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Season 4 of MCTV contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Sister is Doing it for Herself" 1 61

Missy and Christina debate whether to hire a replacement third sister after Vivian’s official resignation comes through. Missy is determined to prove that they can survive with just two sisters but quickly realises that Christina is not the best person to bounce her opinions off. Missy soon decides to convince Vivian to come back and learns that she has settled down in Colorado with her own small-town opinion forum. With the help of Victor and Olivia, they travel there in Clark’s new private jet and find themselves targeted by the locals for ruining the town’s “green” stance. Vivian is forced to make a decision about her future when the subject comes up on her next show; while Olivia works on their defence. Meanwhile, Diana begins to worry that her reconciliation with Isaac is doomed to failure when he is forced to tour America promoting the critically panned Alien Bloodbath.

"Third Wheels" 2 62

June and Dean return from their honeymoon and are arguing every five minutes about tiny things. When Isaac leaves for his promotional tour, the two of them invite a despondent Diana to dinner, but quickly come to regret it when she starts spending all her time with them. However, it’s soon apparent that Diana thinks she is doing them a favour after rumours spread that they desperately want out of their marriage. Meanwhile, Vivian settles back down on Sisterly Gabbing, but Christina is unhappy that she is once again the third wheel.

"Kids in City Hall" 3 63

Victor and Olivia are stunned when Maris switches their contracts to city hall, where she now resides as mayor. When it becomes apparent that her staff are some of the grouchiest people they’ve ever met, Victor and Olivia soon want to return to the comforts of MCTV and find that the only reason Maris called them is that she admires their cutthroat abilities. Determined to get out of city hall, they decide to pretend that they are the flakiest, most spineless people imaginable, but no matter what they do, Maris won’t seem to budge. Meanwhile, Diana begins to worry that Clark is spending too much after he makes several more extravagant purchases, and shanghais June into confronting him about it. Clark is annoyed that they don’t trust him and Diana is soon regretting saying anything when she realises that his private jet would make the perfect entrance for a glamorous awards ceremony she has been invited to.

"Birthday Terrorists" 4 64

Diana’s birthday is coming up, and she is despondent because she won’t get to spend it with Isaac. June encourages everyone to pool together and think of the perfect birthday gift, and they eventually settle on taking her to Palm Springs in Clark’s private jet. However, the journey turns into a disaster when they discover a fiercely determined journalist has stowed away onboard to get a scoop on the vacationing celebrities. When Clark orders the pilot to touch the jet down in the nearest available space, everyone realises just how far the journalist is willing to go when he convinces the authorities that the jet is used for terrorist activity. In the meantime, June is worried that the heat in her marriage to Dean has already disappeared and is convinced that the chaos is just what they need to get the spark back. Unfortunately, finding time to ‘re-ignite’ it proves to be a difficult feat when Vivian keeps rushing to the bathroom after neglecting her aversion to shrimp.

"Over the Pledge" 5 65

June is dismayed to learn that the nunnery where she worked as a young woman is closing down due to lack of funding. Visiting the place with Dean, she is surprised to realise how much of a ‘softy’ her time at MCTV has made her when she reconciles with her old nun friends. June decides to organise a pledge drive and runs afoul of Maris, who despises public pleas for money. June realises she must go back to her old ways if she is to get things done, but Dean doesn’t like the person she becomes. Meanwhile, Diana is upset to learn that Isaac’s promotional tour passes right through Seattle, and becomes determined to convince his manager to make a brief stop so they can see each other. Missy and Olivia get into a fierce competition over who can get the most pledges.

"The Fall of Maris Crane" (Part 1) 6 66

Everyone is stunned when Christina inadvertently drops the F-bomb during a live edition of Sisterly Gabbing. June, Dean, Olivia and Dean collaborate to deal with the problem and feel they have constructed the perfect solution, until Maris butts in and announces that now she is mayor, everything that is put to air must be run by her first. This creates delays in getting shows out in time, but Maris refuses to acknowledge the problem and takes up to a day just to approve one line of dialogue. Missy and Vivian decide to take action by putting out an unapproved, emergency broadcast of their show, deriding Maris’ position as mayor and calling for the people of Seattle to protest. Christina is annoyed when she isn’t invited to participate in the broadcast, and admits to Diana that her use of the F-word was the result of her always feeling her opinion is unimportant next to Missy and Vivian. Diana encourages Christina to do something about it, and she responds with her own emergency broadcast, supporting Maris as mayor. Controversy ensues when Christina accidentally suggests that Maris’ victory was fixed and things get ugly when Maris goes on a warpath of revenge, looking to ruin anyone who had a hand in her downfall.

