MCTV" 5 43

The ratings for MCTV’s fall season come in, and they are not good. Maris calls an emergency meeting and devises a plan of action, which results in a series of ‘very special’ episodes being commissioned for every original program. Isaac feels uncomfortable working on a Stick Figures story involving his character and a sexually promiscuous 13-year old girl, especially when he realises how sweet the young actress is in person. To top things off, she is the daughter of one of Diana’s best friends. Missy and Christina feud with Vivian over their show’s blatantly scripted anti-drug messages and accidentally get her high on pot brownies when Christina misperceives Missy’s desire to teach Vivian a life lesson. Dean and June set out to get Mayim Bialik, a.k.a. TV’s “Blossom” and an expert on the subject of very special TV shows, for help with Maris’ demands. Olivia works on an ad campaign with Victor to make sure the event gets the right amount of publicity. Realising that it’ll mostly appeal to women, they try to get some sex appeal for the commercial, and accidentally offend Clark when they don’t think of him.

"No Backing In" 6 44

June prepares to “officially” meet Dean’s parents as his fiancé and worries that she isn’t suited to their high-class, hoity-toity world. In a desperate attempt to survive the evening, she gets drunk before leaving and neglects to let Dean drive, which results in them backing into an expensive Rolls-Royce parked right behind. The owner is not too pleased, and the two of them wind up getting taken to the local jailhouse. When Dean calls the studio for help, June worries she has blown it completely with the Carter family when she realises that the Rolls-Royce owner has a strong connection to both Maris and Dean’s parents. Meanwhile, Isaac is stunned when Kari is left on a doorstep with a note from her mother saying that she can’t handle raising a daughter anymore and needs some time of her own. He seeks help from Diana in dealing with the young baby, and they wind up growing closer – making Victor determined to get a hold of this ultimate chick magnet.

"Act to the Future" 7 45

Isaac and Diana decide to simultaneously hand in their resignations from Stick Figures when the producers axe their characters in an attempt to revitalise the show. Maris is infuriated and demands that they carry out the rest of their contracts by doing various acting jobs for her. This results in the two of them being forced to take on the roles of her guests of honour when they don’t show so that she doesn’t look like a fool in front of her socialite friends. Diana soon begins to get sick of the company and grows increasingly worried about the future of her career, especially when it seems Isaac is getting more offers than her. Meanwhile, Clark is overcome with guilt when he receives Isaac’s luxury dressing room, and he decides to share it with Missy, Vivian and Christina when they complain that the dressing room for their show is nothing more than an abandoned warehouse. However, this brings unexpected results when the three of them start protesting for time on their own in the dressing room, and Victor must step in to mediate the argument.

"Campaign in the Neck" 8 46

Olivia is approached by her best friend from high-school, Felicia, who excitedly reveals that MCTV has picked up her sitcom pilot for 13 episodes. Olivia is pleased for Felicia and agrees to be in charge of the show’s advertising, but after viewing the first episode, she worries that she won’t be able to make a convincing enough ad campaign because the show is unquestionably awful. Stuck, Olivia enlists the help of Victor to give Felicia some home truths and is annoyed when they get into a fling instead, and Victor keeps putting it off. Meanwhile, June is horrified when Dean’s family seize control of the wedding guest list and demands that he gets it back before they invite their unbearable circle of friends; worst of all, Maris. Out of work Diana and Isaac vie for the best agent in Seattle, who only has one position left on his rota of clients, and are furious when the employed Clark snaps up the position.

"The Smart of War" 9 47

Christina is upset after an irate viewer calls into Sisterly Gabbing and claims that she is nothing more than a sex object brought in to pander to the masses. When Missy and Vivian don’t jump to her defence, Christina becomes determined to prove that she is intelligent by entering an academic bowl. Meanwhile, Isaac and Diana are brought in as the celebrity hosts, and Diana grows increasingly worried about her career because these gigs are usually offered to washed-up stars. When Olivia learns of the bowl’s $10,000 prize, she becomes determined to mould a genius of her own and get a cut of the money, making Victor worry that her old inner demons have resurfaced. June and Dean both have tickets to the showdown, but neither will admit that they don’t actually want to be there because they both think the other person enjoys this sort of intellectual event.

