Season 5

Season 6 of MCTV contains 13 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Recommissioned" (Part 1) 1 96

Some time later, Isaac and Clark run into each other while picking up their social security cheques and start reminiscing about MCTV, which they agree were the happiest times of their lives. Isaac admits his acting prospects have dried up while Clark bemoans his attempts to become a writer, so they join forces to reunite the old MCTV gang for a new project. June is back working at her old nunnery; having handed full custody of her baby to Dean. Consumed by guilt, June refuses to leave until she atones, so Isaac and Clark attempt to help her get over her past. Meanwhile, the reunited Missy and Vivian have found moderate success launching their own YouTube series, but interest has dwindled because their snarky back and forth has lessened over time. With their rent due, they consider accepting a sponsorship deal and are stunned when their first client turns out to be Maris, who is searching for new avenues to promote her urinal cake company.

"Recommissioned" (Part 2) 2 97

Missy and Vivian have trouble committing to their sponsorship deal with Maris when she insists they insert product placements into their YouTube videos. Meanwhile, Isaac, Clark and June head to the former MCTV studio, which has since been converted into a shopping network. Isaac admits his engagement to Diana fell through shortly after MCTV disbanded. They are surprised to find Diana and her co-presenter selling bathroom products from a new subsidiary of Maris’ urinal cake company. Diana acts evasive in-between filming, prompting Isaac and June to teach her a lesson by making her corpse while live on the air. This infuriates the director, already peeved that the beauty care products aren’t shifting any units, and when Isaac accidentally reveals Diana’s connection to Maris, she is fired. Overcome with guilt, Isaac promises to help fix Diana’s career, and the foursome is inspired to track down Missy and Vivian when they learn it was their videos that inspired the shopping network to start selling stock from Maris’ company. Eventually, the MCTV gang are united again and, upon learning that her beauty care products bombed, Maris agrees to rehire the group and relaunch MCTV as a web TV service.

"Lady Primadonna" 3 98

Maris makes June negotiate the rights to Love Medicine, which she sold off to a television company in the Philippines after the closure of MCTV. The company sends an American representative to negotiate with June, who turns out to be former MCTV employee Eric Whitbread. Resultantly the presence of Diana, whom June brought along for “star power”, has no bearing on negotiations and puts Diana’s nose squarely out of joint. Eric reveals that the company he works for trades in favours as opposed to money due to limited finances, and agrees to sell the rights to Love Medicine, as long as Diana puts in some guest appearances on the Filipino version of the series. June agrees to the terms but has trouble convincing Diana, who is struggling to leave her prima donna ways behind. Meanwhile, Clark helps Missy and Vivian recruit other YouTube personalities to promote the relaunch of MCTV.

"Bringing Down the Warehouse" 4 99

The gang prepare for Relaunch Day, an event to promote MCTV’s foray into web content, and get acquainted with the near-dilapidated warehouse Maris rented to act as their base of operations. Isaac is chagrined when Maris hires Eric Whitbread as a media consultant and launches an independent protest, claiming Eric’s executive meddling was what caused MCTV’s downfall in the first place. Clark thinks Isaac has ulterior motives connected to the date Eric went on with Diana last year. Elsewhere, Maris insists on being Missy and Vivian’s first guest for their rebooted series, causing them to worry their viewers will lose respect for them if they are seen kissing up to their employer. Meanwhile, June deals with the intrusive presence of her former nun compadres, who have taken it upon themselves to stake out the warehouse in an attempt to tempt her away from Maris’ devil-like clutches.

"Good Copyright Bad Copyright" 5 100

After Maris fails to secure the rights to Love Medicine, Diana finds herself forced to star in a cheap knock-off entitled Lust Remedy, the quality of which causes her to wallow in self-pity over the direction her career has taken. The show quickly attracts the attention of a team of attorneys from the Philippines, who arrive at the warehouse to threaten Maris with a lawsuit. Eric quickly proves to be a liability when his influential ex-girlfriend turns out to be among them. Missy and Vivian run into their own copyright troubles when they name a new segment of their show Netchix and have to contend with the only lawyer Maris will provide; the inscrutable Sandy Stone. Meanwhile, Isaac and Clark elect to spruce up the warehouse, and June lobbies for Maris to commission a family friendly show that she and her infant daughter can watch together.

"Closet Encounters" 6 101

When MCTV’s online numbers are lower than expected, Maris forces the staff to work overtime coming up with ideas to increase public awareness. When it becomes apparent that Clark formally never came out about his homosexuality, Maris shanghais him into making a coming out video for YouTube, convinced it will gain MCTV the publicity it needs. However, this creates political issues for June when an ad for a highly conservative political candidate accidentally runs alongside the video; as well as personal issues for Clark, who inadvertently name dropped his boyfriend in the video, outing him against his will. Meanwhile, Isaac is dismayed to learn that he will be debuting as a coma patient on Lust Remedy, effectively making him silent for several weeks. To make matters worse, Diana is to regularly make out with a handsome doctor right next to him.

