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Season 5 of MCTV contains 13 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Change is on the Air" 1 83

As MCTV prepares to launch its fifth year, Missy must adjust to being the only sister on Sisterly Gabbing after Vivian resigns once again to pursue a new career as a radio broadcaster. When it proves to be highly dull viewing without someone to bounce her opinions off, Missy convinces Maris to give her a late-night chat show entitled Darling Tonight. Her first guest is Isaac, who is enjoying being in the spotlight more than ever after Badges becomes Seattle's highest-rated show. Isaac fears his success won’t last when he meets the new director of entertainment, Eric Whitbread, a cocky friend of Maris who has been called in to make sure that things don’t get too controversial this year: first by re-tooling Badges to make it more family friendly. Missy’s prime-time debut proves to be a disaster when Isaac goes off on a potentially cataclysmic tirade expressing his annoyances over the changes to MCTV. In the meantime, Diana and Clark have landed themselves roles on the new daytime soap opera, Love Medicine, but they are struggling to nail the complicated medical jargon. They resort to writing their lines on various pieces of equipment, much to the ire of the crew. Olivia has been promoted to assistant manager of the network but has to do all the work for June while she comes to terms with her impending divorce. Vivian's new role puts her at odds with her loyalties when she is expected to report on Maris' shady business practises.

  • Eric Whitbread becomes a main character.
"MmmCTV" 2 84

Eric commissions a celebrity cooking show and asks Clark to be the host. Clark is excited to finally be getting into the spotlight but is shocked when Eric replaces him after the recording of the pilot. It soon transpires that Eric was disappointed with Clark’s presenting style, and only offered him the job because the Nielsen figures respond well to “camp” hosts. Clark debates whether to camp himself up for the role; while Eric is unexpectedly forced into a toleration seminar by the lawsuit-fearing Maris. Meanwhile, Diana continues to be hazed as the “newbie” of Love Medicine, and she is determined to prove that she is a part of the team. She enlists Olivia’s help to win over the crowd but finds herself hated once again when Olivia misinterprets Diana’s request and makes the entire cast join Eric at the seminar.

"Can You Feel Him Up Tonight?" 3 85

The ratings for Darling Tonight come in, and Missy is excited when several high-profile celebrities request to appear on the show. However, she fears her squealing, crazy woman persona will come out on the air when her favourite actor, the handsome Chuck Johnson, is scheduled for an appearance. Hoping to keep herself under control, Missy decides to undergo shock therapy, a suggestion from Olivia. Unfortunately, things go terribly wrong on the night: the shocks wind up making Missy look like an idiot, while Chuck is convinced that she was trying to feel him up and dispatches two of his lawyers to deal with the issue, much to Maris’ annoyance. Things go from bad to worse when Maris demands that Missy makes a personal apology to Johnson on camera, and she is mistaken for a deranged stalker when she shows up uninvited at his penthouse. Meanwhile, Vivian has trouble hiding her jealousy over Missy's success; and Diana convinces June to enjoy all the wedding gifts she received to keep her mind off things, but the two of them are in for a shock when the Carter family show up and insist the gifts belong to them.

"Chemistry for Beginners" 4 86

Clark is dismayed to learn that he doesn’t have any chemistry with his on-screen romances, so he decides to take an acting class. He is surprised to find that Isaac will be his teacher; something demanded by Eric who believes that it will be good for his public image. Clark is annoyed when Isaac treats him like an ordinary student; seemingly ignoring their friendship. However, Isaac is actually scheming to get kicked out of the class by acting like the worst teacher ever, and things get ugly when he starts handing out detentions. Meanwhile, Diana, Olivia and June go on a speed-dating course, and the latter two ladies are peeved when Diana gets all the attention due to her celebrity status. The night quickly turns into a fierce competition over who can get the most numbers, but the next day when it’s apparent that every guy there was a loser, the girls realise they’ll have to rely on each other to break their suitors’ hearts.

"Nun the Wiser" 5 87

June is miserable when her divorce is finalised, and she lands herself in hot water with Maris after seeking comfort from her liquor cabinet. Maris agrees not to punish her if she spends more time with her, revealing that she misses having June as her confidante. June is shocked by this rare display of attachment in Maris and accepts her bargain. Diana worries that Maris is trying to mould June into her protégé, and whisks her off to a nunnery in the country, hoping to rekindle the happiness she once had that made her want to work with God. Diana gets more than she bargained for when Maris buys out the nunnery, determined to keep her hold on June; while back at the studio, the others are frightful that Maris has plans to turn MCTV into a Christian network.