"Clark, Get Set, Go" 10 48

Clark is dismayed to learn that another actor in Seattle has been taking all the credit for the work he’s done over the years, and decides to confront him with Isaac at the Space Needle, during a local theatre production of Romeo and Juliet. Isaac identifies the man as Jules Darcy, his former co-worker from Stick Figures who left shortly after he publicly announced his homosexuality. Jules confesses that he has indeed been taking credit for Clark’s work, and admits it’s because his career has been on a steady decline ever since his announcement. This makes Clark worried about ruining his own career if he ever admits the truth about himself; while Jules will do anything to retain his name – even if it means spreading rumours about his friendship with Isaac. Meanwhile, Diana throws a major tantrum at the supermarket when her credit card is declined for the first time ever. Realising she can’t live off unemployment forever, she decides to accept a job endorsing light bulbs for a commercial and is angry at Victor when he gets a hard copy and mass produces it around MCTV.

"Amelia Heartless" 11 49

Missy prepares for a visit from her insufferable mother, Amelia, who phoned her demanding to see her place of work; while Vivian is excited at meeting her step-mother for the first time. However, it soon becomes apparent that Amelia only wants to get back into show-business, and Missy worries that she will shanghai them from their show. Determined not to let this happen, she draws up a plan of action with Christina, but Vivian isn’t willing to go along with it for fear of jeopardising her bond with Amelia. Meanwhile, June enlists Diana to help her look for wedding dresses, and the two of them find themselves the target of a group of ruthless suburban housewives at a discount outlet store. Dean asks Isaac to be his best man but quickly comes to regret this decision when he realises what kind of shebang the actor has in mind.

"That's the Way the Urinal Cake Crumbles" 12 50

The employees are excited when Maris announces she has sold her urinal cake company because there’s a chance that she’ll spend the extra cash on MCTV. Maris decides to turn it into a competition and promises to give money to the department she deems to be most in need – or to whoever can make her the happiest. All-out war ensues, with every employee determined to get in Maris’ good books. Isaac and Diana, after several weeks of unsuccessful job hunting, consider careers in production and set out to get Maris to approve their script for a drama pilot, hoping to put themselves in the lead roles. Olivia wants more funds for the ad department, sick of doing the same things every week. Missy, Vivian and Christina feel the Sisterly Gabbing set needs modern renovation and have to make a difficult decision when Maris requests to do the designing herself without their approval. Clark is tired of having to share his script with a painfully self-centered Stick Figures actor and when his request for more paper is deemed “boring”, he enlists the help of Dean to make a stand by tying themselves to the large oak tree outside MCTV. However, the local press mistake this for a nature-related protest and the downfall of Maris’ business empire gets more exposure than she wanted, threatening everyone’s chance with the funds.

"Henry's Retirement" 13 51

Henry Hill announces that he has sold his shares in MCTV and will be leaving Seattle to enjoy his retirement. Maris delightfully throws a party to celebrate; while Christina and Clark are among the SBN’ers fearing that she’ll fire them because Henry won’t be around to overrule her decisions. They become determined to prove their worth to MCTV, and they convince June to let them hang a giant banner from the Space Needle publicly celebrating Henry’s departure. However, this proves to be a bad decision when the banner covers the revolving restaurant just as Maris is putting her last affairs with Henry in order. Meanwhile, Missy enlists the help of a dialect expert to change her voice when she discovers that it grates on a lot of viewers. Diana and Isaac fight over the last unemployment package from Stick Figures.