"Bad June Rising" 7 102

Maris panics as Missy and Vivian’s back and forth gradually becomes warmer, leading to her deliberately trying to drive a wedge between them for the sake of views. She manages to get June onboard with the plan, who has become disillusioned with the world after being denied an overnight visit from her daughter. However, they get more than they bargained for when Missy and Vivian’s feuding gets so out of hand that they refuse to appear in videos together, resulting in them being filmed independently. June is quickly overcome with regret for her actions and desperately tries to make amends without revealing the extent of her involvement. Meanwhile, Clark brainstorms ideas for fresh content alongside his newly assembled team of young writers but soon realises he has a lot of kinks to iron out, and Eric has difficulty getting out of his network TV mindset.

"You, Me and a Spree" 8 103

When Eric finally secures the rights to Love Medicine, Isaac and Diana are elated over the expected boost in the budget and embark on a wild spending spree. Isaac indulges in the finest tailored clothes while Diana impulsively purchases a glamorous trailer; both charge their expenses to the company. Eric is horrified when he finds out what they have done, revealing that the budget was expected to stay exactly the same. Worried about Maris’ reaction more than anything else, Isaac and Diana attempt to salvage the situation by convincing the show’s Filipino producers to foot the bill, who agree to do so in exchange for a moderate amount of creative control. This leaves Clark concerned that he and his writing team won’t be required after all. Meanwhile, June negotiates with the unscrupulous talent agent Bebe Glazer over a potential Sisterly Gabbing guest.

"Vloggerheads" 9 104

Missy and Vivian are pleased as Sisterly Gabbing’s popularity finally begins to gain traction, but complications arise when Missy discovers that Vivian has a side channel on YouTube in which she frequently contradicts her political stances. Worried about the impact this will have on their image, June insists that Vivian closes the channel, but begins to have second thoughts when she realises that it attracts a demographic MCTV has been struggling with for a long time. Isaac and Diana try to convince Maris to buy tablets for the actors to read their scripts on, but she refuses to be told that no one uses fax machines anymore. Eric and Clark bicker over the possibility of resurrecting more MCTV shows; Clark believes they should be pursuing new avenues while Eric is convinced that riding the nostalgia train will guarantee success.

"Keeping Up with the Carters" 10 105

The gang express mixed opinions over Maris’ decision to develop reality shows for MCTV. June is tasked with heading up the new division, and she chooses a fly-on-the-wall show about showbiz families as the first project. She is mortified when Dean shows up alongside their daughter and her belligerent new step-mom; a frequent flyer of the trashy reality show circuit. When it becomes apparent that they are frontrunners for the position, June does everything in power to get Maris to reconsider. Meanwhile, Clark worries about creating a stressful work environment when he receives a tempting offer from a member of his writing team and accidentally creates a cavalcade of misunderstandings when he names Diana as his girlfriend, leading to rumours of gay conversion therapy that quickly puts MCTV under an unflattering spotlight.

"Failure to Raunch" 11 106

Missy and Vivian are pleased when Sisterly Gabbing gains a new sponsor after their contract with Maris expires. However, the downside soon becomes apparent when they realise they will have to severely tone down the content of their show so that its new sponsor will be able to maintain its wholesome, family-friendly image. Worried they will be seen as selling out, Missy and Vivian desperately try to get out of the sponsorship without being sued for breach of contract, resulting in them deliberately making things more raunchy and giving Maris a near coronary. Elsewhere, Eric recruits Isaac and Diana to star in a web commercial for MCTV while Clark is tasked with writing the script. When Diana insists on making extensive changes, an embittered Clark tries to make her eat some humble pie by jokingly enrolling her in the Writer’s Guild of America, not anticipating her abject refusal to admit defeat.

"Flying Under the Influence" 12 107

June and Eric are tasked with negotiating the contract of a highly sought after TV star. Concerned that he will be put off by the ramshackle appearance of the warehouse, June convinces Clark to lend them his private jet, now kept in storage since he can no longer afford its maintenance. Contract negotiations start off smoothly but gradually turn into an ordeal when the star’s irrational fear of flying slowly emerges as he sobers up. As a result; June, Eric and Clark are faced with keeping him drunk to keep him calm, but this leads to further complications. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang are busy attempting to cover up the warehouse’s more obvious flaws when Maris pays them a visit and indicates she is weighing up her options on continuing the business for a second year.

"All the Street's a Stage" 13 108

In a last ditch effort to promote MCTV before its quarterly budget runs out, Maris forces the gang to take to the streets to promote the service using their various talents. Missy and Vivian set up a special street edition of Sisterly Gabbing, but after struggling to make a connection with the public, Vivian worries she has lost her working class roots after years of living the gilded life; while Missy can’t stand being among the great unwashed. Isaac and Diana join a Shakespeare troupe in the park and inadvertently instigate a coup amongst the actors after questioning some of the casting decisions. June is relentlessly pursued by cameras throughout the city after accidentally signing up to appear in the pilot episode of Dean’s reality show. Clark and Eric lunch at a diner where Clark has an identity crisis after meeting a fellow struggling writer.

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