"The Fall of Maris Crane" (Part 2) 7 67

Christina finds herself being sued by Maris’ team of high-priced lawyers for libel, and she is upset when she doesn’t receive any support from Missy and Vivian. Deciding not to stick around to endure her humiliating defeat in court, Christina elects to quit her job at MCTV and leaves Seattle, seeking her own fame. Nevertheless, the case is quickly thrown out of the window when it is discovered that Maris did indeed fix the election. She is recalled as mayor of Seattle and placed under house arrest. Olivia is consequently forced to make the most difficult ad campaign yet to regain the viewers’ trust and keep MCTV in business. Maris becomes depressed when she is shunned by her socialite friends as a result of her shady dealings and manages to take out her anger on her employees even from the comforts of her home. June and Dean are forced to stop Maris’ plan to sue her own TV network for broadcasting stuff that didn’t meet her approval. It soon becomes apparent that changes are in store when several IRS representatives arrive and start making budget cuts as part of Maris’ plea bargain, and Clark finds himself waiting in line for unemployment benefits like Diana when Stick Figures is unexpectedly canned.

  • Christina Williams's last appearance as a main character.
"The Fall of Maris Crane" (Part 3) 8 68

With Maris stuck under house arrest, the IRS make their presence known at the studio as they continue to make drastic budget cuts. The employees quickly realise that they need Maris when they meet her much worse replacement, Elaine Frost. Missy and Vivian consequently change their views on Maris and start supporting her on Sisterly Gabbing, which prompts a mixed response from the viewers. Olivia is mad because one hour of their show has practically undone all the good work she did for her Trust ad campaign. Victor must learn the age-old business art of sucking up, hoping to charm Elaine into giving him the executive producer position on another show. Elaine gathers everyone up and makes a big speech about how Maris will be under house arrest for a long time, and people will have to get used to her presence. June can’t help but admire Elaine's business skills and becomes determined to mirror them, which makes Dean worry that her “dark” side will come back. Meanwhile, Diana and Clark are sick of living off their unemployment benefits and are surprised when an old actor friend of Clark’s suggests that they appear in erotic films together.

"There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill" 9 69

Diana and the returning Isaac adjust to being together again, but it seems their reconciliation is doomed to failure after Frannie, an eccentric fan who followed Isaac through the entire tour, shows up and claims she is carrying his baby. Isaac denies ever sleeping with anyone else but is unable to say he didn’t get drunk a few times and lose his memory of the previous night. Isaac desperately tries to prove his innocence by demanding proof of Frannie's pregnancy, and when the doctor confirms it, he sets out to get DNA tests. Things turn for the worse when Frannie turns out to be the daughter of new boss Elaine Frost. Elaine, excited by her daughter’s news, starts treating Isaac better than ever and offers him a job on MCTV’s new cop drama. Diana is upset at how much Isaac’s infidelity has benefited him and becomes determined to get justice, resulting in a cat fight between her and Frannie. Meanwhile, Clark enrols in acting school to improve his chances of getting better work and is surprised to discover that Victor has decided to change his path in life and is now a rising thespian.

"Jurassic Clark" 10 70

Clark is dismayed to learn that his private jet was wrongly seized during the IRS visit, and he becomes determined to get it back. When he realises that it will take between six to eight months due to the slow system, June encourages him to get a lawyer. Clark hires Sandy Stone, unaware of her bad reputation, and quickly finds her to be a nuisance. However, despite her procrastination, she somehow manages to get back the jet, and Clark’s gratefulness unexpectedly leads them to sleep together. The next morning, Clark tries to come to terms with what happened, and he takes to the air in his jet to clear his head. He is dismayed to find that Sandy has stowed away on board with a bottle of champagne and he is forced to set her straight, revealing that he is gay and their tryst was a mistake. She doesn’t respond lightly. Meanwhile, down below, Missy and Vivian anger Elaine after they attach a “free Maris Crane” banner to Clark’s jet; and Victor seeks acting tips from Isaac.

"Prison Breakout Performance" 11 71

Isaac, Diana, Clark and Victor are dismayed to learn that the stipulations of their unemployment packages require them to perform short plays at prisons as a community service. There, Isaac and Diana struggle to hide their argument and wind up spending the night in a cell when they cross an irate security guard. As they spend the night in jail, Isaac and Diana are surprised to learn that Maris is in the cell opposite them, having broken her house arrest. Maris agrees to let them use her best lawyer so they can break their contract, but only if they get her placed back under house arrest. Isaac and Diana agree and are forced to put aside their differences for their appeal to the governor. Back at MCTV, June accidentally loses her wedding ring and desperately tries to hide it from Dean, who turns out to have done the same. Missy and Vivian are convinced that a diamond thief is on the loose and enlist Olivia to help them investigate, but their paranoid suspicion soon turns on her.