"Maris for Mayor" 14 52

Sick of being humiliated by Maris and undermined in front of the Stick Figures crew, Victor decides to quit his directing job, hoping to get back into politics. He manages to secure himself a place on a local mayoral candidate’s staff. However, as it becomes apparent that the candidate isn’t as trustworthy as his campaign paints him to be, Victor begins to have second thoughts about the change, especially when Clark informs him how terrible the show has become as a result of his departure. Victor eventually decides to return to MCTV and is relieved when he realises Maris never bothered to open his resignation letter. Now he and Clark must break into her office to get it back. Unfortunately, they are too late when Maris finds out about his migration and mistakenly thinks he is suggesting that she runs for mayor. Victor is forced to play along in fear of his job, and the employees are horrified at the prospect of their loony boss being mayor of Seattle. Meanwhile, Isaac teaches an acting class for the local community centre but has trouble getting through to the young wannabes, forcing him to enlist June’s help as his “teacher’s assistant” for some pointers.

"A Tale of Three Parties" 15 53

June and Dean decide to host an engagement party in the studio’s function room but are angry when Maris seizes control of the stage on the night and announces her mayoral candidacy. June is upset when the party seemingly shifts focus to Maris’ burgeoning political career and claims that she has stolen their thunder. Dean becomes determined to make it up to her by throwing another engagement party just for close family and friends. However, this proves to be a disaster too when Isaac excitedly reveals that he has gotten himself a leading role in an expensive Hollywood blockbuster. Diana is upset because she and Isaac made an oath to only accept duo roles, and their subsequent shouting match becomes the party highlight. Dean decides to try once more, and June begins to feel guilty for all the grief she is putting him through. Enlisting the help of Missy and Vivian, she decides to throw him a party instead, and it’s imperative that they stall any exciting developments until after the engagement is announced. In the meantime, Olivia desperately tries to avoid Maris so she won’t be asked to create an ad campaign for her mayoral candidacy but is somewhat offended when she picks paparazzi expert Christina over her.

"Aliens, Stagehands and Marshmallows" 16 54

Isaac excitedly prepares for his first day on the set of his Hollywood blockbuster, Alien Bloodbath, but after hearing stories about the film’s fierce director, he asks Olivia to join him as his “agent” so he has someone to fall back on in case of emergency. Diana becomes somewhat jealous of the blossoming friendship between Isaac and Olivia and decides to get a stagehand job so she can keep an eye on them. Olivia, on the other hand, is having trouble getting back into her old cutthroat ways and keeps coming across as something no less threatening than a marshmallow. Meanwhile, June and Dean irritate everyone by endlessly arguing over where they’re going for their honeymoon. Missy, Vivian and Christina elect to do something by having a phone-in vote on Sisterly Gabbing, which brings surprising results.

"Maris in Wonderland" 17 55

It’s time for MCTV’s yearly anti-drug endorsements, but some people, including Diana, are unable to justify dissuading drug usage because they have never experimented themselves. Maris responds by getting some ecstasy delivered to the station by way of an old friend, telling anyone who feels they need to try it before filming is welcome to do so. Christina tries to convince Diana not to experiment, revealing a narcotics addiction from her paparazzi days. Vivian is outraged by Maris’ latest insanity and decides to teach her a lesson by slipping some of the E into her morning coffee, and her resulting hallucinogenic trip spells trouble for everyone when the anti-drug filmmakers show up to begin the endorsements. Meanwhile, Isaac becomes determined to remember the food he ate before giving his best performance on the set of Alien Bloodbath to date. Olivia struggles with being second in command to the endorsement director, who is an old rival of hers from high school.

"The Prodigal Mother Returns" 18 56

Isaac is stunned when Kari's mother Gina returns and requests full custody again. Isaac refuses because he has only just started to get to know his daughter, and feels Gina doesn’t deserve to keep her after her abandonment. When Gina threatens legal action, Isaac is forced to enlist the help of attorney Sandy Stone, who turns out to be more trouble than she’s worth. Missy and Christina try to dig up some dirt on Gina and discover a shameful secret about the bordello where she worked during a brief layover in Paris. Unfortunately, divulging this secret proves to be difficult in case they are sued for defamation, and they are forced to turn to Sandy to find an ancient loophole. Meanwhile, Clark is dismayed to learn that the only girlfriend he’s ever had has become an extra on Stick Figures, and fears she will blab his secret to everyone else. Clark turns to Olivia and Victor to make sure she keeps quiet, and they end up learning several startling truths about the life of an extra.