"You Have the Right to Remain Hairy" 6 88

Isaac is dismayed to learn that the new executive producer of Badges is forcing every man on the show to shave their chests after a recent poll revealed that the female fans prefer clean-shaven men. Isaac becomes determined to save his chest hair and launches a protest with the other male cast members. To emphasise their point, they also decide not to shave anywhere else on their body. With MCTV facing financial difficulty if the protest continues, Eric asks Vivian and Diana to help put an end to it by encouraging the women to join them in their own non-shaving protest. Unfortunately, their plan goes awry when a group of nature-lovers arrive at MCTV to join in, and Isaac is faced with the task of convincing his fellow cast members to accept their hairy girlfriends. Meanwhile, sick of no one ever listening to her, Olivia purchases a hypnosis tape to learn how to be everyone’s friend, while maintaining the respect as their boss at the same time. June worries that Olivia is gunning for her job, and swaps the tape with the A-Z of Cheese.

"Censorship of Fools" 7 89

When ratings for Darling Tonight prove too low for its coveted prime-time slot, Eric reschedules the show, and it becomes Darling Today. Missy quickly finds that she has to censor herself for afternoon television, and is unhappy that she has to completely alter her personality. Eric, on the other hand, is upset when everyone perceives him as the villain when he is just doing his job. Determined to prove he can be nice, Eric allows one last farewell edition of Darling Tonight, but gravely underestimates Missy’s Hollywood connections when she manages to gather several celebrities who support her distaste for censorship. When Missy’s protest becomes the hottest story in Seattle, interest in her show surges and Eric is faced with re-thinking his decision. However, even this makes him the target of ire from his co-workers, who feel that it would be spineless for him to cave into peer pressure. Meanwhile, Isaac and Diana attend Clark’s graduation from acting class and end up fighting over who mentored him; and Vivian debates whether to support Missy or scrutinise her on her radio program.

"Of Mice and Maris" 8 90

Olivia is shocked when she discovers a family of mice living in the studio basement and is outraged when her OTT reaction is caught on tape and put on the internet. Olivia becomes determined to get the video removed and turns to Sandy Stone for legal council. Her request is granted, but her problem is from over when Missy plays the humiliating tape on her show. Olivia feels betrayed by her friend and realises that the only way to get out of the public eye is to find some way of ending her fifteen minutes of fame. She sets out to create the next overnight internet phenomenon and finds one in Maris, who has a bizarre approach to yoga. Missy, worried that the clip’s popularity will get them all fired, sets out to make amends with Olivia before she uploads it onto the internet. Meanwhile, Isaac finds himself being loathed by his former fan base after inadvertently denouncing internet critics during a press conference; while Vivian actively targets them on her program.

"Public Relations" 9 91

In the wake of Isaac’s press conference mishap, June hires a well-known publicist, Angela. Isaac immediately butts heads with Angela after she rebuffs his flirtatious advances, and he quickly finds that he will never get a moment’s peace as she desperately tries to restore his shattered reputation. When Angela’s intrusiveness provides results, Isaac is irritated when she doesn’t accept his thanks. Venting at Clark, he comes to the conclusion that he has developed a crush on Angela. When Clark repeats this to Diana, she is upset because she thought they were close to reconciliation, and she responds by asking Eric out on a date. Flattered, Eric accepts and takes her to the restaurant Diana recommended. To his surprise, Isaac is on a date with Angela there, and he is annoyed with Diana for using him. Isaac is in for a surprise too when he comes to the realisation that Angela is still in “publicist” mode and has only agreed to a date with him, so he’ll be seen in public with a beautiful, mystery woman. Frustrated, Isaac comes clean to Diana over his feelings for her, and she responds with a kiss. Angela is furious and refuses to let all her work be in vain, prompting Isaac to fire her, which creates such a scene that even she couldn’t repair it.