"Inside the Actor's Pants" 12 72

Clark and Victor get the leading roles in a controversial new play but worry about their friendship when they discover they are expected to perform love scenes together. At the same time, they must keep their participation a secret, as Elaine Frost refuses to let anyone still under contract with MCTV work elsewhere. June suggests to Elaine that if she wants to stop this happening, she should offer them alternative work. This results in Clark and Victor being forced to present MCTV’s late night shopping segment, from 2 AM to 6 AM. Their performances in the play are severely compromised due to sleep loss, and they grow sick of each other’s company. Surprisingly, this has an improving effect on their love scenes, and they are consequently torn between their friendship and careers. Meanwhile, Dean and Missy tire of being the messengers for the bickering Isaac and Diana, and decide to let them sort their own problems out. They are then shocked when Olivia and Vivian are enlisted in their place, so they set out to teach the feuding lovers a lesson.

"Script Happens" 13 73

Isaac is called back into filming when a director’s cut of Alien Bloodbath gets underway, but he is dismayed to find that it means his character having less screen time. Isaac decides to protest with the other shunned actors, and their shock intensifies when they realise the director is bringing in a group of pretty actresses to appeal further to the male demographic. Among these actresses is Diana, which threatens to damage their recently repaired friendship once again. Back at MCTV, Missy and Vivian are delighted to review the pilot episode of the network’s new cop drama, Badges, but their excitement dwindles when they realise how far Elaine Frost's family extends as her parents happen to be the producers. To their relief, the show turns out okay, but they make the mistake of giving it a “B” average and causing Elaine's mother to have a mental breakdown. To save the show from premature cancellation, Missy and Vivian are forced to pen the script for the second episode; while June and Dean attempt to calm Mrs. Frost down. Victor struggles to keep up a love life after steamy pictures of him and Clark from the play they were are leaked to the media.

"Maris Attacks" 14 74

Everyone is surprised when Maris returns to MCTV a month early for good behaviour, and her first order of business is to kick Elaine out. However, Elaine claims that her IRS contract isn’t over for another month, and until then Maris will be second in command. June and Dean are forced to mediate an escalating feud between the powerful businesswomen, but when it becomes apparent that Maris and Elaine are actually old friends and are only pretending to hate each other to keep things running smoothly, they become determined to teach them a lesson. June and Dean’s relationship is threatened in the meantime when June gets tired of Dean always telling her to tone herself down a bit, feeling he is trying to alter her personality. As all this is going on, Badges launches in midseason and Isaac attends the premiere party. There, he is shocked to encounter Frannie, the woman who recently lied about carrying his baby. Frannie is there getting scoops for her gossip column in the Seattle Times, and Isaac is overcome with guilt after accidentally worsening the rumours of a relationship between Clark and Victor. Meanwhile, Missy and Vivian change their stance on Maris’ innocence once again when her return forces more budget cuts for their show, which results in further controversy.

"Altered States" 15 75

Olivia steps up as director when it’s time to film MCTV’s yearly anti-drug endorsements. When she fails to get through to the actors and fumbles her away through the editing process, she turns to former director Victor for assistance. Olivia is dismayed when she watches the final product and finds that it has been completely altered from her original vision. She decides to start a protest and enlists Clark, an avid sci-fi fan. Clark uses his connections to round up many people with similar viewpoints, and when the studio gets full of sci-fi geeks, Olivia realises there has been a grave misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Isaac finds himself becoming closer to Elaine when she starts spending more time on the set of Badges. However, he struggles to ignore her connection to Maris and pictures the insane socialite’s face every time he tries to initiate a kiss. Enlisting the help of Missy and Vivian, he becomes determined to find a way around it, and his problem induces strange reactions of jealousy from Diana.

"The Mould and the Beautiful" 16 76

MCTV is unexpectedly shut down for fumigation when mould is discovered, and Maris becomes determined to keep it going by launching the network’s first radio station. Isaac and Vivian are shocked when they are both denied places on the air, as they don’t have the right kind of voice. They decide to take dialect lessons at the YMCA hoping to prove everyone wrong and only embarrass themselves further when their teacher turns out to be someone who hates Sisterly Gabbing with a fiery rage. Diana and Missy seek advice from the owner of the hottest radio station in town, Roz Doyle when they struggle to find material to talk about. Meanwhile, Victor tries to dissuade Olivia from entering the studio in a hazmat suit when she becomes determined to complete an ad campaign that has been plaguing her for weeks.