"Let Them Eat Cakes" 19 57

Olivia is surprised to learn that her friend Felicia’s TV series has become a smash hit on another network, and finds herself the target of ire from Maris for turning it down at MCTV. Olivia is forced into negotiations with Felicia over ownership of the show and is dismayed to realise how much success has changed her old friend. Olivia enlists the help of Isaac to “break” Felicia because she gets weak when around famous people, but is overcome with guilt when Felicia loses her confidence and sells the rights to her show without thinking about how it will benefit her. Meanwhile, June seeks the opinions of her friends as she narrows down wedding cakes, but faces a challenge when she realises they are all on the latest diet craze to hit Seattle.

"All the Candidate's Men" 20 58

As election day nears in Seattle, the MCTV employees find themselves forced to team up with Maris’ home servants to help out in her campaign. Isaac and butler Tommy fight over a sexy single mother when they are sent to an elementary school. June and au pair Sara argue at a protest rally when they are both misinformed about Maris’ stance on the environment. Missy and Vivian are surprised to learn that Eve, the gardener, considers herself a friend to Maris, and they become determined to dish up some dirt as they prepare for a special political edition of Sisterly Gabbing. June is forced to put wedding plans on hold and help Maris’ chef Ben prepare food for homeless people; then Dean and cleaner Leo must drop everything too when it transpires there is no one to dish it out. Victor and Olivia are asked to devise a plan for Maris’ grand entrance at the final political debate, and convince Gabriel, her chauffeur, to drive her in. However, the two of them fear disaster when Gabriel reveals he had a slight drinking problem three years ago when Marta died. Finally, Diana, Clark and Christina head to the mansion to pick up Maris’ schedule and are forced to deal with the bizarre night shift.

"The Obliged" (Part 1) 21 59

Scheduling mayhem hits MCTV when Maris’ result party, the premiere of Alien Bloodbath and June and Dean’s wedding are all booked for the same day. The employees are forced to decide where their loyalties lie, and arguments are stirred up all around as a result. Missy, Vivian and Christina get into an argument over which mayoral candidate to endorse on a special political edition of Sisterly Gabbing, which culminates with the three of them refusing to appear on camera together. Vivian winds up getting drunk and crashing Dean’s bachelor party, where she reveals that she is tired of playing second fiddle to Missy, and wants to stop being who everyone expects her to be. The next morning, Missy and Christina patch up their differences and plan on doing the same with Vivian when they discover that she has left Seattle, leaving behind a resignation letter saying that she felt too many things were holding her back. Missy is upset with this development and consequently backs out of her agreement to be June’s bridesmaid. Christina is forced to step in as her replacement. Meanwhile, Clark enlists Diana to pose as his girlfriend for a review with Soap Opera Digest, but a misinformed Isaac stumbles upon the scene and accidentally exposes Clark’s secret.

"The Obliged" (Part 2) 22 60

Isaac is devastated when several bad reviews for Alien Bloodbath come in, and Diana decides to stop being mad at him about his movie role when she sees how vulnerable he is. She comforts him, and they end up “reconciling” their relationship immediately after walking down the red carpet. Olivia and Victor team up to deal with the scheduling conflicts and are driven into a panic when it transpires that none of Maris’ friends wants to attend her party because they all support a different candidate. The two of them are forced to pick random passers-by on the street to attend the party in fear of incurring Maris’ wrath. Meanwhile, Dean and June’s wedding starts, with Clark acting as emergency best man while Isaac is occupied. June realises that she’d rather postpone the wedding until everyone can be available, but after receiving word from Olivia about the party disaster, they shift the ceremony to MCTV, with the guests posing as Maris’ supporters. Battling their exhaustion, Isaac and Diana show up in time to see June walk down the aisle. Isaac tries to apologise to Clark for outing him but is met with forgiveness when Clark decides it was for the best. And Christina won’t stop boasting about the “significant responsibilities” of being the bridesmaid, which quickly drives Missy crazy and makes her all the more determined to get Vivian back. Finally, as June and Dean celebrate their vows, Maris makes a show-stopping announcement; she is to become the next mayor of Seattle.

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