"Actor Pull" 10 92

When Eric unexpectedly quits MCTV, Olivia is forced to take on more than she can handle when she inadvertently agrees to fill in for him. Olivia quickly finds that she’s not a “people person”, and must deal with a hostile environment after she accidentally insults Clark’s performance. Despite Diana and Isaac’s praises, Clark comes to the conclusion that he isn’t cut out to be an actor and he quits his role on Love Medicine. However, Maris refuses to let him leave until his contract expires and Olivia is forced to find role after role for him so he can officially quit. This proves to be an increasingly difficult task as Clark’s reputation for bad acting hinders him, and nobody wants to grant Olivia any favours after all the chaos she caused. In the meantime, Missy begins to suspect that June is pregnant and winds up partially rekindling her bond with Vivian due to their penchant for gossip.

"Deal with the Devil" 11 93

Rumours of June’s pregnancy begin to spread, and she refuses to say anything until she’s spoken with the father. When the employees keep pressuring her to reveal the father’s identity, she seeks refuge from it all backstage on Darling Tonight. When one of the stagehands asks her who the father is, June snaps and loudly yells that Dean is the father, just as the show begins. June is horrified at what she has done but is relieved to find there is still hope when she learns that the controversy-conscious Maris put MCTV on a half-hour delay from live television to avoid catastrophes like these. However, convincing the production crew to remove her outburst proves to be a difficult task as the executive producer has been forced into retirement and it’s his last day. June realises she’ll have to make a deal with the devil and get Maris to intervene. Maris agrees to help but makes a surprising request: she wants to be involved in the baby’s life, feeling that she’ll never have children of her own. Meanwhile, busybody Diana takes it upon herself to invite Dean to the studio so June can give him the news personally, but she has to do it under convoluted pretences that the oblivious Isaac threatens to bungle.

"Fame" 12 94

When MCTV’s popular news anchor falls ill, Isaac, Diana, June, Olivia and Missy agree to fill in for him on a nightly basis. To their delight, the job gives them fame and perks like they’ve never had before. As a result of this, they revert to their former personalities, before they joined MCTV. Isaac becomes a conceited jerk obsessed with his looks, and prima donna Diana is much the same. June is back to the bossy, demanding woman that made Maris hire her, and Olivia and Missy butt heads over the smallest things. When Clark returns to pick up his last paycheque, he is horrified at the behaviour of his friends, and he becomes determined to restore normality. However, this proves difficult when the news anchor announces his retirement from television and the producers consider offering the role to someone permanently. Clark, fearing the worst, barricades himself and his friends in the studio and demands they stop acting uncharacteristically. After some introspection, the gang come to an agreement and decide that none of them will go after the job. The next day, they discover the job has been offered to someone else, and Clark finds himself in hot water when Maris announces she has just sold MCTV to an overseas company to feed her worsening plastic surgery addiction.

"Cancelled" 13 95

The gang prepare to go their separate ways after Maris sold MCTV to a foreign company planning on turning it into a 24-hour shopping network. Isaac is bummed because he had planned on asking Diana to marry him, but now that he doesn’t have steady employment he has no choice but to postpone the proposal. Diana tries to convince the new owners to keep her on as a saleswoman, and is surprised when she’s offered the role of a “glamorous assistant." Diana mulls over the offer over the course of the day but ultimately decides she’s too grown-up to rely on her looks and she politely declines. This mature decision makes Isaac realise how much Diana has grown, and he impulsively proposes to her despite his lack of financial security. June, after putting it off for several weeks, decides it is time she told Dean she is expecting his baby and invites him to MCTV’s wrap-up party, where Maris plans on unveiling her latest face. Getting the information out proves to be a difficult feat when Dean brings his new girlfriend along, and June, not wanting to be embarrassed, forces Clark to pose as her boyfriend. Missy is pleased when she runs into Vivian at the party, who reluctantly admits that she has lost her job at the radio station. Missy tries to cheer Vivian up by enlisting her to get the dirt on Maris’ latest facelift, but Olivia reveals that Maris is delayed in Zurich and it will have to be unveiled in a portrait instead. The unveiling is a disaster when it turns out that June hid her sonogram on the portrait after chickening out from telling Dean, and an oblivious Isaac spills the beans. The real portrait, it transpires, is being used as toilet paper in the bathroom after an irked Olivia was turned down from a top ad agency.

  • Olivia Gardener's last appearance as a main character.

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