"Curse of the Crane" 17 77

Missy, Vivian and Olivia decide to take Diana and June for a girl’s night out to cheer them up about their lagging love lives. After a few drinks, they come to the conclusion that Maris is responsible for their romantic problems, and realise that they only occur when she is around. Deciding that there is some sort of curse on Maris, they elect to “cleanse” MCTV of its demons with the help of some kooks from the bar. The guys realise it’s up to them to stop the girls from doing anything stupid and a war of the genders soon breaks out. The next morning, the studio is in a disastrous state. The girls blame the boys, and vice versa. Maris is furious and desperately tries to weed out the group responsible. The guys fear that their number is up when Maris reveals it is the anniversary of her divorce to Niles, and she is on a vendetta against men. Dean worries that he is responsible for June’s misery and just wants to fix things with her, but the escalating war makes this increasingly difficult.

"The Filmmakers" 18 78

Isaac is asked to record a commentary for the Alien Bloodbath DVD release, but when he struggles to come up with interesting material he decides to carry a tape recorder around instead and ask people how the movie made an impact on their lives. Isaac is dismayed when all he receives are snide comments, and he comes to the realisation that the movie wasn’t very good. Determined to better himself as an actor, Isaac heads to a film school to join one of the many projects being made by its rising students. He is surprised to learn that Victor was once a student, but left after losing his confidence. Uncovering his screenplay and rough cuts, Isaac becomes convinced that Victor’s work would make the perfect movie and desperately tries to convince him to return to directing. This proves to be a difficult feat when it transpires that Victor was just offered the leading role in Alien Bloodbath’s direct-to-DVD sequel. Meanwhile, MCTV Radio is coming to the end of its trial run, so Missy and Vivian seek an interview from Maris to wrap things up with a bang. However, they must convince her to break her yearly vow of silence.

"Accounting Backwards" 19 79

When Maris unexpectedly fires the entire accounting department, June and Dean must put aside their differences to complete the yearly expense report. Elaine Frost announces she will be leaving MCTV to re-join the IRS as the tax season is one of its busiest periods, and Isaac is unhappy as they have been developing a close relationship over the past few weeks. When it transpires that the studio is thousands of dollars over budget, Missy, Vivian and Olivia are furious when June suggests that some of the employees’ paycheques be slashed. Dean, sensing an uproar, enlists the help of Victor to convince Maris to re-hire the accountants; however, getting them to give up their unemployment packages proves to be the greater challenge. Meanwhile, Diana takes a role as an extra on Badges to oversee Isaac’s love life but feels like a hypocrite when she hits it off with one of the lead actors. However, she becomes suspicious of the close-knit friendship he has with Clark.

"Suddenly Last Sequel" 20 80

Victor is due to start filming Alien Bloodbath II, a direct-to-DVD sequel to Isaac’s movie. Isaac struggles to hide his feelings of resentment towards this and becomes determined to get his protest heard by staging a rally with the Seattle Screen Actor’s Guild, with several other thespians furious over being re-cast. Victor is annoyed at Isaac for ruining his big break, and arguments ensue when, in the heat of the moment, Isaac reveals what he really thinks about Victor’s “so-called” acting career. Meanwhile, Missy and Vivian decide to hold a focus group for Sisterly Gabbing when it suffers a sudden ratings decline. When they realise that most people tune in for the Hollywood gossip, they extend their usual segment to take up half the show and quickly find that their focus group makes the perfect team of advisors when they face competition from their unexpectedly successful ex-partner Christina.

"Married to the Mayor" 21 81

Maris is due to hold a dinner party in honour of the new mayor of Seattle, to show there are “no hard feelings” and to keep up her image. When the mayor's wife suddenly comes down with the flu, Maris fears it’ll be the disaster her socialite friends will remember for years, and shanghais Diana into posing as her for the night. Diana is pleased when the guests fall for her ploy, and her confidence as an actress is renewed. At the same time, she strikes up a friendship with the mayor and is conflicted when he asks her to play the role of his wife at every subsequent event because his real one is something of a flake who frequently cancels plans.

"Something for the Weekend" 22 82

MCTV is tented for termites, giving everyone the weekend off. June and Dean seek the opportunity to fix some of the problems in their marriage, and they head to a therapeutic retreat in the wilderness. Unfortunately, their visit happens to coincide with the last weekend of a bitter old couple who have been married nearly fifty years. Meanwhile, Isaac spends his entire Saturday signing copies of his new biography at a bookstore. Diana, unwilling to admit that she is jealous of his success, is determined to prove that most of the information in the biography is BS. Olivia helps Victor “fine tune” his bare résumé when he gets turned away from several auditions, and must then teach him how to ride a horse when he receives his first call-back. Missy and Vivian elect to do fun things all weekend when they come to the conclusion that they haven’t done enough “sisterly” things, but end up getting into a fierce ping-pong competition at the arcade when Vivian overreacts to not getting recognised like Missy does. Finally, Clark accidentally gets himself locked in the studio over the weekend and winds up meeting an eccentric hermit with several stories to tell about Maris.

  • Dean Carter and Victor Kennedy's last appearance as main characters.

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